“You can not bridle me, Valis. I am a free spirit that can not be tamed, even by you!”



Celeste’s explosion at the airport would be the talk of Haiti, for many years to come. The hours she had spent with Valis was too bewitching.  Time seemed to slip pass them quickly, and before she knew it, she was in front of the school.  She had spent the whole day and evening with Valis.  Making it a day never to forget.  

Before the captain let her get out of the truck, he demanded her attention.  “You are enchanting my love! I am under your spell.  Thank you for today, Cheri!  I am sorry for hurting you woman, but you are a pistol with wild intentions, and must be tamed.”  Valis was enthrall.  Celeste sat ridged in the auto the minute he spoke the word “Tamed.”

“You can not bridle me, Valis.  I am a free spirit that can not be tamed, even by you! Many men have tried, and failed.  You are no different in my eyes; Nevertheless, I thank you for an interesting day, but you sir, will never tame me!”  The minute she replied, Valis knew he said the wrong words.  

He tried to recover and spoke with urgency.  “I no mean that way, Cheri.”  As he stumbled upon his words, Celeste soften realizing he was confused, and on a major high.  She knew the language barrier was a given, but she did not want Valis to think, she was his to toy with.

Celeste became fidgety in the auto’s seat. Valis watched her quickly change to protective mode when he spoke his words to the vixen.  The only thing he could think of, was kissing her lips to shut her up. He did not want to lose the moment of bliss, so he dived in.  His soft, yet demanding kiss, was taking Celeste to a place she didn’t want to go again.  She had to break the intimacy up, or be forever lost to his attentions.

I can’t do this!  Celeste screamed inside her head silently. Yes, you can Cheri, but only with me, my meadow. Valis replied openly to Celeste with amusement. He strengthen the kiss, Celeste melted.  She allowed him to kiss her like it would be their last kiss.  She knew she needed to separate from the wolf and fast, if she was going to salvage her spirit. But she had to watch what she said inside her head, knowing Valis can hear her every thought now.

She let him ravish her one more time, before cutting the connection off quickly.  When they both came up for air, Celeste smiled and softly spoke. “I must go, please release me!”  Valis stared at Celeste quietly, he could feel her wanting to get away from him. So without due, he got out of the truck, and went to the passenger side, opening her door.

Celeste didn’t wait, she jumped out and walked to the school’s door and knocked.  The door opened to the smiling Geraldy, both hugged each other deeply.  Celeste turned to Valis and said in her New Mexico dialect, “I had a banging great time, dude, let’s not do this again!…Kno?”  Valis smiled with glee, and before he knew it, she turned on her heels, didn’t look back and entered the school, leaving him speechless.

Everyone at the school heard of Celeste’s trouble.  Jean and Rowain were waiting for her return.  Refusing not to leave until they saw the American half-breed again. They were excited to see the spitfire, both quickly got up and hugged her tightly, while stating to her in broken English…”My sister.”  

The serving girls brought Celeste food when they saw her arrival.  Celeste was famished, but grateful that they saved her a plate of food. Chantile smiled richly to Celeste and handed her the plate of food.  Without thinking Celeste sat down, and ate with gusto.  Everyone watched Celeste gulp down the food with haste.  Before she knew it, she realized it was silent.  She looked up at everyone who was staring at her, and said jokingly, “Sorry y’all, I didn’t know I was this hungry.”  

Geraldy quickly had to add, “I am sorry my friend for getting you into trouble,  I have never seen you like that Celeste. You were amazing and FAST!  You were a crazy woman, girl!  What a surprise you gave everyone when you slid between the captain’s legs! The men laughed, but some of the others did not.  Celeste shyly commented, “Naa…it was nothing, I guess I was lucky Valis was there.  Besides, it was he who escalated the situation, not me.”  She offered nonchalantly.  

Celeste’s mind immediately thought of the time her and Valis had, when Nadia broke up the conversation, telling the men that Celeste needed to sleep from the hectic day she had.  The boys did not want to leave.   When Celeste stood up to hug them good-bye with respect and love, they watched her retreat to her rooftop with heavy feet. 

Alone on her rooftop, she stood staring silently out to the darken ocean.  She could feel Valis’s energy pumping with renew heat.  She looked up into the heavens and saw the Northern Star…saying a silent prayer, she laid down upon her bed, and took out her flask of whiskey taking a huge swig of the liquid.  

“I have honored the coupling my spirit world, now release me from the binds that chain me!” When she spoke the soft words to her ancestors, her stomach became extremely ill. She quickly got up and ran for the porcelain goddess.  Up chucking everything she ate, she returned to her bed and spoke to her spirits all night long, until she could not keep her eyes open any longer.   Trouble sleep finally took Celeste at 5:30 a.m.


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