“I’ll give you a nickle, for your pickle?”


Celeste never let things fester, she attacked her problems head on, and the hell with what others thought or said!  She realized that she could not please everyone, nor did she want to! If people didn’t except her for WHO she was, then she did not need them in her life. But in this case of dealing with her hottie tottie, she was lost for words.  Honesty is the best policy, she told herself.  She took a deep breath, expelled, then gathered her wits to fling at the captain. 

“Yes, I do desire you, Valis; in fact, you are the first man that I have shown any interest in since being married.  I have been married for a long time.  I am a person who likes to be with one man.  Even though my marriage is hanging by a thread, I still love my husband, and should not be with another man.  I have no right leading you on, and for that, I am sorry for projecting to you that I am available.  But you have no idea what is happening here! It is bigger than you and I existing on this earth. You, see Captaine, I believe we are soul mates.” 

Valils watched her; some words he picked up on, and some he did not.  He couldn’t really hear her; because, watching her, being so close to her, made his mind and peter, jumped to the things he could do with her sexually.

“Hey, hey, Homey…you listening to me?”  She noticed his blank look on his face and decided to snap her fingers in front of his face. His eyes focused on her snapping fingers, when the sudden urge to devour her, right now, weighed heavily on his mind.  He grabbed her hand and pulled her towards his firm body,  “Come with me Cheri–I show you something.” “Dude, if you have something to show me, then bring it forth, cause I ain’t budging!” Celeste fired back at him.  “You, hurt me with words, Cheri?”  Valis was in a pickle, he was damning himself for not paying attention to what she had said. His manhood took control of his attention span, leaving him in a wonder world state, of how to seduce the cowgirl.  DAMN…his willy!

Celeste wanted to giggle but kept a straight face.  She could see that Valis was struggling with his mind and pecker.  Oh, what a wicked combination for a man to suffer through. I’ll give you a nickle for your pickle?  She so wanted to burst out laughing after thinking her silly thought, but refrained and allowed her softer side to give pardon upon Valis.

Valis was staring on the ground, deep into his thoughts, when he felt mischievous course through Celeste’s body.  He looked into her amused eyes, and completely lost his head. All he could do is act foreign, and see if that could buy him some time.  “Please, Cheri, I not understand your words. I take time to think about.”  

Celeste covered her mouth with her hand like she was going to cough, but instead yelled out…”Bullshit!”  Valis gave her a angry look.  Celeste stood her ground, trying to stay strong, when all she wanted to do is crack up with laughter, so she gave Valis a playful smirk.  Hoping he would get his shit together. But she had a hard time looking into his face, when she could plainly see his rise in his Levis!  Something was drawing her to touch him…so she did!

Celeste daredevil girl, kicked it up another notch.  She boldly trances her finger against his spitting cobra gently.  Valis widen his eyes. “Listen dude, your Red Rocket in your pocket is dying to get loose. Unless you have something else that you don’t understand I think you should leave?”  

“What the F*&^, you say woman?”  Valis  busted out loud.  Celeste stood shocked, Oh, no he so did not use the word she hated to hear.  Celeste stood ridged.  Valis watched Celeste change into a pistol packing women, he learned when she placed her hands on her hips, all hell was about to bust loose!  Boy, did he really screwed up this scene…but he could not control anything that came out of his mouth. It just came out on it’s own accord! His dick is costing him his sanity around this feline.  God o mighty I love when she gets this frisky, and defiant, what a turn on.  He thought to himself, then without warning he had the sudden urge to kiss the shit out this woman!

“Enough talk woman!” Fiercely, landing his lips upon hers, Celeste didn’t respond, until he softened his hold and kissed her with passion.  Her body hummed, tingled with excitement, as she began to devour and come alive under his hunger. His hands lowered to her firm bump, pushing her body into hips, until both were one.  “Please mi amour?” When he said those words, all hope was gone in Celeste’s mind. 


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