“Do not judge me Nujalik, we all have our faults.”


Celeste slept on till late afternoon, awaken by Quad nudging her with his whisker muzzle. Quad pulled on her ear lightly to wake her up.  “Hum…I am trying boy, but I seem to be wiped out.  My body is so sore.”  She gently reached her hand up and patted her companion. “Okay, I am up just give me a second.  Celeste opened her tired eyes and noticed Quad was loaded with bear on his back.  

She sat up quickly, taking note Wolf was gone.  The sun was shinning brightly, not knowing the time of day.  She stuck a stick in the ground facing north and guesstimated the time was 2:00 p.m.  “Jack?” she called out in a worried tone.  “Right here, Nujalik!”  As Jack walked up behind her, answering her call.  

“Why did you not wake me to help you load up Quad?  You should not be doing this by yourself, old man.”  “Time is wasting girl, and we need to get this meat prepared before it spoils.  I have made a small fire by the ram so it will dry and make your journey home. It will keep other animals away until you return.  But we have to get this bear to my hut. Can I have the head from the ram?”  Celeste was still groggy from her sleep, and nodded yes to Jack.  

“Well give me a second and I will get dress.  Are you hungry or need a cup of tea before we leave?” she asked him.  “Nope don’t need nothing. I ate enough last night and there is tea still hot by the fire I made you.  So get up and let’s get moving!”  

Celeste tried to get up slowly, everyone of her muscles were sore to the core.  Stretching your body to get the circulation flowing, she yawned and grabbed her lower back, rubbing the ache away.  “I can’t sleep on the ground much longer Jack, son of bitchen age!”  She bellowed out.   “Well aren’t we in a good mood today?”  Jack smiled at the spitfire woman.   Celeste gave Jack a mean snicker with her lips and didn’t utter a word.

In less than 10 minutes, Celeste was back into her dry buckskin attire, ready for the hike to Jack’s camp.  Her ankle was better, but she still had a limp to her walk.  She would be unable to ride Quad, due to his heavy load with the bear meat and ram head strapped to his body.  “You going to brush that mop of yours girl?”  Celeste pulled her wild curly long hair away from her face, thinking it had been a while since she comb out the mass. 

“Hell no, I am gonna leave it just to piss you off! Besides, you can’t brush a mop ass wipe!” Celeste stood with both hands on her hips staring and daring Jack to say another word.  “Nasty mouth woman, I have lye soap back at my hut.  I plan to use it to wash your mouth out when we get there.  Too bad I don’t have any nice pills at home, you could use the whole darn bottle!”  Celeste thought about what Jack said, and realized she was being a bitch.  “Sorry, I am not sure why I am becoming sharp tongue and nasty at times. Please forgive me grandfather?”

Jack raised his eyebrows when she spoke grandfather.  Celeste didn’t know why she called him her grandfather.  She became puzzled with confusion and started to get teary eyed.  One  minute she was nasty, and then the next she began to cry.  Tears streaming down her cheeks uncontrollably, she quickly turned and walked away from Jack and Quad, while trying to get her composure together.  Jack and Quad patiently waited where she left them.

It took Celeste about 15 minutes to pull her crap together, then returned to the men and began their journey, speechless to her companions.  Jack filled the void by telling Celeste ancient stories of the Eskimo way of life. Celeste feeling more like herself, she finally spoke up and asked Jack why he was living in New Mexico.  Jack gave Celeste a blank look, she turned away from his look and waited patiently without saying a word to him.  Before he began his tale, he stopped and made Celeste look at him.

“Do not judge me Nujalik, we all have our faults.  Before I begin my tale I have to tell you that I have seen your grandfather in my dreams.”  Celeste’s eyes raised in shock, staying silent, she looked deeply into the old man’s eyes.  “He is a tall Scottish Woodsman, Nujalik.  He loves you to pieces and is very proud of you.”  Celeste’s eyes began tearing. “He came to me the first night I had your knife.  He told me where to find you to return his knife to the rightful owner.  You see, I was not going to give the knife back to you.  It is a good knife.”  Jack smiled his shame to Celeste. 

“But your knife has a curse on it Nujalik, it is forever tied to you. Your grandfather has never left you girl,  his spirit is inside that metal!”  Celeste pulled the blade out from her moccasin, lovingly she stroked it not saying a word. “It would be an honor for you to call me grandfather, if you like.  I know you have no family, except your daughters and husband.  You are the last of your breed girl, and the best damn woman I have ever seen. You have a very strong power that lives inside you that you don’t really realize you have.  Many spirits protect you Hialeah Elena!”  Jack spoke softly to Celeste.

“How do you know that I have two daughters an a husband Jack?  I did not tell you that!”  Celeste felt stupid when she asked him the question.  She realized he probed into her soul without her noticing his invasion.  “You talk in your sleep girl, and yes I did learn more about your exposed energy when I first met you hanging upside down.  You kept mumbling names, especially a man’s name Valis.  He is not your husband, but he is your soul mate, isn’t he child of the light and earth?”

Celeste was floored! 






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