“Heed my words boy! Give back her weapons you little pompous shithead, or I will hound you in your dreams, until you die!”


Valis knew this vixen did not have the energy to fight him; however, she showed no signs of weakness when she got ticked off. The only way to shut her up, was kissing her.  He could not understand what was happening to him.  Why was he reckless? What was the allure she had over him?

He began dreaming vivid imagines when he met the spitfire.  Some were odd yet familiar because Celeste was almost in everyone of them.   In most of his dreams he was a golden gray wolf, running into the deep forest alone.  Being driven by a demanding unknown force of hunger, to find the perfect meadow.  Sadly, his dreams left him running in a bewildered spirit world, on many endless paths, going no where.  

The weirdest dream he had, was when an old man, twice the size of him, approached him with his hunting rifle, and told him to give Celeste her weapons back.  Valis in the dream was not the wolf but himself.  He laughed at the old man and told him to be gone.  The next thing Valis knew, the old man appeared in front of his face, and boinked him on the head with his huge strong finger.  Valis quickly touched the sore spot, and bellowed out. “F*&^ you old man, that F*&^ing hurt!” The powerful man’s face turned extremely dangerous, and grabbed Valis’s ear, speaking to him in a heavy Scottish accent. “Heed my words boy! Give back her weapons you little pompous shithead, or I will hound you in your dreams, until you die!” Then the dream disappeared, leaving Valis waking up holding onto his ear.  

Several nights later, the other bizarre dream was; when he was running in a forest as a wolf.  He was drawn magically to see this most unusual tree with eyes.  When he noticed the tree looked like Celeste, he calmed down, but the next thing he could only think about doing, was marking the territory as his. He heard her yelling at him about pissing all over everything. Hum, he chuckled,…serves her right to tell me what I can, and can not do! The next thing Valis remember when waking up from the dream, he had a sharp splinter of wood, embedded into his hand.

He thought it was peculiar since he hadn’t dreamed, since he was a little boy. But both of those dreams left him with a thump of hurt on his head, and a splinter of wood in his hand.  He would never tell anyone what he was experiencing while sleeping, afraid, they might discharge him from his military duties.  Thinking he’s going cuckoo on them…

He was more bothered with time he spent away from her, the dreams became more violent and demanding.  Imploring him to give back her weapons, so when he did, he was never visited by the large threatening man again.  But he still was having the reoccurring dreams of being a wolf running endlessly.  

Nevertheless, something was drawing him to explore the half-breed.  But when he stood next to her, he became a blundering idiot! This time he held her tightly, not wanting to release her smashing body that fit perfectly to his large frame.  Her care free seduction on him with the mango’s, drove him to a boldness, he never knew existed. Knowing they were not going to be disturbed, he took a risk and plunged in, demanding her to become his cougar to pet!  Besides, when she spoke to him, he melted like butter on a pile of hot pancakes.  Her accent was mesmerizing to his soul. 


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