“Jesus, She is Bloody Ass Banging, Damn her!”



What to do, what to do?…the scramble thoughts invade Celeste’s mind.  Celeste when in a pickle of a position, tends to listen to her voice in her head.  She never thinks of the outcome of her actions, until the deed is complete.  So with that said, let the game begin!

Not caring what others thought, she knew the captain was impressed.  She had to get out of this predicament, and fast!  Standing tall, taking note of how many men were around, she knew this scene was going to be a doozy.  Coming to a quick conclusion, she let it rip, shocking Geraldy,

She spread her legs apart, stretched her arms out, then spoke in a dangerous bitter tone. “Well another frisk job, from the All and Mighty, Valis!  Come, Mr. Hottie…touch me curves again, if you think you can?” She looked straight into Valis’s eyes, when she stated her comment.  Daring him to touch her.  Valis was flabbergasted, as he watched her different color eyes, change to a pool of emerald green under her cowgirl hat.  He was ready to pounce on the wench when her friend yelled out.  

“Celeste…stop that!” Geraldy, was devastated she had the gall, to even provoke Valis. For the first time since he has known her, he has never seen her eyes change into one color. He knew she was ready to explode, all because, he wanted her to show off her skill.  What a fool he was to encourage her cowgirl maneuver. 

Valis was more mesmerized by the way Celeste looked.  She was down right scrumptious. If this woman really knew what she looked like, right here and now…Valis couldn’t complete his thought; he took several steps towards her nonchalantly.  When close enough, like a flash, he tried to grab her arm.

Wrong move Valis, you should know better, by now, never to touch Celeste, unless she wanted you too!

That’s all Celeste needed, was Valis to do something stupid.  She twisted her body, not allowing him to touch her arm. When she was a distance from him, she stood in a boxer stance, ready to kick some britches!  Jesus, she is bloody ass banging, damn her! Valis was aghast that she was so quick.  He watched the spitfire defend herself with flare, standing strong and proud, barefooted, with her sexy shorts on, and freaking hell, she is hot in black! That loose hair and hat, shit!   

His men knocked some sense into him, when he heard their laughter. He motioned his military squad with a hand gesture, to surround the vixen.  Celeste knew she was going down, as she watched the smug look begin to form on Valis’s lips.  His stance was cocky and firm, standing there looking like Mr. Captain America.  Both hands on his hips and legs spread apart, showing off his man power, brought a smile to Celeste’s lips.

Like a ballerina on her toes, she gracefully did a few spins, then took off like a bat out of hell straight for Valis.  His eyes widened with surprise, with lightening speed, she slid on the floor, threw up her hat to distract him, and slid perfectly between his legs.  When safely through, with ease and quickness, she got up and ran for her papa’s knife!

Valis was infuriated from being fooled.  He ran after the spitfire with her hat in his hand. Oh shit the knife!…he processed.  He was lucky to reach her in time, before she pulled out the knife, and flung it at him or someone else. Celeste immediately tried to get the deep embedded knife out, but couldn’t.  She knew she only had a few seconds to spare.  The knife released itself just in time, when she felt her body being slammed against the wall with great force.

“Get off me, hombre!”  Exploded Celeste’s sharp tongue.  She erupted with strength unknown to her, as she tried to fight the burly man off her backside. Valis used all his strength to pin her against the wall even harder.  She fought him like a wild caged animal.  Her strength was not an equal to his, but she sure in the hell, gave him a run for his money!

With a firm grip, he held her wrist that wielded the knife, as she turned her head to rivet into his intense eyes. Both peered defiantly at each other, as well as breathing fast and hard.  He dropped her hat on the floor, and tried to get control of her other hand.   He thought if he got the other hand, he would cut off her strength supply. He furiously whispered in her ear. “Release, Cheri, NOW!”  But Celeste would not release, he felt another wave of fight coming on from the ferocious pistol. “I will never release my knife, so F&^% off!” She spit out. Whoa…did she really just rip the F word out? 

With all her might, she tigerishly tried to outwit the captain. But to no prevail, her strength began to ebb away.  What the hell is the matter with me?  Where has my strength gone too?  She tried to filter the words inside her mind.  Throughout the month, that Celeste has been in Haiti, she never realized, that without the proper nourishment and sleep, it cost her dearly!  So if you want to look at it, in that way, this benefited the captain!

Celeste could hear Valis’s angry breathing inside her ear.  She caught movement  from the corner of her eye, and realized Valis’s men had her surrounded.  At that moment in time, she closed her eyes, and surrendered. Valis felt her body soften beneath him.  He drew a deep breath, and exhaled it out.  

Valis found the moment and picked her up, throwing her over his shoulder, while Celeste kicked and screamed out loud.  He yelled at his men to collect her things promptly, and follow him.  It was taking all his energy, to hold on to her.







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