“Get in the truck, or shush it up!” her dangerous tone told Geraldy she was not messing around!


In the morning after several aftershocks, the crew were eating a light breakfast.  While Nadia showed the damage to her school, to several contractors to repair.  Celeste sat quietly thinking about the dirty deed she almost had done with Valis.   When suddenly her eyes flew open.  She remembered the little girl at the Mango plantation.  She quickly begged Geraldy to return her to the mango farm; he of course, agreed.

Before they arrived at the cozy home of the farmers, Celeste was on pins and needles.  She spoke silent prayers for the little girl and her family, hoping they were safe.  They pulled up into the driveway; Geraldy in shock, but stated, “Sweet mother, oh dear God!”  Celeste’s eyes quickly scanned the abandoned area.  Their home was in rubble’s, along with the old home that was abandon. The same one Celeste told the little girl not to play in.  Where are you little one? Celeste reached her thoughts out to the little girl.  She didn’t wait for a reply, she got out of the truck, and started to explore the damage of the home frantically. 

She heard a light laughter, bringing Geraldy to a halt where he stood behind her to listen.  With ease she got into her pack, and pulled out her slingshot.  Grabbed a hand full of marbles, and shoved them in her pants pocket.  Geraldy became scared watching what Celeste was going to do.  “No, no, Celeste we must leave!” Geraldy whispered to her. “Get in the truck, or shush it up!” her dangerous tone told Geraldy, she was not messing around.  He searched the ground for a weapon, while Celeste turned the corner in stealth, along the side of the half demolished wall. He softly followed her with a stick.

Celeste motioned Geraldy to get down, while putting a finger to her lips for silence, he obeyed. She was hidden perfectly behind a pile of cinder blocks.  She peeked over the blocks to see how many there could be. She saw only two teen men, who were looting the home, and having a jolly old time.  Their arms were laden with precious food, when they decided to have a food fight with each other. 

Making sure no other looters were around, softly she spoke to Geraldy, “Watch this dude, I think they are the only two here.” Geraldy nodded his head.  She loaded two marbles inside the leather strap and drew aim.  Hoping this would work, she held her breath, and loosed the marble…

Both of the boy’s suddenly stopped their play and screamed out loud…”OUCH!” while holding onto the body part the marbles hit them. Again they were assaulted with several shots of marbles. Clearly hitting them in the stomach and legs several times.  Celeste and Geraldy wanted to giggle, but they stayed low to the ground not uttering a word.  The boy’s dropped their contents in their arms upon the ground, hiding the marbles that hit them, and looked around.

Celeste winked at Geraldy, and began to make a Rattlesnake hissing sound. The boys eyes were alert with fear.  Celeste kept hissing while loading her slingshot again. Geraldy was amazed how real life her snake sound, sounded.  He watched her shot wound one of the boys throat.  The other followed suit with fear when he too was hit in the back of his neck. Both screaming in pain, and holding their necks running away in fear.  

Celeste made Geraldy stay put, until she knew the coast was clear. Standing up, she offered her hand for support to Geraldy.  His smile couldn’t have gotten any larger without splitting his lips apart. “How did you know that they would fear a snake, Celeste?” “Well I believe I have heard you mention it a few times when we talked.”  She gave him smile, and began her search of the family that once lived here. 

“Geraldy, do you think they died inside?” she questioned him with worry.  “I think so my friend, there is nothing we can do, come let’s us go. I will get the proper people out here to clean it up.  They were very good to my facility, they donated fruit. It is the least I can do for them.”  Geraldy softly said while holding out his hand for her to accept, she turned down the offer.  Later, she gave up after an hour of searching.  When Celeste was about to get into the truck to leave, another vehicle loaded with Haitian’s pulled up into the drive.  

The little girl quickly jumped off the back of the truck, and ran towards Celeste.  Joy, love, thankfulness, flood Celeste upon seeing the little girl safe and sound. She ran to meet her and picked her up, throwing her up high in the air with laughter, then squeezing her tightly into the folds of her strong arms.  Celeste tenderly chatted,  “You are safe my little sister, I am thankful to God he protected you.”  The girl beamed.

The men got out of the truck, Geraldy shook and hugged his friends. Happy to see his family survived the quake.  Celeste softly let the little girl down from her embrace, then went to shake her fathers hand in joy.  “My daughter saved us, she kept telling us something bad was going to happen, and needed to go into town for some things.  I did not believe her, but last night we were coming from town, and our car ran off the road. That’s when we knew we had an aftershock. When we came home, we had no home.” The little girl’s father said sadly. Celeste smiled deeply and winked at her little friend.  Awe…at least I did something right, thought her.

Geraldy began to talk in French quickly with animation.  Over twelve men listened to the story Geraldy was telling them, all began to look at Celeste in astonishment.  When Geraldy tried to make the sound of the snake, the men’s eyes widen.  Celeste snickered shyly knowing they were talking about her. 

The owner walked up to Celeste, hugging her richly.  “Thank you cowgirl.  Our food may be the only thing we can salvage. But me thinks I might know who they might be.” Celeste only smiled and bowed down in a curtsy in front of him…Lightly touching her arm he spoke with love.  “No, no Cheri, it is we who should bow to you for saving our food.”  Celeste blushed humbly. “All in the line of duty sir!”  she proudly announced in her southern drawl.  The men chuckled merrily while Celeste’s little girl friend held her hand with a smile.





3 thoughts on ““Get in the truck, or shush it up!” her dangerous tone told Geraldy she was not messing around!

  1. This is so cool. Not in the book, too funny. Glad the little girl made it. I wondered where you were going with it. Love your storytelling’s.

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