Oooo, dude, you are so mine, to toy with!


The evening seemed like it was never going to end for Celeste.  She was so dang nervous, and feeling like a little school girl when Valis looked upon her. all she wanted to do is hide.  Since she couldn’t change the situation, and didn’t want to be rude, she vowed to herself, that this ordain Indian crap was NOT going to take place.  Thinking to herself, If I could just get my sexual desires in check, I think I’ll be pretty good. But when she looked up, and saw the captain in his own little world in seducing her, she knew this situation was going to be her undoing! Her panties were wet with desires….

For the first time in Celeste’s life, at the age of 48 years old, she was losing control of her emotions, physical being, and her deprived sexual appetite.  Gosh…darn, her sexual side, it seemed to beat on it’s own accord, when she was in the presence of the SWAT team captain. How am I going to handle this one? Damn you spirits, for doing this to me! Celeste complicated, and wanted to scream out to the heavens.

Oh, dear he is so handsome in black, he is earthy, strong, yet…..Without warning, a little voice inside Celeste’s head said, “Kiss the boy…kiss, kiss.”   “No, I will not!”  Celeste spoke out loud. When she realized she had spoken out loud, she blazed a threatening look at the perturbed captain.   “Don’t look at me like that dude, I’m not loco!”  Celeste slashed out.  “Cheri, what you say?”  Valis calmly said, as he peacefully gazed into her eyes.  

Celeste had to get control of this awkward situation some how. The only way to do it was, keep his mind occupied with questions.  Before, she knew it, she blurted out,  “Where you from?”  Valis picked up on her statement, and said softly in a husky voice, “I am from Czechoslovakia,”  Celeste smiled and said,  “I thought you were from Russia.”   “I am not Russia, I am Czech!”  Valis firmly, and proudly proclaimed. “Well, okay, dude, don’t get your shorties in a ruffle!”   Celeste wanted to giggle at the captain, his confused look told her, he did not understand her words.

Oooo, dude, you are so mine, to toy with!  Celeste contemplated wickedly when something snapped her into realization.  The barrier between languages; she might have a fighting chance now with this knowledge. No longer did she feel like the caged animal a few seconds ago, she smiled with satisfaction that she had found a weakness in the captain.  As she scoped out Valis, and his handsome features, her body began to hum with need and want, all over again.

“F*&^,” the captain barked out.  Causing Celeste to jump, she quickly recovered, and said sharply, “Did you just say the (F) word?”  Celeste, hated the (F) word.  It just didn’t seem proper to hear the foul word; though she had used it once in a blue moon, she regretted it when she caught her youngest daughter, blasting the word out one day. From that day forward, she never said the (F) word, instead she used the word…Fudge!

“I oughta’, wash your mouth out with soap, boy!  Don’t ya ever say that word again!” Celeste schooled Valis sternly. Things seem to be getting out of hand for Valis.  He watched her moods quickly change. One minute she was sweet and the next she was a pistol packing mama. But he couldn’t figure out why he was drawn to her.  How could she make him feel, like he was losing control of himself. She must be wooed….was all he could think, patience!

Nothing could have prepare Celeste for Valis’s next gesture. He grabbed her hand, and said in his sexy deep Czech voice…”I want you!”  Sparks of fireworks, exploded inside Celeste’s tummy, when he touched her hand again.  She was ruined!

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