“You come any closer Mr. Jackass, and I will shoot your other eye out!” Celeste bravely proclaimed.


In the early morning light, Celeste crawled into her tent, and slept the day away.  Wolf laid next to her, never leaving her out of his sight.  The only time she left the tent was to release her pee pee.  Finding it hard to stand on her injured ankle, she held on to a near by tree, while standing up, releasing the pressure in her bladder.  “If I was feeling good, I might spend time spelling my name with my pee.  Now I know how easy it is to piss like a man.” Wolf looked up at her, waited until she was finished, then peed on the tree. Celeste wanted to giggle, but couldn’t find it in her heart to laugh at the situation, but it sadden her seeing the beautiful beast, missing an ear.  

When finished, slowly she hobbled around her campsite.  With care, she walked to her steed, and thanked him for bringing her home.  “I love ya boy, and I do appreciate you helping me out in my time of need.  Like I said earlier, I trust no horse, but you, except Ghost.  Did you meet my friend?  You truly are a magnificent creature, you complete me, my son!”  She ruffled his thick black mane, then headed to the little water hole to freshen up. 

Wolf had licked her eye clean during the evening and morning hours.  It was still swollen, but she was able to see out of it. It was her ankle that was in bad shape.  When she reached the water hole, she stripped down to nothing.  Looking at the badly bruised ankle, she knew the ring of pain around her ankle would forever be there.  The cable cut deeply into her skin, cutting off her circulation while hanging upside down. 

She lowered herself softly into the cool pool of water.  The water calmed down the pain that invaded her body.  Lingering in the pool, her thoughts were filled on how to get her knife back.  “Snap! I left my bow and arrows…Shit, tomorrow I will get them back, but tonight I will just heal to gather my strength, before I open a can of whippin’ on that Jackass! What the hell was he doing deep in the forest, snaring animals? How stupid I was for not seeing that damn trap.”  Celeste realized that she wouldn’t have seen the well hidden cable anyways, while running. Her thoughts were only on saving her friend when she heard the gunshot.

Celeste stayed in the water for over an hour.  Evening time was approaching and she suddenly became hungry.  She knew she had to hunt for her meal, or she would starve. She was getting ready to leave the water when Wolf, ran over to her and stopped.  Wolf became protective, the beast snared his warning at the forest.  Celeste looked at where wolf was growling, all was peaceful, when she remembered the bear.  With haste she tried to get out of the pool.  Wincing in pain with each quick movement, she hobbled to her tent nude, and quickly produced her last weapon, the slingshot.   

She could care less if she had clothes on or not.  Celeste watched the hair on the back of the wolf rise…she was ready with her trusty companion next her.  “Easy boy, stand down until, you see the whites of his eyes.”  Celeste whispered to him.  Wolf was ready to pounce, and so was she.  If she died today, then it was a good day to die! she thought. She looked at Quad, who was alert, but not as much as Wolf was.  This told her it wasn’t another animal; nevertheless, she was ready.

The old man limped out of the woods, carrying Celeste’s bow and arrows.  He stopped at the edge of the forest when he saw wolf, an a naked wild woman.  No words were spoken as the three checked each other out.  Wolf didn’t want to wait, his stance was dangerous ready to rip the old man to pieces. “Easy my boy, let him come.”  Celeste told the canine. To Celeste the man must have been in his early 80’s, dark skinned, about 5’11 in height.  He wore a bear skin across his shoulders, but wore civilian clothing underneath the cape. She could see the ugly scar that adored his left side of his face. 

The man stopped when he was close enough, fearful of the angry beast that bared his teeth at the stranger. “Shut that damn dog up woman, and go get some clothes on,” the old man bellowed out loud. Celeste drew her slingshot with the marble inside the cradle of the leather strap at the man.  “You come any closer Mr. Jackass, and I will shoot your other eye out!”  Celeste bravely proclaimed. The man did not come any further.  She watched him lower her bow and arrows onto the ground, and then withdrew her Bowie knife, throwing it on top of her bow. “These are yours, Indian, come and get them.”  

The old man then turned around and headed back into the forest.  “Wolf, retrieve!” Celeste barked out to wolf.  Wolf was happy she released him, he ran after the man before he disappeared into the forest.  The man stopped and stared at the wolf. He didn’t move when Wolf approached him, ready to rip him to shreds. 

Wolf with skill, and being the hunter he was, circled the man while snarling.  “Control this beast woman, or I will kill him!”  The man said in a dangerous tone. “Not before I take out your eye old man!  You touch my wolf, I will be puttin’ the hurt on you!” The man stared at Celeste, paying no mind to the canine.  When Celeste saw the man take a step towards her, she let fly the marble.  Not wanting to hit him, but scare him, for approaching her any further, he felt the marble fly pass his face with great speed.  He quickly spoke out, “I come in peace girl, I am sorry for what happened to you. You took off before I returned to give you aid with that damn leg of yours. Now put that son of a bitchin’ thing away.”  

Celeste let her guard down.  She lowered the weapon and whistled to Wolf.  Wolf quickly listened and grabbed her knife in his mouth and ran to her.  He dropped it by her feet while she stood nude.  The man was in awe when he witness, the woman controlling the beast with ease.  Nothing prepared him when he saw the black and white painted horse come out of the woods, and decide to join his companions.  Allowing the man to see the family stand together as a strong force to be reckon with.  Quad stomped the earth with his hooves, while tossing his head in the air, Wolf growled.

“Well I be dipped in shit, what a group you have there woman. How about you getting some clothes on, and we sit and talk for a few.  I brought some food, thinking you would be having a hard time finding food in your condition.  How does that sound to you, girl?” Celeste wasn’t sure if she wanted him here, but to see the knife come back to her, was all she needed to let the man approach her campsite.  “Come in, if you think you can.”  She spoke softly to her friends, then turned on her heels, and limped back to her tent to put some clothes on.




2 thoughts on ““You come any closer Mr. Jackass, and I will shoot your other eye out!” Celeste bravely proclaimed.

  1. Great storytelling’s Slingshot…brilliant for a cowgirl story. Wounded Soldier fits great with Celeste. I love this character.

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