“Damn wench, embarrassing me in front of my men.”


Valis got stinking drunk with his comrades at the local bar.  The reason he went to the bar was to get her off his mind, when in fact, it escalated the situation when getting hammered with liquor. He was not interested in the babble of his men. He was having the problem of reliving the scene with Celeste throughout the evening. While sitting with his friends, he became quiet, almost in a daze many times with his memories of the Cowgirl. When the men noticed the change in their captain, they sat with smiles on their faces looking at him, and knowing he was thinking of the American woman. 

Valis paid them no mind until one spoke out, “I do believe, the woman has gotten under our captain’s skin.  Well if you ask me, she was one Hot Tamale! She was amazing at the airport. I don’t think, I have ever seen a woman do something like that, especially when she tricked our captain, when she slid between his legs.  Gutsy move, don’t you agree men?” The men bellowed out in laughter, while agreeing with their friend.  Valis shook his drunken head out of his thoughts, while giving the man who spoke out a dangerous look.  “F&*^ OFF! No one tames me!” Valis barked out.  

The men only could smile, knowing Valis was full of crap, as he tried to protect his statue of being the “Lone Wolf.”  They held their tongue the rest of the evening, knowing if they provoke him any further, someone was going to get their ass kicked.  Valis had enough of his friends tongues, he got up to leave, only to lose his balance, and ended up sitting back down on his chair, almost breaking it.  The men all roared with giggles.  They helped their captain up, pointed him in the right direction to leave the bar.  

As Valis weaved back and forth while walking down the sidewalk, he started slurring his words to himself.  “Damn wench, embarrassing me in front of my men.”  Valis stopped his talk when he arrived at his apartment. He was saluted by the same guard, and asked if he needed help. “Hell, no I don’t need anyone’s help, man!  I can do it myself, leave me alone!”  The guard watched as the captain stumbled, corrected himself, while he headed for his room.  He smiled and shook his head. 

Valis opened his door to his empty nest.  He quickly tried to disrobe his uniform, while loosing his balance several times.  He went to brush his teeth, but couldn’t put the toothpaste on his brush. Getting frustrated, he threw his toothbrush on the floor, and headed to his bedroom.  Throwing himself on his bed, he mumbled a few words.  Stopped when he heard a voice in his head saying.  “My heart is breaking, and I feel I can no longer endure this pain.  Please my father, help me.”  

Valis spoke out loud before passing out, “Cheri, my heart soars, with your love!”

Love? Did Valis say Love?

“Great Spirit I ask for guidance in my time of need! My heart is breaking, and I feel I can no longer endure this pain. Please my father, help me.”


Unable to sleep, Celeste tossed and turned.  She cried many tears of sorrow upon her pillow while she stared at the night skies begging her ancestors to release her.  At five a.m. her question to her plight was answered.  Celeste watched the clouds form into a mass of objects.  She had to blink twice as the pieces of the puzzle formed into a clear picture in the night skies.

“Wicked!”  Celeste spoke out lightly with amazement.  As she watched the picture unfold in front of her swollen eyes.  She rolled off her bed, and stood up.  With hands stretched out to the heavens she recited a Cherokee blessing to the heavens:

May the warm winds of heaven blow softy upon your house

May the Great Spirit bless all who enter there

May your moccasins make happy tracks in many snows

And may the rainbow always touch your shoulder 

“Great Spirit I ask for guidance in my time of need! My heart is breaking, and I feel I can no longer endure this pain. Please my father, help me.”  Celeste softly spoke, with tears streaming down her face.

The picture scene she viewed up in the heavens became animated with movement.  She could hear in her mind the calling of the Great Eagle, the howling of the wolf, but she was more shocked to see the man figure look at her and spoke out with wisdom.

Our granddaughter; A woman’s highest calling is to lead a man to his soul so as to unite him with source.  A man’s highest calling is to protect woman, so she is free to walk on the earth unharmed. There is a story about two wolves half-breed daughter. I will tell you this once, and you will answer me.

