“I feel you Cheri, every inch of you! I still can smell you on me.”


Valis was on a major high!  Drunk on Celeste’s sexual power, he felt like a limp wet noodle. For the first time in his life, he was at peace, in body, soul, and mind.  Of all the women he had used, and been with, it was the cowgirl who brought on feelings he had never experienced.  She was so creative, passionate, and full of spunk.  Never in his wildest dreams would he realize she would be the one who shattered his world to pieces!

“Damn, I feel so alive!”  Valis spoke out loud while driving his truck, back to his apartment. “I feel you Cheri, every inch of you!  I still can smell you on me.”  He took a deep breath, as the sweet lingering Sandalwood scent invaded his nostrils. His mind quickly played out the scene of the under water kiss, Celeste frolic-ed on him.

“Beep….Beep”….a loud horn sound on the road woke Valis up out of his daze thoughts.  He realized he was going into on coming traffic when the horn alerted him to his mistake.  He quickly did a fast evasion action move, and centered himself before almost clipping the front end of the on coming car. “Damn it!”  Valis swore sharply.

When he arrived at his home, he jumped out of the truck with a smile, and headed towards his room.  The security guard had to take a double look at the captain.  Is this the same man who left here earlier this morning, in a pissed off mood? What happened to make him smile like this?  The guard smiled, instantly he remembered the roomer of the American Cowgirl.  So she tamed the wolf of Haiti, he thought privately to himself with a smile. Valis approached the guard, the man saluted when Valis walked pass him with a new spring in his step.  The guard chuckled after Valis walked pass him with a return salute.  He could smell the soft sandalwood scent upon Valis.  

When Valis entered his room, he quickly went to grab his bottle of whiskey, pouring him a healthy dose.  He down it in one smooth tip to his lips. Minutes passed him by while he sat on his kitchen counter stool, pondering and remembering the day with Celeste.  He roared out loud with laughter, as he remembered the airport scene. “Damn, woman, you were HOT! Amazing actually!”  Valis proclaimed with pride. 

Without noticed, he felt a deep sadness encroached inside his soul.  He could hear someone softly crying.  “What the hell? Why do I feel extremely sad right now?  Is it Celeste? She should be happy, shouldn’t she?”  Valis tried to figure out why he felt her sadness.  Not understanding the power of soul-mates, he shrugged it off, and decided to head to the local bar to join his comrades in spirit drinking.

When Valis walked into the cozy bar he quickly scanned the bar for his buddies.  Finding them at their usual seating area, he quickly went to the bartender, and ordered a whiskey on the rocks.  The men saw Valis immediately, staying quiet they watched the smug peaceful look on Valis’s face.  When he got his drink he turned to see his friends smiling at him, the men opened fire on Valis with play.

“FINALLY, we will have PEACE!”  The men roared with laughter while Valis smiled larger than life at his crew.  A gorgeous Haitian woman approached Valis, she began to rub her beautiful body against him, while touching his cheek softly with love.  The men watched for the first time their captain showing no interest in his favorite girl toy.  Valis’s squad began placing money on the table with glee.  They had placed a bet on the Cowgirl when they saw she had gotten under the skin of the captain. Some of the men didn’t care if they won or not.  They stayed loyal to their captain, thinking he would use, and discard the half-breed eventually.  But when they saw the changed stance of their captain, they knew the American tamed the beast.

Valis walked over to the full table of his squad smiling with peace.  The men all laughed and started to pick on their captain.  “Oh yeah! Looks like the cowgirl tamed the wolf of Haiti!”  His men roared.  Valis took note of all the money that was piled up, in the middle of the table.  “Why you have all that money on the table my friends?”  Valis questioned his friends with confusion.  A handsome Spanish man enlightened his captain with a smile and yelled out, “We placed a bet on who would tame who! By the looks of it, I would say the Cowgirl tamed you, Captaine!”  His men’s laughter filled the cozy bar.  Making the beautiful Haitian girl look at her captain, with sorrow.

“NEVER! No one tames me!”  Valis ripped out with a smile.  He then thought of Celeste telling him, no one tames me.  He lost his smile when he thought of the words she spoke to him before getting out of his truck.  “Yep, see he thinks of her now!”  His men died with laughter, bringing Valis out of his thoughts.

Usually Valis would never let his men make merry about him, but this time he could care less.  He pulled up a chair with his buddies, and got totally shit face drunk.  His men kept egging him on, to tell details of the spitfire and him.  But Valis kept his tongue, and only smiled with amusement. “Someone’s going to sleep good tonight!”  One man spoke out in jest.  Bringing more loud laughter to the busy bar table.  Valis blushed and said nothing. He smiled the rest of the evening, while thinking of the banging body that shagged him rotten, on the beach of Haiti.



2 thoughts on ““I feel you Cheri, every inch of you! I still can smell you on me.”

  1. Your amazing writer Dawn Martinez. When you write it’s so easy to follow and visualize the story. Excellent job girl!

    1. I must be doing something right…kno? hahah I am just pleased to know that you have been a great person making comments, knows the book, and appreciate what I am bound to do….Just tell a story! Kiss Kiss~

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