Author: Dawn Martinez

Author: Dawn Martinez

I created Slingshot because of my experience when I was on a Humanitarian mission in Haiti. The need to write it down was calling out to me as a spiritual person. This is a short Fiction Romance story; however some of the things I got myself into are true, then again some is not! I hope to return with my slingshot and knife one day again, and help A.H.A.M.E.S. facility out with more of my cowgirl ways! Half of my earnings from my book will support the medical world in Haiti. If anyone would love to donate, please visit this site:


Pulling back quickly, then releasing, she let another stone hit its target.  Dust and dirt puffed up from the earth as her quick movements showed proof of her ability to hit her target fast and sure.  Damn, I am getting good with this slingshot, she thought.

Slingshot Short Travel Story

The New Mexico desert sun was warm and inviting on this late winter January day. Sounds of stones hitting against wood, could be heard on Celeste’s Ranch; even in the chilly months, sweat poured down her face. Wearing her cowboy boots, Daisy Duke shorts with a long sleeve winter top, and her cowboy hat, the tomboy, held a wrist slingshot against her arm.