“I’m gonna show you how to make a double bubble, baby.”



The day started out pretty good for Celeste, considering the dream. Taking a fancy to dress in her daisy duke shorts, a black low cut summer top, and cowboy boots.  She was sick of fixing her unruly hair, so she opt to let it go wild, and free.  She tied her Indian cloth headband against her forehead, then put on her cowgirl hat.  Smoothly, slid her precious Bowie knife in the cradle of the sleeve inside her boot. Then put her slingshot into her backpack with some marbles, and ran down the stairs to meet the boys.

Celeste was tickled pink to hear that Jean and Rowain would be driving them for now on; Besides, Geraldy couldn’t drive for a lick of shit.  He had gotten them lost, when he and her visited the mango plantation.  In the end after fighting with Geraldy about his poor driving skills, he let Celeste drive the auto through the crazy traffic.  He was amazed to know that she knew actually where to go, while handling the wild driving scene with ease.  In no time at all, she brought them to the safety of school.  

When Celeste came down the stairs the boys quickly got up from their seats to give her a hug in greeting.  She didn’t realize how much she missed the boy’s innocent manners, until they showed up, smiling with glee to see her.   Jean was her favorite, she adored his gentleness and smile, but his body size made Celeste look like an ant!  She knew he could kick some serious britches if ever crossed.  Rowain, was shy, quiet, but had a laugh that Celeste immediately fell in love with. She stayed reserved regarding Rowain, knowing it’s the silent ones who become the lethal ones! Nevertheless, she trusted both with her life.

Geraldy needed the boys help with loading; because he had to go the airport to pick up more supplies that arrived.  They were donations to AHAMES, from the USA.  They all started to pile into the truck.  Jean wanted Celeste to sit in the front seat with him. Gracefully accepting, and understanding some of his words, she sat in the front seat with excitement.  While Rowain sat in the back with Geraldy, pouting. 

Geraldy began the conversation in French telling the boy’s where they needed to go. While Jean drove down the busy streets like a mad man behind the wheel, causing Celeste to scream out many times, saying, “WATCH OUT FOOL”…The men roared with laughter at her fear, while Jean’s driving made Celeste, hide her eyes with her hands. 

When they arrived at the airport, Celeste immediately got out of the truck and bellowed, “Y’all are crazy, man!  What the hell?”  The men laughed.  Jean and Rowain was going to follow suit in getting out of the truck, when Geraldy told them to stay put, they would return shortly.  The boy’s spoke to Geraldy quickly in creole, he laughed.  “Celeste it seems these boys do not want to let you out of their sight.  So they will come with us, okay? They said you were more interesting to watch than sitting in a car waiting.”  

“OH, they do, do they?”  Celeste turned to face the boys who were standing beside each other with confusion on their faces.  With a wicked smile, she immediately sprang into action, while screaming a Xena call.  Her fast moving moves along with her wild yelp, stunned the boys into fear, but it was Jean’s eyes who flew open wider.  Rowain and Geraldy quickly stepped away from Jean.  

Jean watched the spitfire eyes focus on him, locking him into a trance of dumbness, while she ran towards him with a purpose.  

Nothing prepared him when he saw her leap into the air,  He didn’t have time to brace himself, because he did not know what her intentions were.  All he saw was her face changing into mischievous.  Before he knew it, he was slammed into a playful beastly bear hug by the cowgirl! He picked her up off her feet with ease, and tickled her to heaven with child like actions. She in turned gave him a GOOD nuggie with her knuckle upon his skinned skull, quickly stating in glee,  “This is for the damn wicked way, you drove dude.”  They all roared with laughter.  When he slowly released her with happiness, she then gave him a loving kiss on his cheek.   

Jean didn’t want to release the Indian woman.  She felt right, molded to his body.  He would never say this fact to anyone, but felt he had a crush on the wild one.  He knew it the day him and her sat in the truck outside the demolished catholic church, alone.

When Geraldy and Rowain left the auto, she quickly gave him several pieces of gum.  “I’m gonna show you how to make a double bubble, baby.”  She told him in good cheer, but he did not understand her words.  She then use sign language to tell him to put the pieces into his mouth.  He obeyed and watch her follow suit.  Both giggled with merriment with their mouths full of juicy gum, trying not to let the spit escape their mouths, when chewing a wad of gum.  In no time at all Celeste began to show off her Double Bubble.  With skill she blew a very large bubble.  It was bigger than her head, When she blew another inside the first bubble, Jean’s eyes widen with merry.  He tried several times to mimic her, but failed.  “Here I show you, watch my tongue, okay?”  Not knowing what she said, he watched her body move closer to his face.  Her eyes were full of piss and vinegar staring into Jean’s amused face.   He watched her child like behavior with verve.  She was trying to be serious when she saw his eyes twinkling. She stuck out her tongue with the layer of gum surrounding her tongue and blew.  She made him laugh out loud, when he saw her play tricks with her folded tongue.  He could have sworn he saw her wave the damn thing at him inside the bubble while she blew it up.  

Celeste didn’t realize she was that close to his face, when the bubble burst, it covered her face and hair quickly, leaving her face covered, in a color of sticky red.  Jean cracked up, Celeste followed suit while they both picked off the sticky stuff from her face.

He adored her, because she was so carefree, and different than any other women, he has ever seen. This American Indian woman, rocked his socks off, with her bold, brave movements.  Her heart was pure yet strong willed, and for that he found himself wishing just to steal a kiss.  Her bear hugs strength and nuggie, made him realize just how strong this wild west woman’s play could hurt someone.  Even though she scared the dukie out him at first with her teasing play, he fell into Jollity with her playful attention…

Geraldy bumped him out of his thoughts when he had to follow them into the airport with a smile.  Jean quickly ran in front of them to open the door for Celeste with a snicker, she kindly thanked him, then spoke in a smart-ass fashion, “Jesus, dude your…huge!  Jean smiled handsomely, and was then badgered by Geraldy and Rowain for his size when they all tumbled into the airport following Celeste, laughing.  

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