Freakin’ age I swear!


At the age of 54, Celeste was still a strapping strong lady.  But with time and sorrow, it aged her to no end.  The need to be by herself to ponder on her dilemma, weighed heavy upon her.  With her side kick companions the half-breed, horse and wolf wondered the valley until they entered the forest.  She mapped out her trail, wanting to ride for seven to eight hours a day.  It would take her three to four days to get to the small camp site, if all went well.

Wolf took off into the heavy dense forest.  Celeste didn’t mind, he would find them no matter where they went.  She lightly stroked the strong neck of her steed. “Well Quad, this sure is beautiful, thank you for coming with me.  I know you didn’t have a say in the matter, but I would trust no other horse but you, to get the job done.”  They rode for two more hours before coming to a small meadow to take a break.

Dismounting and taking off the gear that Quad carried, she let him roam free while she ate some deer jerky, and a cup of coffee.  Her eyes scanned the meadow, it was gorgeous and peaceful.  The field was loaded with dangerous different color mushrooms. Wild raspberries galore littered the floor.  Celeste didn’t miss the chance to pick her favorite fruit while shoving the juicy berries into her mouth, savoring the flavor.  She picked extra for her dinner tonight, and put them in her backpack for later.

She reached for her bow and arrow, ready to hunt for tonight’s dinner.  When Wolf silently walked up to her with a rabbit in his mouth, he dropped it down on the ground in front of her.  “Good job boy, I was just going to hunt for our dinner.  I knew I brought you for a reason!  Thank you kindly my friend.”

She withdrew her sharp blade from her moccasin and started the process of skinning it.  Wolf licked his lips ready to devour the rabbit as he watched Celeste skin it in no time at all!  “You know wolf, I think we should just stay the night here, since you caught dinner.  I am hungry are you?”  Wolf licked his lips.  Celeste looked up to see if Quad was in her eye sight.  He was happily rolling around on the grass, Itching his back side.  “I guess that’s a yes!”  Celeste smiled and then patted the large wolf’s head.

In no time at all, Celeste had a small camp fire brewing.  She whittled a sturdy stick, cut the rabbit in half and gave Wolf his share.  Then placed the other half of the rabbit on the stick, and put it over the small fire to cook.  Feeling frisky, Celeste and wolf ran around playing with each other.  Tag was their favorite game to play.  Wolf would quickly nip Celeste’s butt, then run away before she caught him.  Celeste giggled like a child, but quickly ran out of breath with the high attitude air.  “Wolf I do declare I can’t keep up with you any longer.  Freakin’ age I swear!”  Celeste commented, and sat on the ground trying to catch her breath.  Wolf pounced on her and licked her to death.  “I love you Wolf, you silly boy.  Come I am sure my dinner is ready,”  She got up and walked over to the campfire checking out her dinner.  “Perfect!”  Celeste announced.

The evening came and went, and in the early morning light, she saddled up Quad, and took off deeper into the forest, eating a piece of jerky for breakfast.  Celeste hadn’t traveled on this trail before.  She took out her compass to make sure, she was heading in the right direction, she watched as the arrow pointed to northeast.  She smiled and put the compass back into her backpack.  Life was good being alone, thought Celeste.

The sway of the horse and the peaceful ride, brought on childhood memories.  A tear formed in her eyes then rolled down upon her cheek, she quickly wiped it away. “I ain’t gonna cry!”  Celeste bellowed out.  Quad’s ear turned into the directions of Celeste’s words, while not missing a step.  Until, he stopped dead in his tracks, alert and snorting loud.  Celeste examined the area, she caught movement, and the next thing she knew a shit load of deer began to run across her path a few yards away.

Wolf jumped out of his hiding and gave the deer a good chase.  He didn’t kill any, all he wanted to do is play.  Celeste smiled at her wolf, and kicked her horse to move forward. Gosh, how she love being alone.  Only the earth could give her great pleasure, when no other could! She giggled and kept going.  She had two more hours to ride, before daylight disappeared, while she thought of a dream long ago of her being a tree.


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