“I’m coming old man, and there will be hell to pay!”


Celeste sure got herself into a heap of trouble, this time.  While hanging upside down, her thoughts consumed her, in an unconscious state .  “My Wah-ya, Quad..” she mumbled. “Mother, where are you?” she whispered. “Please don’t leave me mama, I need you!”  When her mother did not answer her, she called on her dear friend, Ghost.  “Help me!”  It didn’t take too long for the vision of a white horse to present itself to the unconscious Celeste.

“There you are my friend, need help.”  Celeste could feel her childhood friend nuzzle her.  She quickly hugged her friend, then stated in a weak voice.  “Miss you too, been a long time my faithful friend.  Help my friends, Ghost, protect them.”  Celeste spoke weakly to the white horse. “I can take care of myself, but I need you to free Quad from his hobble. Send him to me, my friend.”  Ghost disappeared, leaving Celeste lying on the ground in a delirious state.

She thought she was still hanging upside down when Ghost left her, but in reality, she was released from the cable cord, and was placed on the ground.  Celeste slept on until she felt a wet tongue lick her eye.  “Wolf, mumm….your safe, good boy.  Quad?”  She heard the soft gentle horse nicker.  Quad, nuzzled her leg, than dug his hoof in the ground, encouraging her to wake up.

Slowly and with care, she moved her body.  Sliding her hands against the earth, told her she was released from hanging upside down. She moved on her side, smelling the dirt of the forest.  Wolf kept licking her face, while whimpering his love to his friend. “Yes, son, I am alive.”  She responded softly to him.  She grabbed a handful of his coat, feeling the warmth of his body.  Quad again scraped the ground with his hoof, while snorting, again encouraging his friend to get up.

With slow moving movements, Celeste held on to the neck of her wolf, while he slowly helped her get into a sit up position, as her head spun and pounded with pain. Unable to move quickly, she sat quietly, and let the vertigo pass. “What the fudge, just happened here?” She laboriously spoke to her companions. Her hand went to the sore spot on her face.  Touching the crusted dried blood upon her face, she moved her hand to her hair to get it out of her face.  Some of the hair was dried and stuck inside the wound.  Her mouth was dry and in need of water. Taking survey of her surroundings with one eye, she spotted the little stream, and began to crawl for water.

It took all her energy not to puke her guts out from the excruciating pain.  When she moved her left leg, pain shot up, causing her breathing to become irregular.  “Oh, God, in heaven it hurts.”  She stopped and took her moccasin off.  Her leg was badly swollen, the cable cut into her ankle, leaving a ring embedded into her bruised skin.  She dragged herself to the water edge, and dipped her mouth upon the water to drink the cool spring. Trying to sit up again, she slowly put her injured leg into the water. Cooling down the pain that shot up to heart, making her feel she was going to have a heart attack any minute. Breathing deeply to control the pain, she got herself comfortable by the stream. Then started to relive the incident inside her head.

“I’m going to cut that Son of a Bitches, balls off!”  She ripped out to her friends.  Wolf sat close to her, giving her support in her dilemma, while she let rip, foul cuss words that echoed throughout the forest. Her hand went to her other moccasin to pull out her Bowie knife. The sleeve was empty.  She looked on the ground where her bow and arrows fell, but there was no knife.

“Oh, hell no!…You Mother F&^%^&–your not keeping my knife!”  Celeste was becoming more coherent by the minute.  Anger, filled her body with renewed strength.  “Cowgirl, are you okay?”  Valis entered her thoughts.  Celeste was stupefied, Valis would call upon her now. “Yes, my love I am alive,” she answered back.  “I heard you calling me, what happened?”  Valis quickly responded. “Some jackass trapped me in a snare, that is all, and I am free now.  I am sorry for calling on you, I didn’t know I did that.”  Celeste then told him the whole story.

“Get out of there NOW, woman!” Valis demanded her to listen to him.  “Ain’t happening Wah-ya! I am going to kick an old F*%^#$ ass, he took my knife!”  Valis, of all people knew how much that knife meant to her.  He knew she would move heaven and earth, to keep her knife. Even if it meant, she would die in the process. “My love you used the F word, this is very serious, control yourself and focus.”  Celeste listened until she could hear no more. “I must go, it’s night time, and I have to get out of these woods. Thank you for listening to me Wah-ya, but I will be okay.” She gently said.  “Call husband, Cheri to help you out!” Valis told her.  “I have no way to reach him, Valis.  I am deep in the forest of the Sangre de Cristo mountains.  There is no way to contact him. I do not have the connection with my husband as we do, my darlin.”  Celeste offered. “Then give me home number, and I will call him!”  Valis encouraged her to tell.  “Hell no, I got myself into this mess, and I will get myself out of it!”  Celeste furiously stated.

“Be safe, Cheri.  I am here if you need me. Now go get some rest, for tomorrow you will get your knife back, I am sure of it!”  Celeste thanked her friend, and closed the porthole of communication with him.  “Okay, guys lets go back to our campsite,”  Celeste spoke to her friends. When she got up, nothing prepared her for the pain she experienced. Wincing in pain, Wolf whined.  Then Quad closed the gap and laid down on the ground, allowing Celeste to crawl on his back.  Celeste took note that Wolf chewed the hobble to release Quad.  The hobble was still on the horse’s back hocks.  With care she took off the hobble on both of his hind legs, and then crawled onto his back.

Quad, with grace and smoothness, got up and turned around, heading back to their campsite with Celeste in tow. It took all of Celeste’s energy to stay on his back. When they reached their campsite, she slid off his back, and landed on her injured ankle.  She screamed out in pain, then steadied herself against her stallions tummy.

She couldn’t hang on any longer.  She quickly sat on the ground, then laid her body down upon the soft grass, she spoke out, “I’m coming old man, and there will be hell to pay!” Celeste passed out, while Wolf and Quad, laid down on the ground beside their friend, protecting the half-breed till morning light.


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