I don’t know nothin’ bout birthin’ no babies!


The next day, Celeste was woken up by a loud pounding on the gate to the school. She grabbed her slingshot, and loaded the weapon, then peeked over the edge of the rooftop. Celeste was the first to see the stranger, from her vantage point on the roof.  Slingshot ready for use, she watched as the scene unfolded.  Nadia opened a peephole, and spoke French to the young male, then she let the man inside the school.

Celeste quickly ran down the stairs, as she stood on the last step watching them both speak to each other.  When the Haitian man saw Celeste, he stopped in mid-sentence, and stared at her.  Walking fast towards Celeste, the young man stopped immediately when she felt the need to protect.  Out came her slingshot ready to hit him if he came closer.  Nadia promptly stated to Celeste, “No, no, no, Cheri, he is good. He is asking for us to help him.  He is in charge of a tent city not too far from here.  He needs help with medical.”  Celeste apologized and asked Nadia to ask him to forgive her rudeness.  She extended her hand in friendship to him.

He smiled in relief when she lowered the strange weapon.  Staring at the rubber strap for a moment, he looked at Celeste, took her hand in friendship, then resumed telling Nadia he had noticed Celeste on top of the building, and knew that an American could help his people. Celeste just looked at Nadia waiting for translation, when Geraldy came out of his room ready to be of assistance.

Geraldy looked at Celeste and said, “I heard everything–get all you can carry, Celeste.  We leave in twenty minutes to help this young man’s city.” Turning on her heels, taking the stairs two at a time, she grabbed her backpack, and shoved the rest of her medical supplies into the large carrier, while noticing that her supplies were running low. Then ran back downstairs just in time, when their ride arrived to take them to the young man’s tent city.

Upon arriving, the stench was so bad, that Celeste had to use her chapstick to kill the smell under her nose.  Many children started to gather, along with adults.  Over 2,000 people living in a gully alongside a hill.  No one knew that this city was here.  When they got out of the truck, a little girl came screaming at the top of her lungs towards Geraldy.  Geraldy grabbed Celeste’s arm, and raced towards the little girl.

“What the heck is going on, Geraldy?”  Celeste demanded while running along side her friend.  “You must help, Celeste–her sister is only fourteen years old, and ready to give birth!”  “Whooaa…there partner! Celeste halted Geraldy before they disappeared into a plastic home the little girl went into. She nervously spit out, “Geraldy, you know I have bred horses, and helped birth them, but I don’t know nothin’ bout birthin’ no babies!” She gave her best mini Gone with the Wind imitation.

Geraldy wanted to giggle, but kept himself serious.  “To late, Celeste–she needs you now!”  He opened the flap to the tent, and before dipping her head inside, Celeste searched the area for any sign of the nurses or doctors.  They should be doing this, she said nervously to herself.  She noticed that every medical person that they brought were busy aiding the others.  Pulling her backpack off her back, she took inventory one more time, While saying a prayer to her lord, and Mother Earth, she entered.

Lying on the ground covered with heavy blankets, a little girl grunted, and grunted.  No other sound but grunts could be heard, inside the hot little room.  Celeste looked upon the little girl in pain, and smiled at how the girl was biting on a wad of material, trying to control her screams. A method she knew all to well; however, she used a thick stick when she bared her children.

Celeste asked Geraldy to translate her words. “Celeste, perhaps I should go, and leave you two!”  Geraldy said.  “Oh, hell no, slick, your stayin’ put! I need you to speak for me, please!”  Celeste barked back at her dear friend. Geraldy nodded in agreement silently. Celeste jumped into birthing mode, and asked, “Please, my name is Celeste. May I look down at your private area to see?” The girl after hearing Geraldy ask her the question, nodded yes.

Celeste took out a piece of gum; unwrapping it, she placed it into the little girls mouth, and told her to chew.  Her eyes brighten and savored the taste, while Celeste lifted the blanket.  Her water had broken; the baby’s head was showing.  Celeste asked her to push when she felt the need to.  No sooner did Geraldy translated the words, the girl pushed.

Celeste watched while the head of the baby would show, and then spring back into the canal, the mother tried to expel the lad, but was becoming too weak to push.  Inside the tent was steamy and very hot.  Celeste was dripping with sweat.  She took off her top and stayed in her bra, with daisy duke shorts, and her cowboy boots.  Geraldy turned his back towards the opening of the tent, to spare the ladies their dignity.  She reached inside her pack, and got a pencil out, an inserted it into her bun for her hair.

Then she put on latex gloves, took out her horse sewing kit, gently placing it on the ground.  The girl watched Celeste silently start to unpack supplies out of a beautiful deerskin pouch.  Her eyes grew large when she saw Celeste pull out her knife from her boot, and placed the large blade over the small fire inside the tent.  Geraldy turned around quickly after hearing the girl’s distress groin, and noticed what Celeste was doing.  He quickly calmed the girl down, with his soft words.







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