Come Cheri, eat for me, please!

Valis was quick and noticed the change in her. He was so fast; he
scooped her up before she fell to the ground. Geraldy ordered the
staff to quickly bring water up to the rooftop, as the captain
laid her down upon her bed. Geraldy took her clothing and gave it to a serving girl to clean.

Geraldy told the captain to leave and that he would make sure she was-safe. But the Captain told Geraldy that wasn't happening. "I
stay here. You go clean up--she is exhausted, and she is in good
hands." Geraldy nodded.

Being with Celeste drove him crazy. Sparks flew into his loins. He should spank her for wearing herself out. What can this woman not do?Birthing a God woman....Watching her rest with her black outfit on brought thoughts of frisking her.

"Here's water sir," Chantile offered in French. Captain Valis
reached for the glass, and lifted Celeste's head to wet her lips, dripping a little around her neck.   
He missed this woman who lay in front of him. He couldn't stay
away any longer; he had been mesmerized by her for weeks. Even his crew knew something was wrong with him, being sharp and short
with them--they had been telling him he needed to get laid.
Finally swallowing his pride, he decided to seek her out tonight. He wanted all of her tonight! "Come Cheri, wake up for me," he

Slowly and groggy Celeste started to come around. "What the heck
happened? She said in a low voice.
"Cheri, I think you are exhausted and need rest," he answered her
question. Sitting up, Celeste felt dizzy. Valis gave her the glass of water to drink and she greedily drank all of it. Handing him back the glass she said, "Thank You." He smiled at her, knowing she was going to be okay. Nadia came into view; she noticed how the
Captain tenderly sat by her side. Celeste turned her head towards Nadia. "I am sorry--I must have been too tired." Nadia smiled and said, "No Cheri, after the day you had, I would like to know if
you eaten today?"
"Now that you mentioned it, I don't think I have." Celeste
confirmed."I will go and get you something to eat, stay there, I
will be right back cowgirl." Celeste smiled, and then turned her
attention to the Captain. "Why are you here Valis?"

The captain didn't know what to say except, "Can't get you out of my mind." "Well you better dude, cause I ain't gonna be with ya," she stated. Chantile walked up on the roof with two huge plates of food. One was full of fruit and another was goat meat and rice.
Handing them to the captain, Chantile retreated, with a smile on
her face.Captain Valis, put the plates down and picked up a piece of mango.
He decided to feed her the fruit. He placed the fruit in front of her lips. "Come Cheri, eat for me, please!" Valis spoke lightly.
Celeste opened her mouth unsure as Valis centered the mango upon
her tongue.  An electric charge dominated the spectacle as they
looked into each others eyes.  She closed her mouth over the fruit and felt his finger slowly withdraw from her warm moist tongue.

The feelings that Valis felt was totally beyond words. Ready to
play the game he picked up another piece, but Celeste gracefully
took it out of his hand and put it into her mouth.  She gently
reached for his fingers, as she placed each one at a time into her wet mouth. 
Suckling mango between his fingers with her seductive skilled folded tongue, Valis was losing his control.
Enlightening a sexual charge throughout the captain's body, he
closed his eyes apprising the power she produced. Celeste boldly
stared at him demanding his soul to open his eyes and look upon
His eyes widen with surprise; her energy was sovereignty, as he
felt her command.  Her bold sensual movements, triggered the beast inside him. Without thinking he took one of her fingers, and
tried to mimic her play.
Celeste's radiant smile brought so much pleasure to him, all he
could do is smirk.  She captured his cheek in the palm of her
other hand, glowing with admiration into his eyes, watching him
thoroughly lick her finger clean. My god is he handsome--and so delicious to look at in the evening light.

" yummy, Captain, that you have licked my finger clean.
I ask again what you are doing here?"
Valis was about to tell her, but they got interrupted by Geraldy.
"Oh my heavens, Celeste, I am happy to see that you are okay."
Smiling with embarrassment, Celeste hoped Geraldy did not see her
touching the captain's cheek.  She told him, “I only needed some
food to feel better.  See, I am being spoiled by this wonderful
food, and Captain Valis has decided to feed me if I don't eat,"
she said, winking at the captain.
"Good--thank you, Captain Valis. We all had a very bad day and
didn't have time to eat. I am going back down stairs to eat
myself--rest, friend. Oh, one more thing, I am very proud of you
Celeste for not losing your cool. I am happy I brought you with
me. Okay, see you later--and Captain, please don't stay too late, Celeste has not been sleeping well and she will need her rest."

Alone and looking at each other, Celeste broke the connection by
asking and grabbing the plate of food to eat. "Tell me about you
Captain, so I can understand my enemy better." Raising an eyebrow
and giving her a questionable look. "I asked you to tell me about
you," Valis then understood. How much should he tell her?  In his
Slavic accent, he informed her that he was from the Czech nation.

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