Blessings to all the firefighters!

Thank you Bird Uncaged, for putting this on my blog page.  I live in New Mexico and it has been horrible to be nestled in between so many fires.  This is year 6 of our summers, and valley where I live, loaded with SMOKE! These fires are still not contained, and we pray for rain!!  I give respect to all the wonderful firefighters who are battling our monster fires! Not only in New Mexico but Colorado! And the lost of homes of all homeowners who have suffered!


5 thoughts on “Blessings to all the firefighters!

      1. We have so much here, wish we could send it your way. Breaks my heart, so many lives affected. I just re-posted an old, not so great poem as a thank you to firefighters written based on 9/11. Too much loss. Be safe my friend, keep me posted.

        1. What a fabulous POEM…Indeed too much loss, but mother earth is stressed out and global warming I fear is changing our weather patterns. Boy do I wish you would send some rain here. Last night was the first time to see some rain clouds in the mountains, but lightening was following. Thank you for your prayers my friend!

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