PUSH, PUSH…Little one!


Celeste was very nervous, she wasn’t sure she could pull this birthing a human baby off. She had two daughters herself, and had given birth at home by herself.  But this little girl was another story.  Celeste was 29 years old when she had her first child.  When Celeste had everything available for her in arm’s reach, she looked at the scared girl, and asked her to push again.

The girl scrunched up her face and tried to push; nevertheless, the girl pushed and the baby’s head sprang back into the canal.  “This is not good…not good,” Celeste told Geraldy.  The little girl started to thrash and moan.  “Geraldy, I think I have to cut her to release the baby, please let her know I have nothing to kill the pain but Ibuprofen.  She is too small to bear the child, darlin’.”  

Celeste knew how to do this with her mares; she took her foaling horses seriously.  Thank heavens…I know this! But this is a human child, not an adult, Mother Earth, guide me! Celeste whispered to herself.  Geraldy tried his best to tell the little girl, it’s for the greatest good, or she and the babe would not survive.  The little girl nodded to Celeste, and said, “Que Dieu vous bénisse Dieu vous a amené à me.  

“What did she say Geraldy?” Celeste asked.  “She said, Bless you, god brought you to me in time.”  Celeste smiled, reached over and touched the little girl’s face, telling her, “You are beautiful, and must stay strong!”

Both ladies were nervous, but Celeste did not show a sign of being scared.  She looked at the girl, took a deep breath, picked up her knife, and began to cut. It was horrible to say the least for the little girl, but Celeste did a fine job cutting to release the baby’s head. Geraldy turned around and didn’t want to watch the scene.  

“PUSH…PUSH!” Celeste demanded.  When the girl bore down, the head popped out quickly.  Coming out like a volcano erupting, the baby had the cord wrapped around it’s neck. It was blue and lifeless.  Celeste cut the cord with her knife and peeled away the layers until the baby was somewhat clean.  “OH, GERALDY…I think the baby is dead…please..,.get a nurse, or FIND ONE NOW!” Celeste barked at her friend.  Geraldy ran out of the tent.

In the meantime, she knew CPR; she tried to breathe life into the little body, but nothing was happening.  Over and over again she tried, but the baby boy had died, and there was nothing she could do.  Tears streaming down her face, she looked at the girl, barely hanging on and in need of care.  She hugged the little bundle to her face, blessing him as a priest would do on his forehead.  Placing the babe down on the ground behind her, she started to stitch the girl up.

When she finished, Geraldy arrived with a nurse.  They noticed the blue baby laying on the ground.  Celeste looked at the nurse with deep sorrow, and stood up, letting the nurse check the patient out.

“Nice job!” the nurse announced while admiring Celeste’s stitch work.  “If you think so!” Celeste stated while taking off her bloody gloves.  Getting inside her backpack, taking a bottle of water out, she helped the little girl drink.  Giving her some jerky to chew on, then sobbing lightly to the little girl.  “I’m sorry chicka, I couldn’t save your son.”  

Ne sois pas triste, j’ai été violée, et ne peut pas prendre soin de bébé.  Geraldy immediately translated for her:  “Do not be sad, I was raped, and cannot take care of baby.”  At that point Celeste walked out of the tent to take a breather.  This broke her heart, hearing the girl’s words.  She understood about life and death, but never in this magnitude.  Kneeling down on the earth, saying a quiet prayer, hiding her eyes so no one watched her, but they did!  All around knew by feeling Celeste’s sorrow, the baby died.  A low rumble started to shake the earth.

People started screaming, running, tents falling to their shabby doom.  Celeste steadied herself, and tried to calm some people down, but it didn’t help.  They were so scare..they caused too much panic in the city.  Geraldy came out of the tent with the nurse after the earth shook.


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    1. Words can not express my gratitude that you adore Slingshot! I thank you; however, I am new at this and am unsure how to do all of this process of award giving. I so appreciate you even thinking of me, but having you here, and reading my blog is an award in itself!

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