There is a battle of two wolves inside us all! One is Evil; It is anger, jealously, greed, resentment, lies, inferiority, envy, guilt, self-pity, false pride, superiority, and ego.  The other is Good; it is hope, joy, love, peace, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity,  truth, compassion, and faith. Minutes ticked away with silence when Celeste needed to ask the spirit a question.  “Which wolf wins, Great Spirit?”  The spirit replied, The one you feed! 

Know this grand-daughter; Don’t allow yesterday to spend up too much of today, there is a right time and place for everything.  Listen–or your tongue will keep you deaf. Remember, a smile is something that is sacred, to be shared. Listen with your heart dear child, and know you must learn from experiences and keep yourself open to new ones. You are not finished in life Hialeah! You have more tasks that will need your attention, while you walk upon this earth. Do you understand?

 “Yes, Great Spirit, I will heed your wisdom, thank you, I am honored.”  Celeste faintly spoke out. The wolf howled it’s cry to the eagle soaring above him, the Indian man holding the skull of a cow, slowly dissolved into the night sky, leaving a clear view of the stars, and Celeste standing in awe, whispering. “Do-na-da ‘go-v-i…my father.”  (until we meet again) in Cherokee.

Celeste could not believe what she just witness.  In all her life she was always visited by the “Little People” and her Grandmother, but this was an honor to even be spoken to, by the Great Spirit.  She pondered for a few moments on the wise words of the spirit. The realization of her faith was exposed, “OH….CRUD….I have more tasks? Holy Skippy, I can hardly wait!”  Celeste, with a heavy heart, laid back down upon her bed, finally falling asleep.

“I feel you Cheri, every inch of you! I still can smell you on me.”


Valis was on a major high!  Drunk on Celeste’s sexual power, he felt like a limp wet noodle. For the first time in his life, he was at peace, in body, soul, and mind.  Of all the women he had used, and been with, it was the cowgirl who brought on feelings he had never experienced.  She was so creative, passionate, and full of spunk.  Never in his wildest dreams would he realize she would be the one who shattered his world to pieces!

“Damn, I feel so alive!”  Valis spoke out loud while driving his truck, back to his apartment. “I feel you Cheri, every inch of you!  I still can smell you on me.”  He took a deep breath, as the sweet lingering Sandalwood scent invaded his nostrils. His mind quickly played out the scene of the under water kiss, Celeste frolic-ed on him.

“Beep….Beep”….a loud horn sound on the road woke Valis up out of his daze thoughts.  He realized he was going into on coming traffic when the horn alerted him to his mistake.  He quickly did a fast evasion action move, and centered himself before almost clipping the front end of the on coming car. “Damn it!”  Valis swore sharply.

When he arrived at his home, he jumped out of the truck with a smile, and headed towards his room.  The security guard had to take a double look at the captain.  Is this the same man who left here earlier this morning, in a pissed off mood? What happened to make him smile like this?  The guard smiled, instantly he remembered the roomer of the American Cowgirl.  So she tamed the wolf of Haiti, he thought privately to himself with a smile. Valis approached the guard, the man saluted when Valis walked pass him with a new spring in his step.  The guard chuckled after Valis walked pass him with a return salute.  He could smell the soft sandalwood scent upon Valis.  

When Valis entered his room, he quickly went to grab his bottle of whiskey, pouring him a healthy dose.  He down it in one smooth tip to his lips. Minutes passed him by while he sat on his kitchen counter stool, pondering and remembering the day with Celeste.  He roared out loud with laughter, as he remembered the airport scene. “Damn, woman, you were HOT! Amazing actually!”  Valis proclaimed with pride. 

Without noticed, he felt a deep sadness encroached inside his soul.  He could hear someone softly crying.  “What the hell? Why do I feel extremely sad right now?  Is it Celeste? She should be happy, shouldn’t she?”  Valis tried to figure out why he felt her sadness.  Not understanding the power of soul-mates, he shrugged it off, and decided to head to the local bar to join his comrades in spirit drinking.

