Not until we are lost, do we begin to find ourselves!~


For hours the three companions followed their heavy wooded trail. Furthering their hunting adventure, deeper into the Sangre de Cristo mountains, heading towards Colorado.  Celeste felt the need for sunshine.  She adored the woods,  but she struggled with her mood swings.  At times, she became sad, then depressed from all her thoughts, due to lack of light.  She needed the sun, to power up her energy and soon, or she would go crazy.

Wolf became excited, he would run further up the trail, and then came back to her, begging Celeste to release him.  “What the heck you wantin’ me to give you permission for boy, you never ask?”  Celeste smiled at her beloved hound, “Well go!”  Wolf took off when he heard the word “GO.”  Quad picked up his pace, she could feel something was brewing by the change of his energy.   “Hum, what you think Quad?  Has Wolf tired of our company, perhaps he has found our sheep?”   She gave the reins to the beautiful black and white paint horse, while trying to stay seated on the right side of the horse.  Limbs and branches of the great pine trees slapped her in the face.  She deepened her body against the stallion, while holding on to her hat, protecting her face.  A move that encourage Quad to go faster.

Quad worked his body in pole bending around the heavy pine trees.  While Celeste giggled with delight.  God, she loved the feel of her horse’s body next to her. She could feel every muscle work to perfection, as the stallion mastered the change of leads, while weaving between the trees.  Not sure how much longer she could hold on, she was happy to see the sunlight in the distance.  Quad slowed down, his heavy breaths told Celeste they were high up in the mountain of attitude.  Celeste sat up on her saddle, and brought the horse to a stop to dismount.  She was lost and knew that they got off the beaten path, but she was not going to worry about it now.

Leading her horse out into a large sunlight meadow, Celeste took a deep breath savoring the fresh air when she stepped into the sun. What a grand sight Celeste took in.  She could see mountain upon mountain, gullies upon gullies of land. Many mountain tops that were bare of foliage, due to lack of air, laid barren before her eyes. She took note, a small fresh water hole in the meadow, supplying the group for days with water. She tried to see where wolf went off to, but could not find him anywhere in sight.

This was her campsite.  So without due, she unloaded her supplies off Quad, and rubbed him down before letting him eat.  Celeste prepared her campsite for many nights.  When finished, she went down by the water, and laid in the glorious sunlight nude.

Celeste loved to watch the clouds pass her by.  Often she could spot beautiful pictures take life from the puffy clouds.   In her peaceful meadow, her thoughts immediately went to Valis.  She sat up and crossed her legs, then said out loud, “Hum, perhaps I will open the porthole tonight.  Now that I am alone, I will not be disrupted to chat with him, but not now…or could I?  It’s been so long, do I dare?”  Celeste smiled wickedly, then started to open the communication hole with her mind.

“Purrrr…Valis, come to me, if you can!”  Minutes ticked by without a word from him. Playfully she spoke to him again,  “Wah-ya, come out to play with me. Or you won’t hear what I have to say to thee.”  Celeste waited for a reply while instigated her thoughts upon him in a sexual way.  “I am alone in the wilderness my wolf, I am nude by a pool of water in the sunlight. Tis not, as beautiful as the one we shared.  But it will do, if you come to me?  I feel your hands caressing my body, ooo…you feel so juicy…”

“You are cruel, Cheri! I am honored to hear from you in my sleep. How may I serve you, vixen?”  The tingling feelings she experienced when he spoke to her, sent shivers down her spine.  She felt like a little girl falling in lust with her first man in her life. Not wanting to lose the connection, she plunged in…

“My body needs you, my darlin’.  Can you fulfill them, from a distance with your sexual essences?  I will take you to a spiritual height that you have never experience before my Wah-ya, if you let me.”

“I am yours, my meadow, let’s play!”  Valis responded.

The connection stayed with the lover’s until both souls soared to the heavens. What a grand experience to make love through a communication porthole, only soul-mates could use. Valis was amazed that she promised he would never forget this, she was right.  He didn’t need to do anything to his rock hard shaft, her pictured words allowed him to feel every inch of her soul, bringing him to a height like no other he had felt with a woman.

When Celeste laid quietly in the grass, feeling the incredible high climax her body was coming down on, her thoughts echoed out to Valis how he made her feel.  “Cheri, amazing…how did we do this?”  Celeste didn’t want to answer him, she softly said, “Shhh, Captaine, just live in the moment, no questions, my darlin’….you did perfect–I am thankful, you can touch my soul to this day, even miles apart.”

“I will always be here for you my, Cheri, never forget that.  I miss you cowgirl.”  Celeste waited to reply as she stared at a lady bug crawling on the earth. “I miss you too Wah-ya, it is time to go my darlin, I have to hunt for dinner.  I am deep in the mountains, hoping to hunt a ram, or elk for my winter supplies.  Wish you were here to experience a good hunt with me, but in a sense, you are here with me now…kno?  Thank you my soul, for indulging my appetite.”

“You must be by yourself woman, why are you alone?” Valis employed, not wanting to lose the long waited connection with the woman he adored. “Because I want to be alone, and I do have my horse, and wolf with me, so no worries, I am safe.”

“Oui, Cheri, until we meet again.  I liked our sex over world vibes…amazing, Cheri.  Good night.”

Celeste smiled and spoke softly…”Do-na-da-go-hv-i, my love, and thank you, Wah-ya, kiss kiss.”  Celeste didn’t wait for Valis to reply, she closed the porthole with completion with a satisfied dreamy smile upon her face, thinking; Not until we are lost, do we begin to find ourselves.  Wolf suddenly appeared, laid down beside Celeste, both fell asleep in the heat of the late afternoon sun.


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