“Now this is good girl! Damn good, if you ask me. Awe…a woman smoking a cigar, who would ever think?”


The rain finally lighten up enough for Celeste to work on the ram. She changed back into her Indian clothing since they were already wet and dirty, then proceed to clean out the ram.   Wolf laid down beside her, waiting for more of the tasty morsels of the ram, that she shared.  She built a fire under the dry pine tree.  Took out her pan to fry some of the meat slowly.  Adding a little water, herbs to the meat so it would be easier for Jack to eat.  She finished dressing the animal, when evening was settling in.  Celeste became worried about Jack.  The minute she thought about the man, Wolf growled towards the woods.  Jack limped out carrying his backpack.

Celeste, smiled to see the old man.  He was growing on her, an enjoyed his company the short time she had spent with him.  “Smells good, Nujalik! Good size sheep too!”  He smiled his toothless grin at her.  “I named you correctly Hialeah, you are a great hunter!” Celeste put a pot of water near the fire to boil, and threw in some instant coffee.  “Well, I have a story to tell you how we got this booger.  Give me a few moments to clean up, and we will sit and talk about it.”

Wolf got up and laid against Jack, for a scratch.  “His ear looks infected, can I put something different on it?  Hey, is that coffee I smell.”  “Sure is Skippy, one question at a time remember?”  She gave him a devilish smile with a wink, Jack smiled back.

“I thought to spoil you tonight since it’s been a while you had coffee.  Besides, I would like to take this wrap off my ankle, and take a dip in the pool before we eat.  I don’t know what you used to heal my ankle, but it feels great.  It’s still sore, but not like it was two days ago.  I would be glad if you could do the same with Wolf’s ear.”

Celeste sat on the ground in front of Jack, giving him her leg.  When he finished unwrapping her ankle, she was in total amazement.  The ring around her ankle was still nasty, but it wasn’t infected anymore.  She still had the bruising, but not as deep in color as before.  “Amazing Jack! What the heck, is in that stuff you use?”

The old man said nothing, and turned his attention to the wolf’s ear.  When he finished with his task, Celeste offered him a cup of coffee, he quickly took a sip.  “Mumm…good! It’s been a long time.”  Jack commented while relishing on the flavor of the brew. “Well I need to go clean up Jack before dinner, so sit here with Wolf, and enjoy your Mississippi mud.”  Jack gave Celeste a puzzled look.

Celeste limped towards the water hole with her soap.  She could care less if Jack watched or not, she took off her clothing and started to wash out the blood.  She knew her outfit was ruined; nevertheless, she tried to scrub away the stains.  The rain started to come down hard and fast.  She placed her outfit on a rock and jumped into the pool.  The water was colder than she remembered, but she took her time cleaning herself.   Loving the rain falling down upon her face, while resting against the embankment of a rock.  Her ankle began to throb, so she left her clothing on the rock and headed to her tent.  When she got close enough she lightly spoke out to Jack.  “Turn your head old man, I need to pass by you nude to get dry clothing on.”  Jack chuckled, “Shit, woman I already seen you nude, so get on with your business.”  Celeste smiled and didn’t think anything of it when she passed him by.

Feeling cleaner and dryer, Celeste joined her companions.  Quad sought out the safety of the pines by her tent and fire, while wolf was resting next to Jack.  She poured herself a cup of coffee, then sat on a log next to the warmth of the fire.  “Do I smell potatoes?” Celeste asked Jack.  “Yes you do little one and I added some fresh mushrooms to the meat.  Your spices is good, but needed more ingredients.”

“Well I am hungry, and it really smells yummy.   I thank-a-kindly for the goods bud.”  Celeste dished out the dinner, both sat silently watching the rain while they ate.  “Good meat girl!”  “Good ingredients!” She replied.  The rain stopped long enough for Celeste to clean up.  She put on more coffee to brew, went into her tent and came out with her flask and two cigars.

Jack smiled when Celeste offered him a cigar. “Been ages since I have had a good smoke, girl.”  He put a long stick into the fire, getting the tip hot enough to light his smoke.  He lit his and Celeste’s cigar.  “Now this is good girl!  Damn good, if you ask me.  Ah…a woman smoking a cigar, who would ever think?”  Celeste gave him a questionable look.  She unscrewed the top of her flask and offered it to Jack first.

“No thank you Nujalik, I don’t touch that stuff,” Jack replied.  Celeste nodded, not asking why.  She screwed the lid back on the flask and set it aside.   “Tell me the story of your hunt Nujalik.”  Before Celeste began her story, she filled Jack’s cup up with more coffee. Took a couple of puffs of her smoke, and let the story loose, while leaning against the large pine tree.

Picture by:  https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=C-ZqTm6f8Nr-7M&tbnid=H8Xqkk6sX1flrM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.puff.com%2Fforums%2Fvb%2Fgeneral-cigar-discussion%2F114334-women-smoking-cigars-3.html&ei=NCE_UuXjFeXt2QXQ4oGYCQ&bvm=bv.52434380,d.b2I&psig=AFQjCNFy2i0ZgEueqtJh9__xOhb4WbYDpA&ust=1379955223898950

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    1. Hello Kev! Thank you for liking it! I do hope you come on by anytime and check out the older and recent post of Wounded Soldier Also, Slingshot is before WS….check this one out too this book is published but on my blog I did the unspoken words to the novel! Hugs and thank you for stopping by!

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