“Well, let’s rumble…PUNK…you feeling lucky today?”



The group had to go through security before entering the airport. Celeste watched the men empty their pockets, placing their items on a rubber track strip to be scanned, she followed suit.  Celeste was the last one, pulling off her boots, she placed them on the track, then emptied her pockets with chump change, marbles, and put her belongings into a tray. She took off her backpack and checked one more time if she emptied everything.  The only thing she didn’t take off, was her hat.


There were several security officers monitoring the daily contents of people trying to use the airport.  It wasn’t a boring job, but very rarely did they have people come in and out of the airport with weapons hidden.  The officer who was scanning the contents became questionable, when he saw Celeste’s boots.  He had to take a double look at her contents, when he spotted inside her boot, the precious knife, secretly tucked away in it’s special designed sleeve.   

He called over two other guards to ask their opinions, when he saw the weapon. The men examined, an agreed that she was a suspicious character.   The man who was in charge of the scanning process, quickly spoke up in French.  He pointed his finger at Celeste to stay where she stood.  He quickly picked up the nearby phone.  She didn’t even make it pass security, nor did she understand what the guard was telling her, when he gave her the evil eye look, and pointed his finger.  The next thing she knew, she was being surrounded by the two security guards. She was confused, she looked at Geraldy for help.

Geraldy whipped into action with his heated French bickering, while Rowain and Jean stood quietly on the side of him.  She watched Jean puff up his chest, and wrinkled his brow, showing he was becoming mad.   Celeste observed her surroundings quickly.  She knew she was going to be in a heap of trouble, so she prepared for the worse.  She may have not understood what the men were saying, but she was no fool either.  As the air exploded with hostile energy, her eyes took note how to escape from the escalating situation. The only thing she thought of was, Here we go!

The officer who was scanning, picked up the suspicious item, and withdrew the shining ancient Bowie knife. He started to laugh as he examined the sharp tool. He belted out in French quickly with authority to Geraldy regarding her knife.  Geraldy was pissed when he began to explain the purpose of her having a knife.  The security guards that were standing by Celeste, left her side to see the knife with interest.  The men mocked back and forth that a woman could not handle that big of knife.   Celeste figured out what the men were talking about, because the man who held her knife, was waving it around like he owned it.

Geraldy turned toward Celeste with a smile, and said, with pride, “They want to see how you use your knife.  They won’t believe me that you are highly skilled to handle it’s size…so you show them, my friend!”

Celeste didn’t want to obey Geraldy, he had no clue what he was getting her into, asking her to show her skill with the knife.  I won’t let them keep it, papa help me! Celeste spoke silently to her grandfather.  Fear, rising inside her that they might take away her only possession of her grandfather’s.  She replied to Geraldy with patience and coolness.

“Geraldy, I’m a thinkin’ it’s not a good idea, and I could be openin’ me a can of worms! I don’t want them to take my knife! Please, let it go, they can keep it till we leave the airport, but only if I get it back!”  Celeste in her hillbilly deep drawl, pleaded with her friend.  When in trouble, Celeste spoke in a heavy deep southern drawl, with a flare of New Mexican dialect. 

The airport security guards busted up with laughter, after hearing Celeste’s accent.  They thought she was chickening out, while listening to her speak to Geraldy in her funny language.  They quickly looked at Geraldy, laughed while speaking in French to him.  She saw Geraldy’s embarrassed look, and felt the hurt permeate from his body, while being scolded in jest by the guards.

Immediately, Celeste became protective over the hurt she caused her friend, so without note, she opened the can of whip-ass.  With haste, no one saw the cowgirl move smoothly towards the man who held up and cracked jokes about her knife.  He was stunned to no end, when he felt her rip the knife from his hands.  She threw the knife with speedy force, driving it deeply into a large thick wooden pillar, only 10 feet from where everyone stood, bracing the wall, from crumbling down. “BAM! BABY!” 

Oh hell yes, the men were devastated!  She knocked all the men into silence, while their mouths hung open staring at the spot, the knife was embedded.  Rowain and Jean broke the silence and chuckled about the scene they witnessed with spitfire Celeste.  They were proud of her putting the guards in their place, and not disgracing Geraldy further.

They stopped their chatter, when they saw a large group of the UN SWAT team approach the scene.  The Honcho who was leading the group, was no other than Valis.  When he turned the corner to approach the scene, his honey color eyes were dangerous, yet full of pride.  He locked his eyes on the trouble maker.  When he past by the knife, he quickly gave a look at the knife, and returned his droll stare upon Celeste.

Celeste’s eyes opened with fear, she now was in deep do do.  All she could think of quickly was,  Oh, snap!  Not him!  She straighten her back, standing tall and proud! She would be damned, if she let Valis see, she was scared to caca. Well, let’s rumble, punk, you feeling lucky today? The thought screamed inside her head, when Valis’s energy was boinking off the walls with his freaking head Honcho title!  The next thing she knew, she was face to face with the delicious smelling captain.  Both standing in defiance, neither budging to move, or blink their eyes.  When she blinked, Valis recognized the danger in her eyes.  He braced himself, knowing all hell was about to bust loose!



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