KISS KISS Hombres!


Geraldy was so upset–he felt it was his fault, allowing an encouraging her to throw the darn knife.  Not in his wildest dreams, would he have ever imagine, Celeste turning into a wild, reckless woman, when cornered.   Jean was furious with Geraldy for letting this happen.  He towered over Geraldy, and yelled at him in Creole, while Rowain backed Jean up, not saying a word.  In reality; it happened so fast, no one could move.  No one knew the half-breed was going to explode like this, while giving them a hell of a floor show. They all just watched, in stunned silence, as the movie scene played out to perfection.

Geraldy could not listen to Jean anymore.  He quickly followed the guards, while yelling out to Valis in French.  He watched the hurt look on Celeste’s face, as she silently moved her lips “SORRY” before Valis disappeared into a room.  When Valis shut the door with a loud bang, he heard Celeste bellow out in anger.  Geraldy began to run after hearing her cry out, but the SWAT team barricaded his entrance.  He barked, stormed out with animated anger, but the men stood firm, not allowing him to enter.  None would talk to Geraldy, so he quieted down, while running his hands through his short cropped black hair, with worry. Geraldy silently stated to himself. “What have I done?” 

Whoa there partners…dag nab it…I hate to break this too you.  But if y’all would like to know what happens next to Celeste, then buy the book! It’s worldwide through Amazon. Other than that, we will pick up at another time in the story!  Right now Celeste is in a heap of trouble, and could use a few days off!  Kiss Kiss~


One thought on “KISS KISS Hombres!

  1. RATS, Celesete could use a holiday she has been busy, besides I know what happens. 🙂 Good close out.

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