When Valis walked into the cozy bar he quickly scanned the bar for his buddies.  Finding them at their usual seating area, he quickly went to the bartender, and ordered a whiskey on the rocks.  The men saw Valis immediately, staying quiet they watched the smug peaceful look on Valis’s face.  When he got his drink he turned to see his friends smiling at him, the men opened fire on Valis with play.

“FINALLY, we will have PEACE!”  The men roared with laughter while Valis smiled larger than life at his crew.  A gorgeous Haitian woman approached Valis, she began to rub her beautiful body against him, while touching his cheek softly with love.  The men watched for the first time their captain showing no interest in his favorite girl toy.  Valis’s squad began placing money on the table with glee.  They had placed a bet on the Cowgirl when they saw she had gotten under the skin of the captain. Some of the men didn’t care if they won or not.  They stayed loyal to their captain, thinking he would use, and discard the half-breed eventually.  But when they saw the changed stance of their captain, they knew the American tamed the beast.

Valis walked over to the full table of his squad smiling with peace.  The men all laughed and started to pick on their captain.  “Oh yeah! Looks like the cowgirl tamed the wolf of Haiti!”  His men roared.  Valis took note of all the money that was piled up, in the middle of the table.  “Why you have all that money on the table my friends?”  Valis questioned his friends with confusion.  A handsome Spanish man enlightened his captain with a smile and yelled out, “We placed a bet on who would tame who! By the looks of it, I would say the Cowgirl tamed you, Captaine!”  His men’s laughter filled the cozy bar.  Making the beautiful Haitian girl look at her captain, with sorrow.

“NEVER! No one tames me!”  Valis ripped out with a smile.  He then thought of Celeste telling him, no one tames me.  He lost his smile when he thought of the words she spoke to him before getting out of his truck.  “Yep, see he thinks of her now!”  His men died with laughter, bringing Valis out of his thoughts.

Usually Valis would never let his men make merry about him, but this time he could care less.  He pulled up a chair with his buddies, and got totally shit face drunk.  His men kept egging him on, to tell details of the spitfire and him.  But Valis kept his tongue, and only smiled with amusement. “Someone’s going to sleep good tonight!”  One man spoke out in jest.  Bringing more loud laughter to the busy bar table.  Valis blushed and said nothing. He smiled the rest of the evening, while thinking of the banging body that shagged him rotten, on the beach of Haiti.



“You can not bridle me, Valis. I am a free spirit that can not be tamed, even by you!”



Celeste’s explosion at the airport would be the talk of Haiti, for many years to come. The hours she had spent with Valis was too bewitching.  Time seemed to slip pass them quickly, and before she knew it, she was in front of the school.  She had spent the whole day and evening with Valis.  Making it a day never to forget.  

Before the captain let her get out of the truck, he demanded her attention.  “You are enchanting my love! I am under your spell.  Thank you for today, Cheri!  I am sorry for hurting you woman, but you are a pistol with wild intentions, and must be tamed.”  Valis was enthrall.  Celeste sat ridged in the auto the minute he spoke the word “Tamed.”

“You can not bridle me, Valis.  I am a free spirit that can not be tamed, even by you! Many men have tried, and failed.  You are no different in my eyes; Nevertheless, I thank you for an interesting day, but you sir, will never tame me!”  The minute she replied, Valis knew he said the wrong words.  

He tried to recover and spoke with urgency.  “I no mean that way, Cheri.”  As he stumbled upon his words, Celeste soften realizing he was confused, and on a major high.  She knew the language barrier was a given, but she did not want Valis to think, she was his to toy with.

Celeste became fidgety in the auto’s seat. Valis watched her quickly change to protective mode when he spoke his words to the vixen.  The only thing he could think of, was kissing her lips to shut her up. He did not want to lose the moment of bliss, so he dived in.  His soft, yet demanding kiss, was taking Celeste to a place she didn’t want to go again.  She had to break the intimacy up, or be forever lost to his attentions.

I can’t do this!  Celeste screamed inside her head silently. Yes, you can Cheri, but only with me, my meadow. Valis replied openly to Celeste with amusement. He strengthen the kiss, Celeste melted.  She allowed him to kiss her like it would be their last kiss.  She knew she needed to separate from the wolf and fast, if she was going to salvage her spirit. But she had to watch what she said inside her head, knowing Valis can hear her every thought now.

