AHAMES Medical facility in Haiti!


Days had past without seeing Valis.  Celeste didn’t care anyways if she saw him or not. The longer he stayed away, the safer she felt.  Not harboring on the incident with Valis, she busied herself following Geraldy where ever he needed her to be.  She knew the next time she saw Valis, it would be her undoing!  

After Geraldy witnessed Celeste’s daredevil ways several times, he decided that no one but him, should be with her.  Especially when some people couldn’t handle her wild methods of resolving a situation.  She made him laugh in so many ways with her carefree way of thinking, even when the situation was intense and dangerous.  Of all his trips he has made to Haiti, never were they this animated, interesting, or funny.  His respect for the strong, loving female grew daily, as he watch her give endless hope and love to so many people.  He couldn’t believe she helped the little girl give birth with finesse, with no fear.  His admiration for her spiraled up to the top of the heavens after that day. She was like no other woman he had ever met. To him, he called her the “Can-do-Girl.”  Just because she could do so many things.  He believed in his heart that there wasn’t anything, this woman couldn’t do.  She just did it with spunk and laughter, yet when crossed, she had a brilliant mind that became fearless and defensive. 

He often wondered about her velocity when she spoke about her cowgirl days. Now, he knew she was telling the truth!  If her husband found out what she was doing with her slingshot, he would be very upset with Geraldy. He decided to keep his mouth closed and not utter a word.  

He called Jean and Rowain on his cell phone and asked them to drive him everywhere for now on.  Due to Celeste needing more man power, if ever she gets a hair brain idea to open a can of whipping on someone else again. She scared the shit out of him with her tactic’s regarding the young teen looters.  

Thank god, they were young and only two of them.  He dreaded the thought if there could have been more?  Would she have been able to handle the bunch herself? His wimpy stick wouldn’t have hurt a flea! Besides, he was not a fighting man.  Geraldy, fought with his head not his body, when Celeste fought with body and mind.  Her skill on the double marble, and hitting the boys, showed him, she was extremely good with her weapon. She could have hit them harder, but he knew she was toying with them.  Not taking anymore chances, he called his cousins to chauffeur them around, and they willingly agreed. Geraldy felt better that his cousin’s were part of the Haitian Police system.  At least she would have back up if anything occurs again.

Today he was going back to his medical facility, the need to see the damages became overbearing for him.  Especially when he needed to drop off a load of rice and beans.  AHAMES, was Geraldy’s childhood home.  He turned it into a wonderful free medical clinic to help his people.  This facility has grown to be a major help for all the people in Port-au-Prince. Daily the facility would be packed with medical problems, requesting more help, but the facility is limited in medical equipment, and drug supplies, till Geraldy could find corporations who would help fund his cause. Thank you to the Canadian businesses that are giving support to this incredible facility. For a month straight, during the quakes,  AHAMES fed their local residents, and still feeds them to this day. 

Please visit: http://ahames.org/ if you would like more information on this wonderful facility of hope!~ Not only is it for medical, but agriculture learning, healthcare and housing for the elders too! 


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