“Damn wench, embarrassing me in front of my men.”


Valis got stinking drunk with his comrades at the local bar.  The reason he went to the bar was to get her off his mind, when in fact, it escalated the situation when getting hammered with liquor. He was not interested in the babble of his men. He was having the problem of reliving the scene with Celeste throughout the evening. While sitting with his friends, he became quiet, almost in a daze many times with his memories of the Cowgirl. When the men noticed the change in their captain, they sat with smiles on their faces looking at him, and knowing he was thinking of the American woman. 

Valis paid them no mind until one spoke out, “I do believe, the woman has gotten under our captain’s skin.  Well if you ask me, she was one Hot Tamale! She was amazing at the airport. I don’t think, I have ever seen a woman do something like that, especially when she tricked our captain, when she slid between his legs.  Gutsy move, don’t you agree men?” The men bellowed out in laughter, while agreeing with their friend.  Valis shook his drunken head out of his thoughts, while giving the man who spoke out a dangerous look.  “F&*^ OFF! No one tames me!” Valis barked out.  

The men only could smile, knowing Valis was full of crap, as he tried to protect his statue of being the “Lone Wolf.”  They held their tongue the rest of the evening, knowing if they provoke him any further, someone was going to get their ass kicked.  Valis had enough of his friends tongues, he got up to leave, only to lose his balance, and ended up sitting back down on his chair, almost breaking it.  The men all roared with giggles.  They helped their captain up, pointed him in the right direction to leave the bar.  

As Valis weaved back and forth while walking down the sidewalk, he started slurring his words to himself.  “Damn wench, embarrassing me in front of my men.”  Valis stopped his talk when he arrived at his apartment. He was saluted by the same guard, and asked if he needed help. “Hell, no I don’t need anyone’s help, man!  I can do it myself, leave me alone!”  The guard watched as the captain stumbled, corrected himself, while he headed for his room.  He smiled and shook his head. 

Valis opened his door to his empty nest.  He quickly tried to disrobe his uniform, while loosing his balance several times.  He went to brush his teeth, but couldn’t put the toothpaste on his brush. Getting frustrated, he threw his toothbrush on the floor, and headed to his bedroom.  Throwing himself on his bed, he mumbled a few words.  Stopped when he heard a voice in his head saying.  “My heart is breaking, and I feel I can no longer endure this pain.  Please my father, help me.”  

Valis spoke out loud before passing out, “Cheri, my heart soars, with your love!”

Love? Did Valis say Love?

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