“God, I thank you for this wonderful gift of an energy connection I have with Valis, I am bless!”


It took Celeste longer to climb down the volcanic rock than going up it, but she made sure she didn’t lose her footing.  Wolf was licking the ram’s blood when Celeste reached the bottom.  “Hang in there son, I will give you, your portion soon.”  She grabbed the hind legs of the ram, and tried to drag it close to Quad.  It took all her might to move the dead weight of the animal.

Celeste lowered herself to the ground in front of the sheep and gave thanks to Mother Earth for her kill.  In no time at all the woman had the ram gutted, and cleaned out, giving the heart to Wolf to eat, she threw out the organs, because she had nothing to carry them with.  Her ankle was beginning to throb.  She sat on the ground resting, trying to figure out, how she was going to lift the ram onto Quad’s back.

The weather was starting to change.  She could smell rain coming, as the temperate started to drop.  “Wolf, we got to get back to the camp and soon, or we will not make it before the rain begins.”  Celeste told her companion.  Wolf could care less, he was perfectly happy eating the remains of the ram.

Celeste got up from the ground and tried to pick the ram up, but couldn’t.  If she cut the head off, she thought, she would be able to pick him up.  So with that being said, she did just that.  Her blade was sharp enough, and in a matter of minutes she decapitated the ram.  Wolf started to go for the head, Celeste barked at him to leave it alone.  He obeyed.

Celeste picked the body of the ram up and threw it over onto Quad’s back, behind the saddle on his rump.  Then used rope to secure it to the saddle. The stallion didn’t move, he was use to Celeste’s hunts.  She then went to retrieve the head, and wedged it in a tree, so when she got on her horse’s back she was able to grab it, and go.

She left Wolf eat his fill, while her and Quad headed back to their campground.  The wind picked up, bringing chilly weather.   Celeste shivered, between the hot flashes and the chills,  “Damn it, I am freezing Quad, winter is coming, and I think we better get our crap together and soon, to return home.”  She commanded Quad to move at a faster pace, while holding on to the heavy head of the ram with all her might.

Light rain began to fall, and the wind picked up even more.  Celeste could feel this storm was going to be a good one.  She had a lot of work to do on the animal before night fall.  As she thought about what needed to be done, the rain came down, in full force, soaking horse and rider to the bone.

Wolf, eventually caught up with the pair.   Celeste smiled at his bloody face and full belly. “Well, I think you have had your fill, Wolf.  Boy, are we going to sleep good tonight.  You were amazing!  I can’t believe that you rounded up those sheep for me like that.”  Wolf paid her no mind, he just followed his family dripping wet.

When they arrived at their camp soak and wet, Celeste dropped the carcass to the ground, and took care of Quad.  She gave him a big hug, patted his rump then released him to graze in their meadow.  Wolf was under the safety of a huge pine tree, resting with his full belly.  She dragged the ram to a pine tree, and strung it up high.  When finished, the need to get into warm, dry clothing, and brew a cup of tea, was calling to her cold body.  She was loaded with blood, and needed to clean up before she changed clothing.

Stripping down to nothing, she unwrapped her injured ankle from the rabbit hide, so she could wiggle out of her wet britches.  Remembering not to get it wet, she re-wrapped it with the rabbit fur, then stood out in the chilly windy rain, and washed herself clean.

Quickly, she went into her tent and took off the wet rabbit hide that covered her ankle, and put on black leggings with an orange lama hair sweater.  She dried her hair with a towel while watching the rain pour down.  Waiting for the rain to let up, she thought of Jack.  “I wonder if he is okay?  There is no way he will come tonight with this rain, but you never know.”  The rain was making Celeste sleepy, but she had to get that ram put up before evening time came.  Wolf came to the tent seeking shelter from the rain.  Celeste let him, and rubbed him down with the towel she used to dry herself off.

“Wolf, your ear looks nasty, and its hot to the touch.”  Wolf shook his head, then pawed at the wound.  Celeste reached into her backpack, pulled out a healing ointment, and loaded the poultice on his ear.  “Don’t shake it off, son, leave it alone,” she warned him with love.  Wolf whined, trying desperately not to touch his ear.  She lovingly patted her friend to ease the pain.  “I love ya’ my Wah-ya!” she spoke with affection.

The storm kicked up another notch, sending Quad to find shelter under the large pine by Celeste’s tent.  She pulled out a small heating unit that would be able to cook under a candle light.  Poured a little water into a tin cup, then added a tea bag, and waited for the water to boil. She sat silently in peace, watching the rain fall down, while patting her sleeping wolf.

“Awe…Cheri, you love me?”  Celeste smiled.  What timing the Captain had, invading her clear mind with his yummy voice. “It’s raining my darlin’, and you couldn’t have picked a better time to say hello, my Wah-ya.  I did not mean to call on you, Valis.  I also, call my wolf, Wah-ya at times, so it was he, I told I love you too.”  Celeste spoke quietly to Valis. Wolf opened his eyes, and looked at Celeste, she gently smiled at him.

“The beast is lucky to be with you, my love. How are you?  Did you get your knife back?”  Valis inquired.  For over an hour the lovers spoke quietly to each other.  Not in a sexual way, but talking about everything that had happened, even the crazy hunt she experienced. When the rain let up, Celeste said her good-byes to her soul mate.

“God, I thank you for this wonderful gift of an energy connection I have with Valis, I am bless!”  Her body was warm with love, and from the tea.  She was ready to tackle the ram with good spirits.


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