Thank you heavens for the Rain~

Wonderful RAIN..has Mother Earth finally heard our cries in New Mexico? Thank heavens today is the first day without inhaling all that smoke from our fires. So today looks like it might bring a few more showers! Let it rain, Let it rain for I shall dance with you even though I might be insane~ Yahooooooo

Blessings to all the firefighters!

Thank you Bird Uncaged, for putting this on my blog page.  I live in New Mexico and it has been horrible to be nestled in between so many fires.  This is year 6 of our summers, and valley where I live, loaded with SMOKE! These fires are still not contained, and we pray for rain!!  I give respect to all the wonderful firefighters who are battling our monster fires! Not only in New Mexico but Colorado! And the lost of homes of all homeowners who have suffered!

Day 224: June 12 – The Bravest Of Souls

I Live in New Mexico and I share the same feelings! Is he is my neck of the woods?

Bird Uncaged

In case you haven’t been watching the news, it’s fire season out west. While those of us here in the mid-west are bracing for the impact of the “storm of the season”, about a thousand miles west of here, they would kill for some of the rain headed our way right now.

At the moment, there are 3 wildfires burning in Colorado, and 3 more in New Mexico. I’m sure there are more, they just don’t seem to make the news much until they burn 1,000 acres or so.

Headlining this year’s early start to fire season is the Black Forest fire in the northern area of Colorado Springs. As of a few moments ago, it is listed as 0% contained, over a hundred structures burned, and several thousand people evacuating. It looks like this…

Last year, we all watched in horror and amazement as Colorado Springs was ravaged by…

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For years Celeste had warned her husband to

For years Celeste had warned her husband to please quit drinking.  Sadly, he did not listen and soon throughout the years her love for him started to dwindle away.  Not wanting to change him, she knew with his excessive drinking it would harm him later on in life.  She grew up with drinking adults and knew the consequences in the end.  Celeste was not a drinker, but when she did, she was as giddy as a child.  She became bolder and giggled a lot, but hated to get drunk! Experiencing the after affects and vomiting several times when she was drunker than a skunk, she made sure never to do it again.  Plus, she hated the smell that would permeate from her husbands pores and breath. A major turn off!!! And a reminder how her father was in the end after their mother left them in the hills of Alabama.

“Go back to bed, darlin’, I will return soon,” she gently stated to her husband.  “Not if you don’t come back with me.”  He lovingly stated.  She looked up into his chocolate brown eyes, god how she loved this man! She grabbed his hand, getting up from her stool she followed him back to bed.

At first, his kisses and him holding her tightly, were heaven in her mind, until they got down to business. For Celeste she wanted her husband for many hours, but knew it would be short lived.  As they both rocked the bed, Celeste started to let herself go and become the wild sex vixen her husband became to enjoy.  Both taking on the wild love making and ravishing each other till they became one!  Celeste felt free again, until she felt she was losing him. Without notice he suddenly was finished.  

Not able to have a clear vision of

Not able to have a clear vision of the man that popped into her mind and why, she took a sip of her coffee and then whispered, “I hear you my spiritual teacher, but why this vision of a man?  Can’t you give me a clearer picture of him?”  The house was quiet, as she listened to the kitchen clock tick, she looked outside and watched the snow begin to fall.  Staring at the snow fall lightly out the window, kicked Celeste into her childhood days with her Grandfather. A memory she never had forgotten, and the first time she heard the voices.

The snow was falling heavily in the Ohio valley, She and her grandfather was suited up to go hunting in the woods, in the early morning light.  She was only a little girl at the time when she took her bow and arrow that her and grandfather made, and went into the snowy woods to hunt.  The snow was falling heavy, and with her excitement she lost sight of her grandfather.  It was the first time for her to try out her hunting weapon, she didn’t want to disappoint her grandfather, besides she knew the woods like the back of her hand.  Becoming the huntress she scanned her area in the heavy falling snow that could be heard when each flake touched the ground. When she saw a rabbit she steadied herself and took a deep breath. At the same time she released her arrow she heard a gun shot.  

Excited that she got her rabbit, she quickly ran to it and noticed the arrow went cleanly through the rabbits neck, killing it instantly.  She picked up her kill and cradled it.  Feeling a sudden sadness of killing a rabbit, she thanked Mother Earth and then cried.  All her feelings of losing her mother tumbled throughout her soul.  Feeling the wind pick up and lightly blowing on her face, she heard the whisper of a voice speak to her in the snowy morning woods.

“Child of the light, do not be sad it is a gift we give to thee.”

“What you doing up Celeste?”  Celeste’s husband asked, scaring her out of her deep thoughts.  “I guess I couldn’t sleep,” she commented back. “Come back to bed, perhaps we could make love and put you back to sleep?”  “No, that’s okay my mind isn’t on making love at this moment,”  she told him, knowing full well their session of love making would end up being a failure.



Restless sleep for Celeste

That night when Celeste was sleeping, she tossed and turned.  Reliving the same dream over and over until it woke her up.  As she laid in bed wide awake, while listening to her husbands deep sleep breaths, she thought about the scene of her mother suddenly disappearing when her horse Ghost died.  Her mother left her when she was only ten years old, and never was seen again.  Finally deciding to get up and make a cup of coffee, she sat at her kitchen counter in the dark waiting for the coffee to finish brewing, and tried to process her thoughts. “Why do I have this dream all the time? I really wish it would leave me alone! My mother will never come back, and my father is NO better! Or is this another sign from my spiritual guide?” she thought to herself.  

Celeste never told her past to anyone, not even her husband or children.  She was a loner in her younger life and never changed with the passing years. When she had left Ohio to start a new life, she ended up in Southern California. The last time she heard her spiritual guide, she was standing on a cliff by the ocean in Santa Barbara, California. In her Indian buckskin attire, at the age of nineteen. she climbed the steep cliff.  When she reached the top, she took out her slingshot, and placed the beautiful shell in the tubular band.  She held firm and said goodbye as she released and watched the shell return to the ocean.  It was her grandmother’s last request when she found the large amount of money in a box her grandfather made.  

Grabbing her head to stop thinking she let the madness pass when she got up and poured her a cup of fresh coffee. Sitting back down on the breakfast stool, she felt the feeling to talk to her guide.  “Tell me my guide, am I wrong to leave and go to Haiti?” Without warning a vision popped into her head….of a man that she never met!