“Well, he’s going to squash the shit out of me, Geraldy.”


The next day, Geraldy wanted to head for his Medical facility.  Celeste got dressed quickly in her cowboy boots, hat, daisy duke shorts and a red tank top.  Taking out a strip of raw hide leather, she quickly twist the leather around her long braided hair.  She reloaded more supplies in her soft deerskin backpack, and threw it over her shoulder.  Not forgetting her slingshot, she put it in her back pocket of her shorts, and ran down the stairs to meet Geraldy’s cousins who wanted to meet the cowgirl, and spend time with Geraldy driving them around to their destinations.

The two Haitian gentlemen, stood up when Celeste came down the stairs.  They stared at her, then at each other, and smiled.  They had heard some of the cowgirl stories circulating around, and wanted to witness the spitfire themselves.  Geraldy introduced her, “Celeste, these are my cousins, Jean, and Rowain.  They will be our chauffeur for the day.  They are also employed by the Haitian Police department, so we will be safe under their care.”  Geraldy announced proudly.

Celeste stood 6 feet tall, but when Jean stood up he towered over her.  Making her feel like an ant, she shyly reached out her hand for Jean to shake.  When he took her hand in greeting, she didn’t know what to say.  He’s huge! Holy, macaroni I’m tiny compared to him. Celeste couldn’t think of anything else to add to the surprised feeling, when Jean picked her up into a hug, and squeezed her tightly.  She quickly looked at Geraldy who was grinning from ear to ear.  “Yes, Celeste, Jean is a big strong man.  He is the biggest of all my cousins. He likes you if he is giving you a hug.”   “Well, he’s going to squash the shit out of me, Geraldy.”  Celeste spoke with amusement. Geraldy spoke to Jean in French with laughter.  Before she knew it she was being released.  Jean smiled broadly, exposing a set of beautiful white teeth.  Celeste melted, and fell in love with Jean’s spirit. Rowain, who was smaller than Jean, reached out his hand towards Celeste, as she gladly accepted his gentle greeting, he too wanted to give Celeste a hug.  His hug was nothing like Jean’s; nevertheless, Rowain’s spirit was shy, and gentle. 

When Celeste turned to head towards the gate, Geraldy stopped her by saying.  “Celeste these boy’s want to see what your slingshot can do.  They have never seen one like yours.”  Celeste pulled the slingshot out of her back pocket, and reached into her front pocket to get a marble. With skill, she loaded the slingshot.  “I don’t want to shoot this outside, Geraldy, so can I shoot the door by the lock?”  Celeste asked Geraldy.  Jean and Rowain were laughing, and chatting in French to Geraldy.  The boy’s were telling Geraldy he was full of bull crap. Geraldy smiled, and knew they were about to witness the aim of the cowgirl.

BAM!…The men didn’t have time to watch Celeste shoot.  They were too busy teasing Geraldy, when they heard the loud sound.  The young men snapped their heads toward the sound, that was made on the door. Geraldy roared with glee, and said,  “Okay, boy’s lets get going,”  Celeste picked up her marble on the floor before leaving, while Geraldy pointed to the spot on the metal gate where the marble left a dent. The boys were impressed!

When traveling down the heavily crowded roads, they came to a dead stop.  The road was packed with Haitian’s walking to and fro.  Celeste was restless, and needed to stretch her legs. She got out of the truck, and tried to see what was holding up the traffic.  Geraldy told her to get back into the truck, which she quickly refused, and told Geraldy to follow her.  

Geraldy got out of the truck while encouraging her to get back inside the safety of the truck.  She stood firm without a word, both hands on her hips staring at him.  Jean and Rowain looked at both of them from the front seat, smiling.  When she turned on her heels, Geraldy quickly followed her.

People were watching as Celeste walked her cowgirl walk with a purpose.  As she warned Geraldy to stay back and watch, Celeste left him on the side of the road, an approached a dump truck trying to get into a very tight spot, unsuccessfully. Bold as she is, she jumped on the step board of the truck, and held onto the mirror, scaring the shit out of the Texas driver.

“What the shit girl?” he yelled out in his Texas dialect. Smiling her best, she spoke in her southern tongue, “Dude, you’re taking forever getting into that small space to clean up the mess.  Why don’t you let me, give it a go?”  “You’re a girl!” he commented.  “Well, I am glad you noticed it–listen Mr. Tex-ass, scoot over rover, let me take over, and show you the New Mexico way?”

Laughing the man had to see this; he scooted over and gave her a chance, since he was having a hard time.  Celeste saw that he agreed.  With a loud whistle from her lips, she got everyone’s attention, and used her hands to tell the people to get the heck out of the street. 

Celeste was no slug with heavy machinery.  She knew what she was doing.  In less than five minutes, she had the truck ready to be loaded.  The man was lost for words. Cheers could be heard from the people on the streets when Celeste got out of his truck. Jumping out of his truck, she looked at the proud expression on Geraldy’s face, gave him a wink and waved to the dump truck man. As she began walking back to Geraldy, she was followed by a bunch of children talking smack,  When she reached the boys truck, she opened her door and said, “Okay, boy’s let’s rock!”  

Jean and Rowain, quickly became animated with their French words to Geraldy.  Geraldy laughed, and told them that this cowgirl is a force to be reckon with. Celeste didn’t know what they were saying, as they drove down the road.  She knew they were talking about the gutsy move she just displayed.  They were amazed that a woman could drive a truck better than a man. Geraldy grabbed Celeste’s hand, and whispered to her, “You’re amazing cowgirl, is there nothing you can do?” Celeste smiled, leaned her head upon his shoulder, and said, “I love ya’, Geraldy!”



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