“Today is your day, to die dog!”


At the age of ten years old, Valis was a strong, but scrawny, tall little boy.  His parents only had one child due to his mother had almost died giving birth to him.  She named her beloved son Valis, meaning Wolf in Czech.  The little boy was born with two shades of color hair. Dark brown, and highlights of blonde speckled his head. With the passing years, Valis adore his soft spoken mother.  She would loving nurture him in the ways of life. There was nothing Valis would not do, for his gentle mother.  To him, she was a goddess!  His father was a skilled woodsman, and farmer.  He taught Valis the way of guns, and more manly duties while growing up.  They were not close like his mother and him were, but he was a good father nevertheless.

He became the little man of the house whenever his father left to hunt the notorious black wolf, who created turmoil eating stock from the local farmers.  For over two years his father swore he would kill the dog.  The last straw for his father, was when the wolf and his pack, ate three of Valis’s father’s prized stock.  Sending his father in a rage and vowing to kill the black canine.  So his father, left Valis in charge of the family homestead. He kissed his adoring wife, then turned to Valis and said, “Take care my son, protect our stock. I should be home with the vermin in a few days.”   He patted his son on the head, then left in search of the wolf pack.  Valis watched his father disappear into the heavy dense woods, as his mother held his hand. He looked up to his mother and said, “I will protect you mother! I will kill that wolf for papa, you’ll see!”  His mother ruffled his shaggy hair, “We will see son, but do not kill if necessary.  We must share the earth with God’s creatures.  Remember they too must survive!  Come my son, we have chores to complete. How about if you do some wood splitting, while I make us some cookies?”  “Mom, you know it’s hard for me to pick up papa’s ax.”  Valis responded. His mother gently touched his cheek and commented, “Soon my son, with more practice with the ax, you will be able to cut down a tree.”  Valis smiled, he loved how his mother never made a big deal about things. She only encouraged him to succeed, telling him anything is possible, big or small can be done with a little of positive thinking.

When evening time came and before the sun set, Valis’s mother was in the barn helping a sheep give birth.  He sat on his porch eating a cookie with a glass of fresh thick milk from their milking cow.  When he finished he went to the barn to see if she needed help. She turned him down, and told him to go take a bath, she would join him later after seeing the twin lambs nurse.  Valis smiled at the little lambs, as he watched his mother lovingly clean them up from the after birth.  

When he finished his bath, his mother had not returned, so he stepped outside to head to the barn.  The sight he saw left him speechless.  

The huge black blob Valis spotted, came out of the barn bloody, and badly torn up.  He locked his eyes on Valis, growled with a half eaten lamb in his jaws, and took off into the woods.  Valis was stunned, unable to move.  The size of the massive black wolf, was indescribable. Of all the tales of this wolf, he had heard from his father, it never prepared him to the reality of how huge this wolf really was.

“Mother, Mother?”  Valis yelled out after watching the wolf run into the woods. Fear spread through his body when he did not hear his mother return his call.  He ran for the barn!  When he entered, he saw is mother lying face down on a pile of straw, not moving. He viewed the bloody broken pitch fork his mother tried to use to defend herself. Quickly running to help his mother, he was dumbfounded when he turned his mother’s dead bloody body over, and saw that she had saved one of the baby lambs from the wrath of the black wolf.  

Valis screamed out to the heavens a blood curdling sound, that shocked the animals into silence.  

Without thinking Valis turned and went to the wood pile, and pulled his father’s ax out of the wooden tree stump. He ran in the direction the great wolf entered the woods. Following the blood that littered the ground from the wolf, Valis held the heavy ax without hinder, as he disappeared in the dark woods to kill the wolf.

He was running on adrenaline, giving him the strength he never knew he had.  He became the hunter in the woods.  Determine to kill anything in his path.  Valis blacked out and became a driving force of hate.  Without light he had lost the trail of blood with the darkness that fell upon the woods, he slowed his steps, and stopped to catch his breath.  

In the distance he heard the pack yelping.  Valis renewed his energy following the sounds of the dogs.  When he came upon the the pack, he changed his direction so the wind would not carry his scent to the wolves.   He watched them hidden behind a large pine tree, rip the lamb to nothing, as he sat there silently watching the wolves eat their fill, he lost sight of the black beast. In no time at all the pack left, leaving him not knowing where the black wolf took off too.

Valis turned around to follow the pack when he was greeted by a pair of glowing golden eyes. The black wolf snared and bared his bloody teeth to the little man. Valis lost in the moment of being stupefied, stood his ground, while both sized each other up. “Today is your day to die dog!”  Valis lifted the ax with ease, and bravely swung the ax through the air. “Come you son of a bitch! For you killed my mother, and for that I will take your life!” The little brave man stated.

The great dog bellowed out a loud howl, showed his sharp teeth, then lunged towards little Valis. With skill and precision, Valis didn’t hesitate when the great dog leaped in mid air ready to pounce on him.  In one smooth movement, Valis swung the ax with his eyes closed.  The power of the swinging ax was true, it hit it’s target and embedded itself into the side of the beast’s massive head.

The great wolf’s body dropped immediately upon Valis.  Knocking him off his feet a distance where he had stood moments ago.   Valis was covered in blood from the hound, when he tried to get the beast off his body.  The wolf was three lengths longer than Valis, and heavier than a horse.  He wiggled his body loose, scraping his back with sharp branches while trying to escape the heavy load. When he stood up his adrenaline ebbed away, leaving him exhausted and out of breath. Immediately he heard the pack howl, calling to their leader. Valis pulled his mighty ax out of the wolf’s head, and quickly ran for the safety of his home.  

When Valis arrived home, he went into the barn, shut the great doors, and held his mother till the early morning light.  Vowing in the morning light, to never allow love to enter his heart. His father returned the next day to Valis digging a grave for his beloved wife. Valis’s father was never the same.  He became hard and lifeless without the love of his beautiful maiden.  

He had questioned Valis about the death of his mother, only to learn that his scrawny boy killed the great wolf with rage with his ax.  The villager’s praised Valis for many years, but his father became distant, and never again showed him love.  Henceforth, earning his true name sake, Valis became the black wolf of the hills of Czech.



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