I carry my own load without the human kind mucking it up.


Celeste sat quietly, trying to decide how to begin the tale.  Jack watched her battling with the demons inside.  “I take it, that you have never told this story to anyone, am I right?”  he gently spoke to her.  She looked at the man, nodding quietly.  “I am private Jack, I don’t like people using things against me.  I have found that no one can help me, but me! For many years I have been a loner, because I am different than most people.  I carry my own load without the human kind mucking it up.”  She took a deep breath…while watching the flames of the fire, casting a dance of heat.  Celeste went back in time, as Jack silently watched her.

“I did have parents as you know Jack, but never really knew them.  It was my grandfather on my mother’s side, who has been my shining light, while growing up.  Sadly, he passed two days after my sixteen birthday.”  She took another deep breath, blew it out, and proceeded with her story.

“We moved a lot in my elementary years of school. It was hard for me being a half-breed, and as you know, I have two different color of eyes.  Not to mention, I am very spiritual, and always have been.  Odd things happen to me Jack, actually bizarre things if you ask me.  But I have always taken it with a grain of salt.  It was hard for me to stay in school, due to the bulling that I endured; nevertheless, I was teased to no end for being taller than most kids, and my eyes.  So as a little girl, I decided to have animals keep me company, instead.  I have a knack of being able to speak to them, especially horses.  I also have Mother Earth, and my Cherokee spirit world guide me, when I am in trouble or need of answers, they have never forsaken me.”  Celeste stopped and poked around the fire with a stick.

“My father is an alcoholic, he played music for a living.  My mother left me when I was only ten years old. I think she went crazy in the head.  Anyways, I still can remember the day she left my dad and I.  I lost my best friend, Ghost that day. I was monkeying around in the hollers of Alabama with my raccoon friend, named Ringo. Who I hid from my parents, because I had too many different animals.  The next thing I knew, I was visited by Ghost in fog.  Mind you, he was not real, but a spirit at that time.  I think we was saying goodbye to me.  So, I ran home, only to see my horse covered in plastic, and my mother gone.  No one could find her Jack.  Till this day, I have never seen, nor heard from her.  I had to leave Ringo with my buddy Ernie, because my father, and I left Alabama to return to Ohio.  We were hoping she might have went back home to her father.  But she did not.  So I think my dad really lost it, and left me a lot with my grandfather, while he played his music, and catted around with other women.  My father is a half-breed too. His mother was full blooded Cherokee, his father was Scottish. Both died at an early age.”  Celeste waited till she gathered her strength, and then plunged again back into the tale.

“My father eventually remarried, but the woman he married was a drunk.  In the end Jack, she was cruel.  I had to endure a lot of crazy things while I lived with her.  My dad was gone most of the time.  I stayed away and hunted, so I didn’t have to deal with the lazy woman.  I would like to think perhaps it was a good thing.  To make a long story short, I returned home one day tired to the bone. I had brought home a rabbit for dinner, when I went into my home and found a mess of people having orgies.  I don’t know what happened, but I ran back into the woods and stayed the night there.  The next day,  I had started my menstrual cycle, and thought I was bleeding to death. I ran back to my home thinking I was going to die.  When I got there, and went inside my home, nothing was inside, but puke, cigarette butts and beer bottles.  I think we were robbed by that lady and her friends.”

“I ran again to my grandfather’s home, my pants were soaked with blood when I knocked on his door.  After that, I lived with my grandfather.  I didn’t see my father until my grandfather passed.  I wanted to see the home where I last saw him.  Oh, he was there when I got there, but he also was smashed.  He was back with that ugly lady when I last saw him.  Both were drinking.  My dad’s head was resting on the table.  Sadden by how my parents didn’t love me, I left, and never looked back.  In the end my grandfather wrote me a note telling me, that he told my dad to stay away from me.  So I understood why I never saw him again.”  Celeste poked the low fire again.  Jack stayed quiet, while watching her tears fall.

“My grandfather hired a tutor for me, so I didn’t have to go back to public schools, since I seemed to get myself in trouble.  I am glad he did Jack, but that is another story.”  Celeste looked at Jack, “I think that is enough for now, I really need to do something instead of sitting on my rear, and telling stories.”

“Thank you Hialeah, for telling me your short tale.  I know you are not done, but maybe tonight we can add some more.  I agree, I too need to go back to my hut, can I come later in the evening? I like your company.”  Jack smiled at the teary eyed Celeste.  “I would like that old one.”  Celeste felt misery slipping in when she watched Jack get up and leave with his coon.  She stood in silence, watching the fire burn out.  Shaking her head out of her memories, she whistled loud for Wolf.  She needed his energy to heal the hurt that invaded her heart, when she told some of her tale to a stranger.  The only thing that came into her mind, while speaking softly to the earth, “Where are you mother?”  Wolf ran to Celeste, knocking her out of her thoughts.  “I am happy to see you my love, come lets clean up and go hunting.”  Wolf ran around Celeste like a little happy puppy…while Celeste giggled at her companion.

Picture by: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=6vCTYyWk_P2hyM&tbnid=_lXrDTe4QyFgwM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.crystalinks.com%2Fdeehawaii.html&ei=n0Y3UpCONcTV2QW0n4HQAg&bvm=bv.52164340,d.b2I&psig=AFQjCNHQEFH5FEGijN6Rd6AFmWa68Ihskw&ust=1379440666242467


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