“I’m Still Hot, it just comes in flashes now!” ROARRRR…….


Celeste slept in too late, she was waken by Wolf’s wet tongue.  “Please Wolf, no”…she giggled lightly.  She sat up slowly, while trying to move her unruly curly hair out of her face. “Sheesh, what time is it?  Dang, it I slept to long!”  She looked around to see if Quad was in sight.  He was laying down resting.  “Well, I guess I am not the only one feeling the strain.”  She sat crossed legged upon the ground while Wolf laid next to her.  Stroking his soft fur while looking at her beautiful horse curdle up in sleep.  All was quiet in the forest.

For some reason a tear began to trickled down her cheek.  She gently wiped it away.  Her thoughts were suddenly filled with empty nest syndrome.  “My last baby, has left my arms, Wolf.  I know I should be grateful, but it still hurts.  The years of care, love, nurturing, laughter, filled my heart with joy for so many years.  But it’s the pain of separation, that brings sorrow into my heart.”

Thoughts of her mother and father invaded her memory.  “How did they deal with this kind of pain?  Did they not feel the separation, when they left me long ago? I was but only a little girl when they left.  I would think it would be worse leaving your child at a young age, then watching them grow up, and move out to be wonderful human beings of society.”

Celeste immediately began to fan herself with her hand.  Heat so intense burned throughout her body, as beads of sweat formed above her brow.  She wiped the wetness away.  “GRRRR….I hate these hot flashes, Wolf!  I can’t wait, to be rid of them.” Frustrated, Celeste picked herself off the ground, while walking around to cool off. Quad woke up when he heard her growl out loud.  Wolf, stayed laying down, watching the woman walk back, and forth fanning herself.

One minute, she was walking around in circles, then the next, Celeste ran for the stream to cool down. The water was chilly, but inviting, as she soaked to cool herself down. When finished, sat on a large rock for a few moments, relishing the coolness.  No warning given, her body began to shiver, as if she was freezing to death. Her teeth began to chatter, lips turning blue.  She got up, and quickly ran to her dried buckskin outfit, hanging on a pine branch.  She quickly put it on, while jumping around like an idiot, trying to get her body warm.  She ran back to the warmth of her bed.  Wolf got up, immediately letting her attack the warmth, then gently laid on top of Celeste.  “Wolf, I can’t handle your weigh boy, please get off!”  Wolf did not move…then she had another bout of heat.  She tried to conquer the wave of heat with breaths, but lost the battle.  She got up again, pushing wolf away, then looked at the confused looks of her companions, she took a deep breath. “I’m sorry my friends, it’s been hell, dealing with this shit.  I did not mean to be cruel. Forgive me.”  Poor Celeste dropped to the ground and cried.  “What the hell? I feel like I’m becoming a ball guttin’ woman! My emotions must be affected by these heat waves? I have never been this emotional in my life, except in Haiti, what the F*&^ is goin’ on here!”  She yelled out, to no one, while covering her face with her hands.  Wolf whimpered, slowly approached her, while crawling on his belly.

“I’m sorry boy, I am sure y’all think I am silly…but hang in there, okay?”  She grabbed wolf’s huge head, kissed it tenderly, then ruffed up his fur with play.  Wolf wagged his tail and licked her face. “Okay, let’s go my friends, time is wasting.  No breakfast now, but let’s stop for a good lunch later.”  It didn’t take Celeste long, to get back on the trail.  Wolf took off as usual for his breakfast, while Quad and Celeste basked, in the splendor of the deep forest of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.


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