Not able to have a clear vision of

Not able to have a clear vision of the man that popped into her mind and why, she took a sip of her coffee and then whispered, “I hear you my spiritual teacher, but why this vision of a man?  Can’t you give me a clearer picture of him?”  The house was quiet, as she listened to the kitchen clock tick, she looked outside and watched the snow begin to fall.  Staring at the snow fall lightly out the window, kicked Celeste into her childhood days with her Grandfather. A memory she never had forgotten, and the first time she heard the voices.

The snow was falling heavily in the Ohio valley, She and her grandfather was suited up to go hunting in the woods, in the early morning light.  She was only a little girl at the time when she took her bow and arrow that her and grandfather made, and went into the snowy woods to hunt.  The snow was falling heavy, and with her excitement she lost sight of her grandfather.  It was the first time for her to try out her hunting weapon, she didn’t want to disappoint her grandfather, besides she knew the woods like the back of her hand.  Becoming the huntress she scanned her area in the heavy falling snow that could be heard when each flake touched the ground. When she saw a rabbit she steadied herself and took a deep breath. At the same time she released her arrow she heard a gun shot.  

Excited that she got her rabbit, she quickly ran to it and noticed the arrow went cleanly through the rabbits neck, killing it instantly.  She picked up her kill and cradled it.  Feeling a sudden sadness of killing a rabbit, she thanked Mother Earth and then cried.  All her feelings of losing her mother tumbled throughout her soul.  Feeling the wind pick up and lightly blowing on her face, she heard the whisper of a voice speak to her in the snowy morning woods.

“Child of the light, do not be sad it is a gift we give to thee.”

“What you doing up Celeste?”  Celeste’s husband asked, scaring her out of her deep thoughts.  “I guess I couldn’t sleep,” she commented back. “Come back to bed, perhaps we could make love and put you back to sleep?”  “No, that’s okay my mind isn’t on making love at this moment,”  she told him, knowing full well their session of love making would end up being a failure.




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