“WOLF, WOLF,” Celeste screamed!


When Celeste woke up from her nap, Wolf was laying beside her, wagging his tail. “Grrr…Wolf my man, shoot me now, for my body is so sore.  How could you let me sleep this late, my beast?” She patted Wolf’s head with love.  Celeste; nude, got up and dove into the little water hole.  Rinsing the sweat, dirt, and cummy yummy’s away.  She didn’t linger in the chilly pond, she quickly got out and headed for her tent.

Putting her buckskin attire on, then braided her long mane, she grabbed her bow and arrows, ready to hunt for her evening meal.  “Ready Wolf, let’s go find something before night fall.”  Wolf leaped into action, Celeste followed.

Celeste’s spirit felt renewed from the chilly dip, and the way she played dirty with Valis. Awe…sex…it does the body good at times, don’t you agree?  She followed her faithful companion over the ridge of her valley into unknown territory.  For over an hour, Celeste walked and hunted.  Wolf was nowhere in sight, when she entered a dark forest.

As Celeste, walked slowly into the shady woods, a sense of anger, hate, and loneliness invaded her spirit. The forest was spooky, and quiet of all life form.  “Mother Earth, protect me!”  She whispered to the trees, and earth. Celeste started to feel uneasy with the passing time in the woods.  Softly she whistled for Wolf, while forging forward, bow and arrow drawn.  Everything in her gut told her to get out of this forest, but she did not listen.

Celeste could hear water close by, she headed into the direction of the sound.  Hairs on the back of her arms stood up.  Bringing chills that were not caused by hot flashes, to her body.  Alert and feeling the danger, she stepped lightly upon the earth, trying not to make a sound. She whistled again for Wolf, while scanning the beauty of the small flowing stream.  Taking a huge deep breath, she smelt a light faint smell of smoke, in the distance.  Again, she whistled for Wolf.  This was odd, he usually comes after the second call, Celeste thought.

The next thing Celeste heard was a deadly sound of a gunshot. The sound echoed through the forest. “WOLF!”  She yelled out.  Celeste took off towards the sound of the shot.  Waves of fear screamed through her body, while running. “WOLF!”  She bellowed out.  Again, another shot rang out.  Celeste lost it, she became a driving force of lightening, running along side the stream, trying not to lose her footing.

In one full sweep, Celeste found herself being air-borne, and slapped against a tree.  She was lifted 8 feet high in the air, when the force of the hit, brought pain to her ribs.  Again, her body slammed against the tree, dangling upside down, while a coil of wire, dug deeply into her ankle, causing further pain to scream throughout her body.  Confused and dazed, Celeste didn’t have time to react when another assault with the tree was coming on.  She smashed into the tree head first, knocking her out cold.


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