She let him ravish her one more time, before cutting the connection off quickly.  When they both came up for air, Celeste smiled and softly spoke. “I must go, please release me!”  Valis stared at Celeste quietly, he could feel her wanting to get away from him. So without due, he got out of the truck, and went to the passenger side, opening her door.

Celeste didn’t wait, she jumped out and walked to the school’s door and knocked.  The door opened to the smiling Geraldy, both hugged each other deeply.  Celeste turned to Valis and said in her New Mexico dialect, “I had a banging great time, dude, let’s not do this again!…Kno?”  Valis smiled with glee, and before he knew it, she turned on her heels, didn’t look back and entered the school, leaving him speechless.

Everyone at the school heard of Celeste’s trouble.  Jean and Rowain were waiting for her return.  Refusing not to leave until they saw the American half-breed again. They were excited to see the spitfire, both quickly got up and hugged her tightly, while stating to her in broken English…”My sister.”  

The serving girls brought Celeste food when they saw her arrival.  Celeste was famished, but grateful that they saved her a plate of food. Chantile smiled richly to Celeste and handed her the plate of food.  Without thinking Celeste sat down, and ate with gusto.  Everyone watched Celeste gulp down the food with haste.  Before she knew it, she realized it was silent.  She looked up at everyone who was staring at her, and said jokingly, “Sorry y’all, I didn’t know I was this hungry.”  

Geraldy quickly had to add, “I am sorry my friend for getting you into trouble,  I have never seen you like that Celeste. You were amazing and FAST!  You were a crazy woman, girl!  What a surprise you gave everyone when you slid between the captain’s legs! The men laughed, but some of the others did not.  Celeste shyly commented, “Naa…it was nothing, I guess I was lucky Valis was there.  Besides, it was he who escalated the situation, not me.”  She offered nonchalantly.  

Celeste’s mind immediately thought of the time her and Valis had, when Nadia broke up the conversation, telling the men that Celeste needed to sleep from the hectic day she had.  The boys did not want to leave.   When Celeste stood up to hug them good-bye with respect and love, they watched her retreat to her rooftop with heavy feet. 

Alone on her rooftop, she stood staring silently out to the darken ocean.  She could feel Valis’s energy pumping with renew heat.  She looked up into the heavens and saw the Northern Star…saying a silent prayer, she laid down upon her bed, and took out her flask of whiskey taking a huge swig of the liquid.  

“I have honored the coupling my spirit world, now release me from the binds that chain me!” When she spoke the soft words to her ancestors, her stomach became extremely ill. She quickly got up and ran for the porcelain goddess.  Up chucking everything she ate, she returned to her bed and spoke to her spirits all night long, until she could not keep her eyes open any longer.   Trouble sleep finally took Celeste at 5:30 a.m.


KISS KISS Hombres!


Geraldy was so upset–he felt it was his fault, allowing an encouraging her to throw the darn knife.  Not in his wildest dreams, would he have ever imagine, Celeste turning into a wild, reckless woman, when cornered.   Jean was furious with Geraldy for letting this happen.  He towered over Geraldy, and yelled at him in Creole, while Rowain backed Jean up, not saying a word.  In reality; it happened so fast, no one could move.  No one knew the half-breed was going to explode like this, while giving them a hell of a floor show. They all just watched, in stunned silence, as the movie scene played out to perfection.

Geraldy could not listen to Jean anymore.  He quickly followed the guards, while yelling out to Valis in French.  He watched the hurt look on Celeste’s face, as she silently moved her lips “SORRY” before Valis disappeared into a room.  When Valis shut the door with a loud bang, he heard Celeste bellow out in anger.  Geraldy began to run after hearing her cry out, but the SWAT team barricaded his entrance.  He barked, stormed out with animated anger, but the men stood firm, not allowing him to enter.  None would talk to Geraldy, so he quieted down, while running his hands through his short cropped black hair, with worry. Geraldy silently stated to himself. “What have I done?” 

