“I am sorry my lord, for failing you. I could not save the baby in time. Please forgive me.”


“Are you okay, Celeste? Oh my God–your face is full of blood, we must take you back to the school, and get you cleaned up.  That little girl could have had HIV–here, put your top back on.” Geraldy told Celeste, while holding her top out for her to grab.  “Yes, but it’s too crazy here now Geraldy,” she said in a daze reaction.

“Snap out of it Celeste, get your things and let’s go, the people will become more scared and the could mob us.” Nodding her understanding, she went to retrieve her pack.  Looking at the little girl, she told her in Spanish “Go with God.” She left the girl her bag of Jerky, and a few pieces of gum, while the little girl tried to say in English to her.  “Thang you!” Celeste turned and blew a kiss to her before she left the tent.

Geraldy got the group back together quickly; some were waiting for them by the truck, ready to leave as soon as possible.  They were shocked to see Celeste full of blood.  When they arrived at the school it was 5:00 p.m.  Celeste stayed quiet the whole time, tears falling down her face. Excusing herself to freshen up when she arrived at the school, she headed towards the stairs to the roof.  Every step she took, felt like she was carrying a 100-pound feed bag, she was frazzled.

Before she got her clothing, Celeste just stood staring at nothing.  Reliving the scene of opening the little girl up to release the dead baby. “I am sorry my lord, for failing you. I could not save the baby in time. Please forgive me.” Celeste’s thoughts told her if she was there sooner, perhaps she could have saved the babe.  But then again, the little girl would have no means in supporting another mouth to feed. 

She snapped out of her thoughts long enough to grab some clean clothes, and headed for the shower room.  She sat on the shower’s floor sobbing for a very long time, till she heard a soft knock on the door.  Nadia wanted to know if she could do anything for her. “Cowgirl, you okay?” “Yes, I will be out in a minute,” Celeste responded.  She got off the floor, and started to dress in a black mini skirt, with a black backless halter top. Leaving her hair go wild, and putting a little make up on, helped her feel better.  

I am so tired, and hungry, but the thought of sleeping is more enticing than words can explain, Celeste thought out loud.  She gathered her dirty clothes from the floor, and headed back up to her haven.  When she stepped on the last step, she noticed a figure standing, and staring at the beautiful sunset with his hands behind his back.

He turned around immediately upon hearing her footsteps.  Both couldn’t move–time again was standing  still.  So much electricity was jumping between the both of their bodies.  Slowly he walked to her, she stepped back.  “What are you doing here Captain?” she inquired in a piss off fashion. “You have best view on top of roof,” he lightly stated.  Celeste didn’t want him here; she wanted to sleep for a few hours, before she ate dinner.  “Okay, buck, how’d you get up here again, and do the others know you are here?” she asked.  Geraldy, then stepped on top of the roof, and joined them.

Celeste felt odd standing by Valis as Geraldy told him about the tent city they visited, and what she had done.  Valis’s eyes widened, and never left Celeste.  As Celeste viewed the ground and really not listening.  She became weak at the knees, and started to fall. 




2 thoughts on ““I am sorry my lord, for failing you. I could not save the baby in time. Please forgive me.”

    1. THANK YOU!!!!! I am getting the hang of blogging, and in reality, I love it better than writing a book! So your words are encouraging to me that I am doing something right! Merci….. 🙂

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