Hot Shots lost in Arizona Fire!


I needed to post this story today. We in New Mexico understand this all to well, but not in this magnitude!  I give blessings to all the families in Arizona who lost their love ones to the horrible fire.  Ever since spring, New Mexico has been on fire and breathing ours and Colorado smoke!  I know Mother Earth has a way of cleansing herself, but this one was hard to swallow!  THANK YOU “HOT SHOTS”, you are an AMAZING elite group, and will always be in our thoughts!


9 thoughts on “Hot Shots lost in Arizona Fire!

  1. My heart goes out to the families for the great loss. May god be with them in their time of need!

  2. My heart was deeply saddened when I learned about these brave souls being taken by the fire they were working to stop. As you said in this wonderful post, they will always be in our thoughts. Sending love and strength to their families. Thanks for sharing this heartfelt post.

    1. Indeed and thank you for your comment! I needed to set aside my daily blog on Slingshot, just to honor these beautiful YOUNG people, who braved the heat! Besides, it’s a topic that is very close to home. I have been surrounded by so many fires this year, actually for 6 years now! Today we are getting the smoke from the Arizona area, and the smoke from Colorado. My poor valley is a bowl of smoke. We have been bless the past few days though, that glorious rains hammered on our fires, and put them out!~ Now I pray for rain to help Colorado and Arizona out; but the winds have been murderous!~ Lots of love to all our FIREFIGHTERS!

  3. Thank you for posting this – it is absolutely heartbreaking!
    I lived in CO for a bit and am all too familiar with this.

    On a happier note, thank you for the follow!
    xo reversecommuter

  4. You have a tender heart. Taking the time to write a post to bring awareness, is one of the best ways writers can inspire change, while opening the readers eyes to what their fellow brothers and sisters are going through. Our prayers go out to all those who were touched by this and once again, thank you for the post. We look forward to stopping by again and visiting your blog.

    1. What wonderful words you spoke Inion! Awareness in small or large amounts, do inspire change! It is only what I wish for, since most of us is spoiled, and do not realize that we should be more humble, but more importantly, work together as a team!!! Thank you for stopping by and reading! Kiss Kiss

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