Whoa there partners…dag nab it…I hate to break this too you.  But if y’all would like to know what happens next to Celeste, then buy the book! It’s worldwide through Amazon. Other than that, we will pick up at another time in the story!  Right now Celeste is in a heap of trouble, and could use a few days off!  Kiss Kiss~


“Jesus, She is Bloody Ass Banging, Damn her!”



What to do, what to do?…the scramble thoughts invade Celeste’s mind.  Celeste when in a pickle of a position, tends to listen to her voice in her head.  She never thinks of the outcome of her actions, until the deed is complete.  So with that said, let the game begin!

Not caring what others thought, she knew the captain was impressed.  She had to get out of this predicament, and fast!  Standing tall, taking note of how many men were around, she knew this scene was going to be a doozy.  Coming to a quick conclusion, she let it rip, shocking Geraldy,

She spread her legs apart, stretched her arms out, then spoke in a dangerous bitter tone. “Well another frisk job, from the All and Mighty, Valis!  Come, Mr. Hottie…touch me curves again, if you think you can?” She looked straight into Valis’s eyes, when she stated her comment.  Daring him to touch her.  Valis was flabbergasted, as he watched her different color eyes, change to a pool of emerald green under her cowgirl hat.  He was ready to pounce on the wench when her friend yelled out.  

“Celeste…stop that!” Geraldy, was devastated she had the gall, to even provoke Valis. For the first time since he has known her, he has never seen her eyes change into one color. He knew she was ready to explode, all because, he wanted her to show off her skill.  What a fool he was to encourage her cowgirl maneuver. 

Valis was more mesmerized by the way Celeste looked.  She was down right scrumptious. If this woman really knew what she looked like, right here and now…Valis couldn’t complete his thought; he took several steps towards her nonchalantly.  When close enough, like a flash, he tried to grab her arm.

Wrong move Valis, you should know better, by now, never to touch Celeste, unless she wanted you too!

That’s all Celeste needed, was Valis to do something stupid.  She twisted her body, not allowing him to touch her arm. When she was a distance from him, she stood in a boxer stance, ready to kick some britches!  Jesus, she is bloody ass banging, damn her! Valis was aghast that she was so quick.  He watched the spitfire defend herself with flare, standing strong and proud, barefooted, with her sexy shorts on, and freaking hell, she is hot in black! That loose hair and hat, shit!   

His men knocked some sense into him, when he heard their laughter. He motioned his military squad with a hand gesture, to surround the vixen.  Celeste knew she was going down, as she watched the smug look begin to form on Valis’s lips.  His stance was cocky and firm, standing there looking like Mr. Captain America.  Both hands on his hips and legs spread apart, showing off his man power, brought a smile to Celeste’s lips.

Like a ballerina on her toes, she gracefully did a few spins, then took off like a bat out of hell straight for Valis.  His eyes widened with surprise, with lightening speed, she slid on the floor, threw up her hat to distract him, and slid perfectly between his legs.  When safely through, with ease and quickness, she got up and ran for her papa’s knife!

Valis was infuriated from being fooled.  He ran after the spitfire with her hat in his hand. Oh shit the knife!…he processed.  He was lucky to reach her in time, before she pulled out the knife, and flung it at him or someone else. Celeste immediately tried to get the deep embedded knife out, but couldn’t.  She knew she only had a few seconds to spare.  The knife released itself just in time, when she felt her body being slammed against the wall with great force.

“Get off me, hombre!”  Exploded Celeste’s sharp tongue.  She erupted with strength unknown to her, as she tried to fight the burly man off her backside. Valis used all his strength to pin her against the wall even harder.  She fought him like a wild caged animal.  Her strength was not an equal to his, but she sure in the hell, gave him a run for his money!

With a firm grip, he held her wrist that wielded the knife, as she turned her head to rivet into his intense eyes. Both peered defiantly at each other, as well as breathing fast and hard.  He dropped her hat on the floor, and tried to get control of her other hand.   He thought if he got the other hand, he would cut off her strength supply. He furiously whispered in her ear. “Release, Cheri, NOW!”  But Celeste would not release, he felt another wave of fight coming on from the ferocious pistol. “I will never release my knife, so F&^% off!” She spit out. Whoa…did she really just rip the F word out? 

