For years Celeste had warned her husband to

For years Celeste had warned her husband to please quit drinking.  Sadly, he did not listen and soon throughout the years her love for him started to dwindle away.  Not wanting to change him, she knew with his excessive drinking it would harm him later on in life.  She grew up with drinking adults and knew the consequences in the end.  Celeste was not a drinker, but when she did, she was as giddy as a child.  She became bolder and giggled a lot, but hated to get drunk! Experiencing the after affects and vomiting several times when she was drunker than a skunk, she made sure never to do it again.  Plus, she hated the smell that would permeate from her husbands pores and breath. A major turn off!!! And a reminder how her father was in the end after their mother left them in the hills of Alabama.

“Go back to bed, darlin’, I will return soon,” she gently stated to her husband.  “Not if you don’t come back with me.”  He lovingly stated.  She looked up into his chocolate brown eyes, god how she loved this man! She grabbed his hand, getting up from her stool she followed him back to bed.

At first, his kisses and him holding her tightly, were heaven in her mind, until they got down to business. For Celeste she wanted her husband for many hours, but knew it would be short lived.  As they both rocked the bed, Celeste started to let herself go and become the wild sex vixen her husband became to enjoy.  Both taking on the wild love making and ravishing each other till they became one!  Celeste felt free again, until she felt she was losing him. Without notice he suddenly was finished.  


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