“Great huntress I am honored to be in your company, and you too Wolf!”


When Celeste finished her story about her hunt, Jack smiled and patted the sleeping wolf by his side.  “He is good for you Nujalik, you both belong together.”  Celeste looked at her partner in crime and agreed with Jack’s findings.  She took a long draw on her cigar as she watched the rain fall. “Okay, Jack, I would like to know your story.  How is it possible that you live in these woods alone?”  

Jack contemplated on his words.  Celeste stayed quiet, waiting for him to begin his tale. She could feel his hesitation, but what intrigued her more was his thoughts. “I told you Injun…stay out of my head! I will tell you what I want you to know, nothing more…you got that!”  Celeste simply stated to Jack, “Well get on with it dude, sheesh…by the time you begin, the first snow fall probably will be here.”  Jack gave her a cross look, “You have a sharp tongue girl, and lack patience.  Has anyone told you this before?”  “Yep, they have, and I hold that title with pride!”  Celeste ripped out,  Jack chuckled. 

“Your husband must have his hands full with you?” Celeste didn’t like his comment, she just gave him a dirty look and said nothing.  Minutes ticked by in silence when Celeste popped off.  “Stop pussy footin’ around hombre!  Or are you scared to let your ghost free?”  Jack gave Celeste a crooked smile, “I fear nothing cowgirl.”  Celeste took another puff of her cigar and gave Jack an evil eye look, and spoke out…”Right!”  

When Celeste spoke her word, Wolf became alert and started to growl. He quickly got up and stood by the dead ram hanging in the pine tree.  Hairs standing up on the wolf’s back, ready to pounce, Quad took off into the light rain away from the group. Celeste flicked her cigar out into the rain, and quickly ran in her tent for her bow and arrows.  Jack stood up and had a huge Bowie knife he produced out of his backpack.  “It’s bear, he smells your meat girl!” Jack said.  

“Oh, hell no!  He ain’t getting nothin’!”  Celeste scanned the woods with her bow an arrow drawn, wolf looked at Celeste waiting for a command.  “Stay boy, we will do this together if we have too!”  Wolf bared his teeth, Jack stood by Celeste with Bowie knife ready.

“You know, Nujalik that bear is a mean one.  I have been trying to get him for over three years now.  That trap I set was for him, not you.”  “Shush!”  Celeste barked out.  She needed silence to hear the sounds. Celeste watched Wolf’s reactions, she knew his hearing was better than hers. “Old man, can you climb a tree?”  Celeste asked Jack softly. “No I don’t woman, I am too old for that shit.  I am staying right here with…”  Jack didn’t finish his statement when they watched a deer run for it’s life towards Celeste. Wolf was ready to pounce on the deer when Celeste commanded him to stay.  She stepped out of its way and let the deer pass.  In no time at all the bear showed itself.  

Celeste raised her eyes in shock when she saw the huge beast racing through the woods. She only had a few yards to kill the bear before he entered their campsite.  Celeste felt something whizzed pass her ear, Jack had thrown his knife at the beast.  She had no time to waste.  Arrow after arrow plunged into the bear with great force.  The bear was almost on top of them when Wolf distracted him.  The bear stopped, stood up on his hind legs and took a swipe at the wolf with a huge bear claw.  Wolf cried out in pain, Celeste let several arrows loose, one right after another.  They embedded itself into the chest of the bear.  The beast roared it’s anger into the face of Celeste, then charged at her.   

Celeste wanted to run for her life, but stayed firmed.  She had one more arrow left, when wolf jumped on the back of the bear.  “He tires Nujalik, one more arrow, quick!”  Jack barked out.  With all her might she drew the arrow and let it fly towards the bear’s heart. She dropped her bow quickly and withdrew her knife.  Ready to finish him off if he came any closer to her.  Wolf was ripping into the back of the bears head, when the beast dropped to the ground two yards from her.

When the bear fell to the ground, Wolf finished him off biting into his throat.  Jack didn’t waste time, he limped his way to the bear and pulled his knife out of the beast’s shoulder.  Celeste couldn’t move, she watched Jack cut out the beast’s claws with his blade.  Then chanted in Eskimo around the bear’s dead carcass. Wolf quickly went to Celeste’s side.  She looked at her beautiful friend with admiration.   

Her body began to shake uncontrollable, immediately she went to get her flask of whiskey on the ground by the fire, sat down on the log and took a LONG swig of the stuff. Not wanting to puke her guts out from the trauma and drama, she took another big drink while listening to Jack’s chanting. 

She sat next to the fire, trying to get rid of the chills that invaded her body. Jack walked over to her, patted her on the back and spoke lightly.  “Great huntress I am honored to be in your company, and you too Wolf!”  Wolf wagged his tail, but didn’t leave Celeste’s side. She took another long drink of the whiskey in her flask.  “I will take some of that now, if you don’t mind.  I think both of us could use a drink!  Look I even pissed myself from fright!”  Celeste handed him her flask, and looked at his private area.  She busted out with laughter. “Oh, boy some fine hunters we are!”  Was all Celeste could say with a smile… 



Picture by: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=NpzgKy3SYL2a2M&tbnid=pabI95BvPyzDEM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fhqwallpapers4free.com%2Fwild-animal%2Fartistic-wolf-huntress-running-drawings-julie-bell-desktop-wallpaper-1096902%2F&ei=-VxAUrfLHqiD2QXh-YH4DQ&bvm=bv.52434380,d.b2I&psig=AFQjCNFQmTP9Tcr8puEx39Cjasx42heCrg&ust=1380036215414423




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