“You shut your PIE HOLE up woman! Get your crap together right now!”


While holding her grandfather’s Bowie knife, she stroked the metal with care.  Jack watched Celeste’s attitude change to light into darkness after telling his shame to her.  “What else do you know about me Jack?  Or are you going to tell me when you see fit?”  Celeste gave Jack a dangerous look. “Well as I see it spitfire, you have enough junk in your trunk to create a novel.  So don’t get peed off girl, your secret is safe with me!”

Celeste became defensive and ripped out foul words to Jack with venom. “Listen Mother F&^%&^, it’s not a secret that I have a soul mate.  So if the story was told to my husband, then SO BE IT!”  Celeste’s face was turning beet red with anger.  Quad started to side step to get away from her ugly energy.  “It’s not like I went out and had an affair with every Tom, Dick, and Harry.  Like most women and men would do when their marriage SUCKS…Besides, Valis was ordained by my Cherokee grandmother. What the F*&^% am I telling you this for?  I could give a hoot an Annie, what you think, so piss off!”

Jack stood watching the wild women vent her anger out upon him.  He had to deescalate the situation and fast before she became a raving lunatic.  As foul words exploded out of Celeste’s mouth.  She suddenly ranted and raved about everything that was building up inside her for many years.  She wasn’t making sense anymore, her yelling was letting out all the lost, anger, sacrifices, helpless feelings that she had kept hidden an endured for many years, burst forth.  Jack watched Celeste lose it as she stomped on the ground back and forth yelling out her anger.

While she was busy ripping him a new asshole, he looked on the ground and saw a good strong stick of wood.  He picked it up and turned around while Celeste’s back was facing him and gave her a good hard swat on the rear with the stick, not once but twice. “OUCH….you Son of Bitch!” Celeste turned around immediately ready to sock the old man with her fist bunched up, and the other hand held the dangerous knife ready to cut his tongue out.

“You shut your PIE HOLE up woman! Get your crap together right now.  I’m not going to stand here and listen to you pop off your ugly mouth to me anymore!  You woman, have some serious issues brewing!”  Both stood facing each other steaming with heat, daring one another to make a move.

Celeste was fuming…she hadn’t been ass licked like that since her grandfather gave her a good whooping with a hickory stick for being rude to her elders. It was Jack who broke up the silence between the two.  “Girl your eyes turn forest green when you are madder than a hornet.”   Celeste didn’t know what to say.  She looked at Jack and spit out…”Let’s go old man, so I can be rid of you!”

“We are not moving till you apologize to me right here and now girl!”  Jack held the stick up firmly ready to use it again.  “You’re darn lucky I don’t use this switch to whip it across your foul mouth.  What the heck is a matter with you girl?  Stop acting so tough, when you know your heart and spirit is breaking.  Don’t let them win, Nujalik!”

Something snapped in Celeste when she heard him tell her that her heart is broken. For moments they stood silently while she figured out what the heck just happened. Swallowing her pride, she apologized to him.  Then without warning, Jack found Celeste giving him a hug while sobbing her sorry’s to him.  He stood ridged…it has been a long time since he had felt a human’s hug.

“I’m sorry sir, I will try to get it together.  Can you forgive me?”  Celeste released Jack from her hug, while looking into his eyes.  “Now, now Nujalik it will be okay.  It was my fault too, I shouldn’t have said those things to you in your condition.”  Jack softly spoke while feeling embarrassed by the hug Celeste gave him.

They both gathered themselves, and proceeded through the heavy woods speaking lightly to each other.  In an hour, they passed the site where Celeste was caught in the snare Jack had made to catch the bear.  She watch her stallion carry the load on his back with the bear meat, while stepping lightly and sure footed around the timbers of fallen trees with ease.

“We are almost to my hut girl,  another half an hour time.”  Jack said while slowly weaving in and out of the heavy wooded trees.  Celeste didn’t hear him, she was too busy reliving the memory of hanging upside down. while thinking what the heck did she say in her mumbling.

Picture by:  https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=JGLyJBgWCm_FPM&tbnid=I26z2kGnxBkUCM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.sodahead.com%2Fliving%2Fis-it-child-abuse-to-spank-your-childs-bare-butt-with-a-belt%2Fquestion-107622%2Fcomment-3497415%2F&ei=3l9EUvqhJYfd2AXO8oHQBg&bvm=bv.53217764,d.b2I&psig=AFQjCNE-Yn39Xzh2MISsYIxoifH8fjoetg&ust=1380298919966880

2 thoughts on ““You shut your PIE HOLE up woman! Get your crap together right now!”

  1. Poor Celeste her fighting menapause then meeting her match in another type of person who I applaud for giving her a reality check. Good going Dawn, really love your creative story with Celeste.

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