With all her might, she tigerishly tried to outwit the captain. But to no prevail, her strength began to ebb away.  What the hell is the matter with me?  Where has my strength gone too?  She tried to filter the words inside her mind.  Throughout the month, that Celeste has been in Haiti, she never realized, that without the proper nourishment and sleep, it cost her dearly!  So if you want to look at it, in that way, this benefited the captain!

Celeste could hear Valis’s angry breathing inside her ear.  She caught movement  from the corner of her eye, and realized Valis’s men had her surrounded.  At that moment in time, she closed her eyes, and surrendered. Valis felt her body soften beneath him.  He drew a deep breath, and exhaled it out.  

Valis found the moment and picked her up, throwing her over his shoulder, while Celeste kicked and screamed out loud.  He yelled at his men to collect her things promptly, and follow him.  It was taking all his energy, to hold on to her.







“Well, let’s rumble…PUNK…you feeling lucky today?”



The group had to go through security before entering the airport. Celeste watched the men empty their pockets, placing their items on a rubber track strip to be scanned, she followed suit.  Celeste was the last one, pulling off her boots, she placed them on the track, then emptied her pockets with chump change, marbles, and put her belongings into a tray. She took off her backpack and checked one more time if she emptied everything.  The only thing she didn’t take off, was her hat.


There were several security officers monitoring the daily contents of people trying to use the airport.  It wasn’t a boring job, but very rarely did they have people come in and out of the airport with weapons hidden.  The officer who was scanning the contents became questionable, when he saw Celeste’s boots.  He had to take a double look at her contents, when he spotted inside her boot, the precious knife, secretly tucked away in it’s special designed sleeve.   

He called over two other guards to ask their opinions, when he saw the weapon. The men examined, an agreed that she was a suspicious character.   The man who was in charge of the scanning process, quickly spoke up in French.  He pointed his finger at Celeste to stay where she stood.  He quickly picked up the nearby phone.  She didn’t even make it pass security, nor did she understand what the guard was telling her, when he gave her the evil eye look, and pointed his finger.  The next thing she knew, she was being surrounded by the two security guards. She was confused, she looked at Geraldy for help.

Geraldy whipped into action with his heated French bickering, while Rowain and Jean stood quietly on the side of him.  She watched Jean puff up his chest, and wrinkled his brow, showing he was becoming mad.   Celeste observed her surroundings quickly.  She knew she was going to be in a heap of trouble, so she prepared for the worse.  She may have not understood what the men were saying, but she was no fool either.  As the air exploded with hostile energy, her eyes took note how to escape from the escalating situation. The only thing she thought of was, Here we go!

The officer who was scanning, picked up the suspicious item, and withdrew the shining ancient Bowie knife. He started to laugh as he examined the sharp tool. He belted out in French quickly with authority to Geraldy regarding her knife.  Geraldy was pissed when he began to explain the purpose of her having a knife.  The security guards that were standing by Celeste, left her side to see the knife with interest.  The men mocked back and forth that a woman could not handle that big of knife.   Celeste figured out what the men were talking about, because the man who held her knife, was waving it around like he owned it.

Geraldy turned toward Celeste with a smile, and said, with pride, “They want to see how you use your knife.  They won’t believe me that you are highly skilled to handle it’s size…so you show them, my friend!”

Celeste didn’t want to obey Geraldy, he had no clue what he was getting her into, asking her to show her skill with the knife.  I won’t let them keep it, papa help me! Celeste spoke silently to her grandfather.  Fear, rising inside her that they might take away her only possession of her grandfather’s.  She replied to Geraldy with patience and coolness.

“Geraldy, I’m a thinkin’ it’s not a good idea, and I could be openin’ me a can of worms! I don’t want them to take my knife! Please, let it go, they can keep it till we leave the airport, but only if I get it back!”  Celeste in her hillbilly deep drawl, pleaded with her friend.  When in trouble, Celeste spoke in a heavy deep southern drawl, with a flare of New Mexican dialect. 

