“Osiyo…Bloggers” In Cherokee it means Hello!


One of Celeste’s infatuations; besides nature, is hearing love endearing words, especially when they are spoken in another language by a beastly banging dude!  She dissolves like a kool-aid particle in a water glass, when stirred with a spoon. Her muse was, learning about different languages in her life time.  Celeste spoke Cherokee, Tewa, Navajo, English, Spanish, and hillbilly.  Acquiring a technobabble that goes with speaking different languages, she ended up with an amusing different dialect.  Being in Haiti hearing three different languages spoken, she recognized a few Spanish words were similar to some French. But she became quickly captivated with the romantic flow of how the French, spoke their beautiful language. 

Valis’s languages consisted of; Slavic, French, Latin, and badly broken English.  So, when he spoke to Celeste in his heavy Slavic accent, he didn’t realize how he rocked her into being senselessness. 

Celeste didn’t have the energy to fight Valis’s demanding kiss any longer.  He was just to darn yummy, to let go; besides, her body had shut down over a year ago, with the lack of sex in her life. But now, Ooo…La La…her whole body was wakening, and starving for nourishment. So splendid the feelings that sex can give to ones soul. The zeal to capture it’s meaning is indescribable.

Through nature, Celeste learned that we humans are no different than animals, or insects.  We all were created to reproduce. She adored her paint horse breeding farm.  Her stallion Tru Quadrant was her most important friend in her life.  Daily she enriched her senses to the earth and the calling to speak to her horse pride.  She fell in love with the yearly foals her stock produced. The joy to witness their painted colors and patterns, as they colored their steps upon earth for the first time, were timeless moments to Celeste.  This joy covered the pain she felt with her husband’s drinking problem.

The body language a horse speaks of, is truly an art in itself. Patience, endurance, is needed to captivate the horse, while gaining it’s trust.  Celeste’s Cherokee tribe came from the Long Hair Horse Clan, perhaps that is why she always had a connection to the spirit of the horse as a little girl. She healed her body and mind with the unconditional wild love from a horse. Most have learned that it also takes patience, an endurance to win over Celeste.  In that way of thinking Celeste carries the spirit of Horse through her veins.

Here is a little knowledge of the Cherokee people!

The Cherokee Indians were one of the largest of five Native American tribes who settled in the American Southeast portion of the country. The tribe came from Iroquoian descent. They had originally been from the Great Lakes region of the country, but eventually settled closer to the east coast.

Despite popular folklore, the Cherokee actually lived in cabins made of logs instead of the stereotypical tee pee. They were a strong tribe with several smaller sections, all lead by chiefs. The tribe was highly religious and spiritual. When the American Revolution took place, the Cherokee Indians supported the British soldiers, and even assisted them in battle by taking part in several attacks. The Creek and Choctaw tribes also assisted in the battles on the British side.

Eventually around the 1800s, the Cherokee Indians began to adopt the culture that the white man brought to them. They began to dress more European, and even adopted many of their farming and building methods. In 1828, gold was discovered on the Cherokee’s land. This prompted the overtaking of their homes, and they were forced out. They had been settled in Georgia for many years, but were now being made to leave and find a new place to settle. This is the origin for the historically popular Trail of Tears, where men, women, and children had to pack up their belongings and find new homes, marching a span of thousands of miles. When all was said and done, about 4,000 Cherokee lost their lives on the journey. Today, the Cherokee Indians have a strong sense of pride in their heritage. The Cherokee rose is now the state flower of Georgia. Today, the largest population of Cherokee Indians live in the state of Oklahoma, where there are three federally recognized Cherokee communities with thousands of residents.



13 thoughts on ““Osiyo…Bloggers” In Cherokee it means Hello!

  1. Wow, this is a surprise to discover. Really unusual, arresting. Have had many horses all of my life… I’m a former horse breeder and trainer too, and my adolescent mounts were all cow ponies trained by “cowboys.” Rare for an author, yes, and rarer for someone like me to discover a kindred “spirit.” What fun Cheers!

    1. Then indeed we are kindred spirits! It is a pleasure to have you come aboard and enjoy my fiction story of Cowgirl Celeste. I am a horse breeder and now have slowly sold off my stock, due to losing my best friend and handsome stud muffin, “Tru Quadrant”. I trained all my stock the cowboy way, and wouldn’t have it any other way. The joy that I took producing fine stock, lead me to become a great horse imprinter! I adored working with the babies more than anything. Happy to say that my stock found homes at 8 months of age. Thank you for finding Slingshot a really unusual story! I am bless~

  2. Hi there and thank you for sharing this…I am an eastern band Cherokee (Tsalagi), Osiyo…and for your knowledge, we never say goodbye, we say, Dohiya, Until Next Time…many blessings, Mitakuye Oyasin

    1. Osiyo, Mitakuye! Tis a pleasure to have you comment on my blog and pass words of wisdom to me! I am honored~ Please if I write anything that is not correct in the Cherokee history, I would be disappointed, if you did not correct me! Also, I dig your tunes too!~ Much appreciated you stopped by! Dohiya…. 🙂

      1. Awe, bless your my heart my friend…and thanks for listening to some music. Many blessings, Dohiya, Red Crow

    1. I am so blushing for having the honor of being thought of as being an Inspiring Blogger Award. You make me want to kick my heels up with glee, knowing that I have captured your attention on SlingShot! However, I am still learning and educating myself with the people who follow my story. I want to make sure when I have gotten good at this stuff, and know my wonderful readers, I too can present this honorable award. But at this time I hope I am not sounding ungrateful to turn your award down… Just having you here, and supporting me, reading my blogs and passing it on to other bloggers, is an award higher than no one can give me! Kiss Kiss~

      1. Writing and posting an interesting story in a blog is totally inspiring for me as an aspiring writer. I wish I can do the same feat. 🙂
        You can do what you wish with the nomination. Take your sweet time. 🙂

        1. You know Belsbror, your writing is SUPER!!! But I love how you give your writing and posting to others! You are truly a tender soul and is an honor having you read my blog! Thanks on the nomination, today I have reached 200 followers on Slingshot! I am happy 😉

          1. I have much to learn. 🙂
            Thank you for the vote of confidence. I am glad your followers are growing. You have a serialized content so readers wait for the next post to come.
            Good luck! Keep the posts coming. 🙂

          2. As I do too Belsbror, in fact I don’t think I ever want to quit learning something new! I honor and joy our following together! Thank you for the kind comment and vote of confidence!~ You are SPECIAL! 🙂

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