“You better put top on Cheri, if you plan to become Wonder Woman!”


It’s been almost a year, since Celeste felt a man hold her firmly in a desirable way.  Yes, her husband did hug, kiss, and tried to make love to her.  But she would end up feeling rejected, when he could not complete the heated session. She knew that his stick couldn’t lift worth a lick.  Plus being used for ones own purpose when coupling, was not a walk in the park for one’s self confidence.  She slowly diminished in body and mind, with the lack of change in her relationship, becoming distant in the end, hurting their marriage further into dooms day.

Celeste was floating on cloud nine.  Valis was proving to her, that she was and is, a desirable person!  Never wanting the connection to be broken, she released her fears, and allowed her body to awaken from a long winter’s nap. Valis felt her easement in body language, when she let her body mold perfectly into his.

No more restrictions, no more interruptions, the two spirits began their dance of ordain romance.   Her hands kneaded deeper into Valis’s back, flowing down to his beefy buttock; she took a firm grip and pushed him deeper into her hips.  She felt his creation hard and solid.  The captain’s hands started to trace her long spine with his finger, until he reached her golden head of hair. Firmly his hand settle to cradle her head in his palm, and pushed her lips deeper into the heated kiss he so desired. 

Celeste became free with the breeze, her spirit opened the sleeping channels of love, and allowed her to think of no other, but pleasing Valis! With hunger, she exonerated and kicked the heat between them up another notch! Both were standing tall, both were molded perfectly, when Celeste stopped Valis from kissing her with a devilish smile, “Hold me.” she requested lightly.  She surprised Valis by arching her back, lifting up her leg, and curled it behind his back. Pushing him closer to the access of her tunnel of love, while being held by his arms, and her standing on one leg~ Valis loved the position the vixen got herself into, as they both stood staring into each others eyes.  Her mini skirt was barely covering her rump.  His hand moved on it’s own accord to push her bottom more deeply into to him, letting her know that he needed her too, but found her not wearing any panties at all.

His eyes glowed with delight, and mischief when his large hand held on to her bare cheek of a rear.  The audacity of her not wearing underwear was too silly to stop his exploration, but he had too.  She amazed him with her care free ways, especially this one. “Cheri…oh la la!” Valis spoke with astonishment.  Celeste’s eyes twinkled with fire, and said in a husky daring voice, “You like?”

No reply from Valis, he snuggled her into a deep bear hug, smelling her sandalwood scent, and lifted her off the ground, with one mighty arm around her waist. The other hand began it’s journey towards her halter top, releasing the binds that held her grapefruits.  Celeste closed her eyes to feel the freedom that had suddenly evaded her body. She felt his eyes ravish her titty’s, till the nipple was hard, and unyielding. Then she felt her toes touch the roof as he began his descend to her wet folds. 

“Oh, dude, today! Right here and now!” Celeste blissfully exposed herself. Valis became lost in her approval to touch her, explore….When the earth began to shake!

The structure of the rooftop swayed back and forth, causing Valis to let Celeste go to catch himself from tumbling away.  Celeste steadied herself like she was riding a wave like a surfer.  While Valis wondered around aimlessly, trying to keep his balance.  “Dude, like this!”  She yelled out to Valis.  Valis caught on and hungered down upon his knees, mimicking Celeste’s stance. When she felt the quake lessening she reached for Valis’s hand, pulling him to the edge of the swaying building…both swung with the flow holding each other’s hand.  

“What you doing Cheri?” Valis cried out.  “Its if we need to jump upon rooftop to rooftop. I don’t know about you, but I ain’t sticking around if this building comes tumbling down.”  Valis nodded and said, “You better put top on Cheri, if you plan to become Wonder Woman!”  When Valis spoke his words, Celeste gave him a wicked smile, and felt the building slowly stop swaying.  She quickly tied her halter top around her neck, just in time when Geraldy came upon the roof yelling her name.

Screams of scared people were filtering out in the streets, when Valis softly spoke to Celeste.  “I must go!”  Excusing herself in front of Geraldy, she left him on the rooftop to escort Valis down the stairs to the front entrance.  Not lingering, both said their goodbyes quickly.  “We are not finished here half-breed!” Valis lightly touched her nose with his finger.  He didn’t wait for a reply, he simply turned on his heels and left.  

Geraldy walked up to Celeste and said, “Now I know why you sleep on roof. I was so scared seeing the floors, and walls roll with the quake.  I thought the building was going to crash upon me.” Celeste took his hand and lead him back up to the rooftop.  They spent the rest of the evening chatting about spiritual beings and voodoo, while hearing the fear run through the streets of Haiti.  No one sleep that night.  Celeste and Geraldy sat quietly watching the sunrise bathed them in glorious light. When Celeste stood up and sung her Indian morning song, Geraldy smiled and stayed silent to hear the beautiful song.






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