“Let’s do it dude, you ready?”


When evening time came, the group bunker-ed down by a gentle following stream. Celeste was tired.  The hours of riding were taking its toll on her body.  She slowly got off her horse, aching with each movement that was made.  “Jesus, God…y’all, I do believe this is going to be our last ride.  My age is kicking my ass!”  Celeste spoke to no one but her friends. “Let me take care of you two, and then, I plan to take a dip in that creek to relieve the pain in my body.”  Moving slowly she took off the saddle, and let the stallion roam to eat.  Wolf watched Celeste move slowly.  He knew something was changing inside her. He whimpered a little catching her attention.  “I know my darlin’, I am aging, there is nothing I can do about it,” she lightly said.  Wolf stepped forward and rubbed his body against her strong legs, while Celeste ruffled his coat.

“I don’t know about you Wolf, but I have to get cleaned up.  I feel the dirt, and yuck all over me.”  With that said, Celeste didn’t wait.  She got out of her dirty buckskin outfit, and took it to the stream, washing the dirt away.  Then hung it on a pine tree to dry for the evening.  Standing in her birthday suit, she headed back to the stream to soak.  The stream’s water was cool and refreshing.  Slowly she lowered her body into the water, allowing the strain of riding all day, ebb away the pain. When finished, she didn’t dry off, she walked around her camp site till she dried.  Getting into her backpack she pulled out a light yellow cotton sundress.  The same dress she dressed in, when Valis thought she was a wooden fairy. She didn’t think of the time, but quickly put it on, adding her moccasins.  She grabbed her bow and arrow, ready to hunt.  Wolf got excited. “Let’s do it dude, you ready?”  Wolf leaped in the air with glee, then circled around Celeste until she was ready.  “Let me put a hobble on Quad, then we will go my son.  I have a hunger for fish tonight.  How about you?”  Wolf licked his lips, then started to dance around with excitement.  Celeste smiled.

Wolf took off into the woods, not waiting any longer for Celeste.  When she was done hobbling the stallion, she took off at a run into the forest, the same direction wolf took off in.  She followed the stream for a little while, until she came to a spot in the stream that had a deep pool.  She knew the trout loved to pool into the larger part of the stream.  She sat and waited upon a boulder, right above the large pool.

It didn’t take her too long to see the rainbow trout surface.  She cocked her arrow into her bow. When she was ready to release the arrow, she was knocked off the boulder suddenly by wolf, sending her into the pool with a loud splash.  “Damn it, WOLF…What the hey dude!” Celeste yelled out.  She could see the smile the damn wolf displayed.  She couldn’t get mad at him, it was her own folly not hearing him approach her. Since she was already wet and still held her bow, she went under water to try and retrieve some of her arrows.

Like a little fish, Celeste got all her arrows, and threw her bow with the arrows upon the bank of the stream.  She took one arrow and dived under water again.  When she came up for air, she produced a nice size trout, speared by her arrow.  Wolf sat on the boulder he knocked her off, while eating a squirrel for dinner. She smiled at wolf, and got out of the pool, then headed back to her camp site to cook her dinner, wolf followed.

Celeste had only brought a few change of clothing.  She wiggled into a pair of shorts an a T-shirt. Then built a small fire to cook the fish, while making a batch of herbal tea.  The evening with her friends was the best feeling she has had in a long time, since her return from Haiti. When dinner was completed, she took out her bed roll, laid down with Wolf laying next to her, and quickly fell asleep.


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