What a mother wouldn’t do for her children!



It’s been a month since Celeste has spoken to her husband.  She hadn’t thought of him due to having so many things occupy her time.  She was able to send an e-mail telling him she arrived safely, but never contacted him again, because of the availability of internet.  

Lying down upon her bed in the evening, she was plum worn out!  The toll of not eating or sleeping left Celeste feeling spacey, and weak. She would never admit she was tired to anyone. To her it was a sign of weakness to admit, but she began to think of her bed waiting for her when she returned home.  The thought of soaking in her slipper tub with hot water, called to her to heal her strained body.  The only thing she did worry about, was her youngest daughter.  How was she faring with her father for the first time in her life, alone. 

Celeste’s youngest daughter was almost like her; however, she was protected by her mother from growing up in a dysfunctional family. She was not dangerous or wild like Celeste, but showed promising features that she could become a mini Celeste, in the passing years to come. The only difference is, she wasn’t a spitfire like her mother, nor used weapons; consequently, she did acquired her sharp tongue and wit.  Her talent was music.  Any instrument she picked up, she played like she had played for years.  Another talent her daughter had was painting.  Her creative skills in drawing, and painting left Celeste speechless at times.  She would capture her mother’s cowgirl Indian ways to perfection in her abstract drawings. Celeste loved them so much she framed, and displayed them throughout her home. In her younger years, she was awarded to sell her art work at the local Indian Pueblo museum.

 Her oldest daughter, moved out after she graduated, and went to college to get a degree in Graphic Arts.  She was happy creating her comic books. Her talents were story boarding and living in the world of gaming animation. She was sweet in nature, a tender heart, hated confrontations, and lived by the word of god. To her, her mother was to wild for her to understand.  It broke her heart watching her mother go down hill with the passing years, trying to protect her and her sister, from seeing their drunken father. But in reality, she knew her mother was fighting a battle that she could not win.

One day her father picked her up from school, and took her to one of his baseball games with his friends.  When the game was finished her father was extremely drunk and drove her home.  All the way home she feared for her life, but said nothing, until she got home crying and told her mother.   Celeste was in a rage, and attacked their father outside so they would not hear the heated argument.  For the first time in her life, she watched her mother yell at their father for his drunken ways, vowing he will never drive their children anywhere again.  A vow Celeste honored and kept!

There was nothing a mother wouldn’t do to protect her children.  Many times her mother saved her from the wrath of mean roosters, and cruel bullies from school.  One day while playing, she screamed bloody murder when their mean rooster finally got a hold of her, jumped on her back, and dug his spurs inside her tender flesh.  She didn’t know what hit her till her mother grabbed the screaming rooster, pulled him off her, and twisted his neck, killing him instantly.  The wild look her mother had in her eyes after killing him, scared  her more than being pecked by the fowl. She then watched her mother gut and pluck the sucker, then later made him for the evening meal. A meal she refused to eat!

At school, when her oldest daughter was badly beaten up, Celeste lost her noodle. After working out a mean spirited mare, she received a call from school regarding her daughter. When Celeste arrived at the school in her cowgirl gear with spurs on her boots, she was in a very dangerous mood. She was not going to let this slip by, someone was going to be responsible to end the bullying, and it so was going to be her! The sounds of boots and spurs jingling throughout the halls, caused the classrooms into silence. Celeste did not go to the office, she went to her daughters classroom. Opened the door and saw her daughter’s head lying down on her desk weeping. The students were silent and feared the cowgirl who entered their classroom. Celeste gave the stunned teacher a lethal look, and said, “Who did this?” The teacher couldn’t answer, due to the power of energy Celeste carried. Instead Celeste turned her head around to the classroom, when she heard several kids squealed on the bully. She walked up to the bully and stood staring at the girl. The girl became fidgety under Celeste’s gaze. The teacher recovered and told Celeste to leave and go to the office. “Why?” Was all Celeste could ask the girl, paying no attention to the teacher. The girl was too scared to say anything, so another little girl spoke for her. “She was teasing her because she was a Heinz-57.” Celeste was confused what she meant by a Heinz-57? The little girl quickly offered, “It means she is mixed with different blood.” Celeste couldn’t respond when the Principle stepped into the room, an escorted her out. In the end the bullying stopped, due to the fact Celeste swore, she would sue the school district for allowing child abuse to enter their school system.
Celeste’s thoughts were driving her crazy not knowing if her daughter was safe.  In the end, her eyelids closed and fell asleep into a deep disturbing dream, under the stars.

What would you do as a mother or father to protect your children from harm? Inquiring minds would like to know?


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