Restless sleep for Celeste

That night when Celeste was sleeping, she tossed and turned.  Reliving the same dream over and over until it woke her up.  As she laid in bed wide awake, while listening to her husbands deep sleep breaths, she thought about the scene of her mother suddenly disappearing when her horse Ghost died.  Her mother left her when she was only ten years old, and never was seen again.  Finally deciding to get up and make a cup of coffee, she sat at her kitchen counter in the dark waiting for the coffee to finish brewing, and tried to process her thoughts. “Why do I have this dream all the time? I really wish it would leave me alone! My mother will never come back, and my father is NO better! Or is this another sign from my spiritual guide?” she thought to herself.  

Celeste never told her past to anyone, not even her husband or children.  She was a loner in her younger life and never changed with the passing years. When she had left Ohio to start a new life, she ended up in Southern California. The last time she heard her spiritual guide, she was standing on a cliff by the ocean in Santa Barbara, California. In her Indian buckskin attire, at the age of nineteen. she climbed the steep cliff.  When she reached the top, she took out her slingshot, and placed the beautiful shell in the tubular band.  She held firm and said goodbye as she released and watched the shell return to the ocean.  It was her grandmother’s last request when she found the large amount of money in a box her grandfather made.  

Grabbing her head to stop thinking she let the madness pass when she got up and poured her a cup of fresh coffee. Sitting back down on the breakfast stool, she felt the feeling to talk to her guide.  “Tell me my guide, am I wrong to leave and go to Haiti?” Without warning a vision popped into her head….of a man that she never met!

2 thoughts on “Restless sleep for Celeste

  1. Celeste is a classy lady! If I used a slingshot, my luck, I’d do it backwards and hit myself in the face!

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