“I see your junk in your trunk!” She said while busting out with uncontrollable laughter.


“Okay, Mr. Piss Butt, take them britches off so I can wash them!”  Jack gave her an embarrassed smile, then proceeded to take his pants off.  Celeste got up and went to her tent for a blanket to wrap him up in.  “Be thankful, I didn’t shit me pants Jack, then both of us would be in a shitty pickle.”  Celeste giggled while handing him the small blanket to cover his goods.  He reached for the blanket, but she quickly took it away teasing him to no end.  “I see your junk in your trunk!”  She said while busting out with uncontrollable laughter.

Jack stood with only his shirt, no underpants and dirty socks on.  “You’re drunk, you cruel woman!”  She then gave him the blanket to cover himself.  “Give me those socks too, I think I have a pair for you to wear and keep.  I do believe those socks have seen better days!”  She turned around and entered her tent.  Quickly grabbing a pair of clean white tube socks, she handed them to Jack with glee on her face.  He mumbled words under his breath, making Celeste smile more, while he took the socks from her and put them on. He handed her his dirty socks, she quickly threw them into the fire.  Jack gave her a scowl. “Don’t say a word dude, I gave you a new pair.  If you think I am going to wash those piece of shits, then you are sadly mistaken!”  Jack didn’t say a word he just smiled.

Celeste took his pissy pant’s down to the little pond of water with her soap.  The rain had stopped, but the night air was getting chillier.  Quad was drinking his fill of water, when she arrived.  “Thank god my man you are safe.  What a smart boy you are.”  She put down the dirty clothing and went to pet her buddy.  She took a deep breath of her friend’s scent, while giving him a hearty hug around his neck.  Adoring the smell of him, she silently thanked Mother Earth for protecting him.

Celeste began to wash the old man’s pants, while reliving the scene of the bear.  Pure dumb ass luck it was to be able to kill a bear like that.  When finished she grabbed her wet buckskin outfit and headed back to the fire.  Hanging the wet clothing on the limbs of a pine tree, she took note that Jack and Wolf was checking out the bear.

She didn’t know what time it was, but sure it had to be after midnight.  “How about some coffee Jack?  I think we will be cleaning out that bear till morning.” Jack was too busy with the bear, he paid her no mind.  Not needing an answer, she put a pot of water to boil by the fire, and threw in more of her instant coffee.  They both had to clean the bear out if they were going to savage the meat.  Celeste began to worry that she might get into trouble with the law for killing that bear. “Well, the deed is done.  I will give everything to Jack, because if I take that home, I am sure someone will turn me in.  Besides, I don’t have another horse to carry the load.”  Celeste mumbled to herself.

She grabbed her Bowie knife and headed towards Jack and Wolf.  For the first time since all three of them killed the bear, she was able to see how many hits the big black bear took.  She could not remember how many arrows she drove into the beast, until she counted seven. They were all broken in half when the bear fell to his doom.  Celeste stood silently looking at the arrows.  A tear rolled down her cheek, she quickly wiped it away.

“I feel your sadness woman, why?”  Jack didn’t look at her, he felt her lost feelings of something beloved.  Softly Celeste gave him a reason, “I have had those arrows since I was a little girl Jack.  My grandfather made them for me.”  Jack looked at the spitfire, softly adding, “They were strong arrows Nujalik, be honored that they killed this beast. Bear is hard to take down if you don’t have strong arrows.  I wish I would have brought my gun, but didn’t think we were going to kill a bear!”  Celeste smiled at Jack, she pulled up her sleeves and began to gut and skin the bear with Jack’s help. But not before she chanted her Indian blessing upon the dead animal.

Jack surprised her when he cut out the heart, offering her the bloody raw blob to eat.  “Is you nuts, hombre! I ain’t eating that raw. ”  Jack smiled and told her, “This is important medicine Nujalik to a hunter.  We honor the strength of the beast by eating it raw.”  She watched him cut a piece of the heart and put it into his mouth.  Jack began to savor the taste of the raw heart with yummy sick smacking sounds.  Celeste wanted to throw up, “Your gross dude, absolutely gross!”  Jack laughed and cut another piece and gave it to Wolf. He then cut a small piece and offered it to her.  She looked at the piece and thought, What the hell! She shocked herself when she reached for the bloody piece and quickly threw it into her mouth.  She was surprised that it wasn’t as gross as she had thought it would be.  “Good huh”… Jack asked offering her more, she turned him down.

They finished their task late into the early morning light.  Exhausted, and full bellies they sat by the fire hardly speaking to each other. “Go into the tent Jack and rest.  I think we both had a long night and morning.  When we wake up, I will load Quad up and take the meat to where you live.  Does that sound good to you?”  Jack didn’t say anything, but went into the tent.  Celeste just curled up next to Wolf and quickly fell asleep!

Picture by: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=dVBBl97BynIhdM&tbnid=_RAk5a09WQsswM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.flickr.com%2Fphotos%2Fdanieleskridge%2F5857303951%2F&ei=4L9BUty1BuXP2wWCqICgBA&bvm=bv.52434380,d.b2I&psig=AFQjCNHj74t5QoPLT-nAuWVEnZHqIr9kJQ&ust=1380126807826321

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