The airport security guards busted up with laughter, after hearing Celeste’s accent.  They thought she was chickening out, while listening to her speak to Geraldy in her funny language.  They quickly looked at Geraldy, laughed while speaking in French to him.  She saw Geraldy’s embarrassed look, and felt the hurt permeate from his body, while being scolded in jest by the guards.

Immediately, Celeste became protective over the hurt she caused her friend, so without note, she opened the can of whip-ass.  With haste, no one saw the cowgirl move smoothly towards the man who held up and cracked jokes about her knife.  He was stunned to no end, when he felt her rip the knife from his hands.  She threw the knife with speedy force, driving it deeply into a large thick wooden pillar, only 10 feet from where everyone stood, bracing the wall, from crumbling down. “BAM! BABY!” 

Oh hell yes, the men were devastated!  She knocked all the men into silence, while their mouths hung open staring at the spot, the knife was embedded.  Rowain and Jean broke the silence and chuckled about the scene they witnessed with spitfire Celeste.  They were proud of her putting the guards in their place, and not disgracing Geraldy further.

They stopped their chatter, when they saw a large group of the UN SWAT team approach the scene.  The Honcho who was leading the group, was no other than Valis.  When he turned the corner to approach the scene, his honey color eyes were dangerous, yet full of pride.  He locked his eyes on the trouble maker.  When he past by the knife, he quickly gave a look at the knife, and returned his droll stare upon Celeste.

Celeste’s eyes opened with fear, she now was in deep do do.  All she could think of quickly was,  Oh, snap!  Not him!  She straighten her back, standing tall and proud! She would be damned, if she let Valis see, she was scared to caca. Well, let’s rumble, punk, you feeling lucky today? The thought screamed inside her head, when Valis’s energy was boinking off the walls with his freaking head Honcho title!  The next thing she knew, she was face to face with the delicious smelling captain.  Both standing in defiance, neither budging to move, or blink their eyes.  When she blinked, Valis recognized the danger in her eyes.  He braced himself, knowing all hell was about to bust loose!



“I’m gonna show you how to make a double bubble, baby.”



The day started out pretty good for Celeste, considering the dream. Taking a fancy to dress in her daisy duke shorts, a black low cut summer top, and cowboy boots.  She was sick of fixing her unruly hair, so she opt to let it go wild, and free.  She tied her Indian cloth headband against her forehead, then put on her cowgirl hat.  Smoothly, slid her precious Bowie knife in the cradle of the sleeve inside her boot. Then put her slingshot into her backpack with some marbles, and ran down the stairs to meet the boys.

Celeste was tickled pink to hear that Jean and Rowain would be driving them for now on; Besides, Geraldy couldn’t drive for a lick of shit.  He had gotten them lost, when he and her visited the mango plantation.  In the end after fighting with Geraldy about his poor driving skills, he let Celeste drive the auto through the crazy traffic.  He was amazed to know that she knew actually where to go, while handling the wild driving scene with ease.  In no time at all, she brought them to the safety of school.  

When Celeste came down the stairs the boys quickly got up from their seats to give her a hug in greeting.  She didn’t realize how much she missed the boy’s innocent manners, until they showed up, smiling with glee to see her.   Jean was her favorite, she adored his gentleness and smile, but his body size made Celeste look like an ant!  She knew he could kick some serious britches if ever crossed.  Rowain, was shy, quiet, but had a laugh that Celeste immediately fell in love with. She stayed reserved regarding Rowain, knowing it’s the silent ones who become the lethal ones! Nevertheless, she trusted both with her life.

Geraldy needed the boys help with loading; because he had to go the airport to pick up more supplies that arrived.  They were donations to AHAMES, from the USA.  They all started to pile into the truck.  Jean wanted Celeste to sit in the front seat with him. Gracefully accepting, and understanding some of his words, she sat in the front seat with excitement.  While Rowain sat in the back with Geraldy, pouting. 

