“YAHOO!” she screamed out, “OMG…that was BANGING, WOLF!”


Celeste’s crew was on the hunt for Bighorn Sheep.  Since her leg would contravene her from carrying an elk, she decided to go small.  She also knew that the high altitude would impede on her speed, but she had wolf, to guarantee a clean kill, if she could not move fast enough over the volcanic rock. 

Bow and arrows upon her back, dressed in her buckskin Indian attire.  She wore one moccasin with her knife tucked safely inside, while her other foot was still wrapped up in the cheese cloth and herbal poultice. Her other moccasin did not fit over her swollen foot. Celeste, being clever when hunting, never threw anything away.  She had kept a few rabbit skins, so she used it to camouflage her ankle and foot, and secured it with a strap of leather. 

She pulled out her compass, making a memory note not to forget the whereabouts of their camp, and headed into the unknown territory of the Sangre de Cristo peaks for over an hour.  Quad was feeling frisky, in need for an open run.  It took all her might to settle his bad self down.  “Listen mister Stud Muffin, get it together.  Tomorrow we will play, but for now, I need you to hunt, so quit, and let’s get serious.”  Quad shook his head, but became more animated. He started to prance in a sexy way.  Celeste recognized his behavior of courtship.  She scanned quickly the mountains, and found the source.  Three beautiful bay mustangs, grazing.  Quad whinny-ed his manly song, catching the attention of the mares.  Celeste knew this was going to cause her more trouble if she didn’t nip it in the butt, after all Quad is a stallion.  She turned him in the opposite direction, to head away from the free roaming horses.   “Listen bud, sorry to bust your bubble, but breeding season is over.  Now let’s get to work!”  Quad, looked back one more time, then obeyed Celeste’s command with ease.  

Wolf was no where in sight, he had separated from the group over a half an hour ago. When Celeste and Quad entered the highest peak of the mountains, she dismounted and tied Quad to a tree.  She never tired of the scenery of the mountains. Whistling for Wolf, she proceeded with a limp to her step into the rocky territory.  

The need for her to be in a safe area to shoot the sheep with her bow arrow, weighed heavily upon her.  “Damn, my ankle…I didn’t realized how much missing one leg would slow me down.  I shouldn’t be here like this.”  Scanning the rocks she decided to sit on top of the highest rock.  She climbed the rocks slowly and sure footed.  Breathing hard, she plugged on until she stopped on a level edge of a rock. 

Celeste became alert with a loud noise of hooves climbing the rocks. She ready herself with bow and arrow.  

She didn’t reach the highest peak of the rock when two sheep suddenly jumped over her, landing on her flat surface rock, only to jump quickly off to another.  “Holy, shit!”  Celeste commented.  Quickly she put an arrow into her mouth to hold, then drew her bow and arrow, while planting herself against the sharp rocks. The next sheep that flew over her, she let the arrow loose, hitting it’s target with great force.  Skillfully and quickly, she put other arrow into the bow, and let it fly.  The second arrow missed, but Celeste was shocked when Wolf jumped on her ledge.  She looked over the steep downhill climb to find the ram was injured at the bottom of the rock wall. Not only by her arrow, but broken his leg from the fall.  

Celeste pointed to the ram, “Hunt, Wolf!”   Wolf did not hesitate, he flew down the sharp rocks with ease.  The huntress watched her hound finish the ram’s life, in seconds.  

“YAHOO!” she screamed out, “OMG…that was BANGING WOLF!”  Celeste said with excitement.  Wolf wagged his tail, while looking up at Celeste with pride.  “Boy, I do declare, that I didn’t even need to climb this rock.  That was pretty scary, but wickedly intense!  YAHOO…..”  Celeste rang out~  

What a great day to hunt, thought Celeste.  🙂


pictured by: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=IMTQi8BHP4AOiM&tbnid=ETTl6T9QeXyz8M:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fen.wikipedia.org%2Fwiki%2FScouting_in_Arizona&ei=9Zs4UqXLCOeP2gWvroCADw&bvm=bv.52164340,d.b2I&psig=AFQjCNFp7gEzqGQzo9brNlPcOY-CXbspgw&ust=1379527923269535








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