Geraldy began the conversation in French telling the boy’s where they needed to go. While Jean drove down the busy streets like a mad man behind the wheel, causing Celeste to scream out many times, saying, “WATCH OUT FOOL”…The men roared with laughter at her fear, while Jean’s driving made Celeste, hide her eyes with her hands. 

When they arrived at the airport, Celeste immediately got out of the truck and bellowed, “Y’all are crazy, man!  What the hell?”  The men laughed.  Jean and Rowain was going to follow suit in getting out of the truck, when Geraldy told them to stay put, they would return shortly.  The boy’s spoke to Geraldy quickly in creole, he laughed.  “Celeste it seems these boys do not want to let you out of their sight.  So they will come with us, okay? They said you were more interesting to watch than sitting in a car waiting.”  

“OH, they do, do they?”  Celeste turned to face the boys who were standing beside each other with confusion on their faces.  With a wicked smile, she immediately sprang into action, while screaming a Xena call.  Her fast moving moves along with her wild yelp, stunned the boys into fear, but it was Jean’s eyes who flew open wider.  Rowain and Geraldy quickly stepped away from Jean.  

Jean watched the spitfire eyes focus on him, locking him into a trance of dumbness, while she ran towards him with a purpose.  

Nothing prepared him when he saw her leap into the air,  He didn’t have time to brace himself, because he did not know what her intentions were.  All he saw was her face changing into mischievous.  Before he knew it, he was slammed into a playful beastly bear hug by the cowgirl! He picked her up off her feet with ease, and tickled her to heaven with child like actions. She in turned gave him a GOOD nuggie with her knuckle upon his skinned skull, quickly stating in glee,  “This is for the damn wicked way, you drove dude.”  They all roared with laughter.  When he slowly released her with happiness, she then gave him a loving kiss on his cheek.   

Jean didn’t want to release the Indian woman.  She felt right, molded to his body.  He would never say this fact to anyone, but felt he had a crush on the wild one.  He knew it the day him and her sat in the truck outside the demolished catholic church, alone.

When Geraldy and Rowain left the auto, she quickly gave him several pieces of gum.  “I’m gonna show you how to make a double bubble, baby.”  She told him in good cheer, but he did not understand her words.  She then use sign language to tell him to put the pieces into his mouth.  He obeyed and watch her follow suit.  Both giggled with merriment with their mouths full of juicy gum, trying not to let the spit escape their mouths, when chewing a wad of gum.  In no time at all Celeste began to show off her Double Bubble.  With skill she blew a very large bubble.  It was bigger than her head, When she blew another inside the first bubble, Jean’s eyes widen with merry.  He tried several times to mimic her, but failed.  “Here I show you, watch my tongue, okay?”  Not knowing what she said, he watched her body move closer to his face.  Her eyes were full of piss and vinegar staring into Jean’s amused face.   He watched her child like behavior with verve.  She was trying to be serious when she saw his eyes twinkling. She stuck out her tongue with the layer of gum surrounding her tongue and blew.  She made him laugh out loud, when he saw her play tricks with her folded tongue.  He could have sworn he saw her wave the damn thing at him inside the bubble while she blew it up.  

Celeste didn’t realize she was that close to his face, when the bubble burst, it covered her face and hair quickly, leaving her face covered, in a color of sticky red.  Jean cracked up, Celeste followed suit while they both picked off the sticky stuff from her face.

He adored her, because she was so carefree, and different than any other women, he has ever seen. This American Indian woman, rocked his socks off, with her bold, brave movements.  Her heart was pure yet strong willed, and for that he found himself wishing just to steal a kiss.  Her bear hugs strength and nuggie, made him realize just how strong this wild west woman’s play could hurt someone.  Even though she scared the dukie out him at first with her teasing play, he fell into Jollity with her playful attention…

Geraldy bumped him out of his thoughts when he had to follow them into the airport with a smile.  Jean quickly ran in front of them to open the door for Celeste with a snicker, she kindly thanked him, then spoke in a smart-ass fashion, “Jesus, dude your…huge!  Jean smiled handsomely, and was then badgered by Geraldy and Rowain for his size when they all tumbled into the airport following Celeste, laughing.