“Well Jack I think you would sleep all day if I left you alone. But that isn’t happening, so come sit up lazy bones and eat some breakfast with me in bed.”


Breakfast was made yet Jack was not up.  Celeste went to his room with a tray loaded with pancakes and bacon.  She lightly knocked on his door. “Jack are you up?” Jack did not answer. Celeste became nervous remembering a long time ago doing the same thing for her grandfather. Only her grandfather had passed away later in the morning.  She lightly turned the knob and opened the door.  She smiled and saw Jack sprawled out all over the large king size bed.

“Hey wild thing you going to sleep all day?  Looks like you are digging this bed.” Celeste put the tray down next to the bed and sat down on the edge of the bed.  Jack slowly moved and groaned. “Woman what the hell you doing in here?  Can’t a man sleep in peace?” Celeste giggled.  “Well Jack I think you would sleep all day if I left you alone.  But that isn’t happening, so come sit up lazy bones and eat some breakfast with me in bed.” 

Jack covered his naked body with the blankets while Celeste fixed his pillows to lean against the headboard.  “WOW…is that bacon and pancakes Nujalik?  It smells so good girl!” Celeste didn’t say a word she was smiling with love.  She sat the tray in front of him and grabbed her cup of coffee and sat next to him in bed.  “What you got on under those covers wild man?” Celeste gave Jack a devilish look.  “Woman it’s too early for your naughty thoughts.” Jack smiled and picked up his coffee and took a few sips. 

“Jack we have a busy day today and it’s almost ten in the morning.  I would have let you sleep longer, but we have to pack up and get on the road.” Jack looked at Celeste in bewilderment.  “It’s ten already, I have never slept this late.  Nujalik my body feels wonderful after that bath.  I slept so good girl!” Celeste softly spoke, “It’s amazing what a hot tub does for you, huh?  All I can say is, I will never give you bubble juice again!” Jack blushed while eating his bacon, Celeste giggled out loud.

After a smashing great time in bed with laughter and talk, Celeste left his room and began to pack up the truck.  Finishing her task she went to the land line phone and called the number to the bank in California.  Nothing prepared her for the conversation.  Giving the bank man her social security number and birthday, he gave her the information about her investments.  She had to sit down at the breakfast table in the kitchen.  Her body began to shake with joy!

In the end, she would have to make a quick stop in San Francisco bank to pick up her funds, and close the account.  Jack knocked her out of her crazy thoughts when he entered the kitchen all gussy up in his new duds.  She smiled and told him he looked handsome,  Jack blushed.

A knock on the door took both of them by surprise.  Celeste got up from the table and went to answer the door.  The young officer smiled at Celeste when she opened the door.  “Good morning Celeste.  I am sorry for bothering you this day, but I don’t know why my head was muddled when I pulled you over.  I thought I better check out your driver’s license just to make sure your legit.  I hope you don’t mind,  but can I see your license?” Celeste wanted to laugh but thought against it.  “Sure, come in out of the cold and let me get it for you.” 

Jack snarled at the officer, remembering their encounter.  The officer smiled at Jack and said, “Hope you enjoyed that fish.” Jack didn’t say anything he turned on his heels and headed back to his room.  Celeste handed over her license to the cop, he checked it out and gave it back to her. “Sorry for the inconvenience.  You look great for your age Celeste!”  She kept her composure acting nonchalant.  “No worries, sir.  Thank you for the compliment.  I just appreciate you being patient with me and not giving me a ticket.” The man smiled and thanked her, then left the cozy cabin.  Celeste took a deep breath of relief.


picture by: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=ZPK8zsti3UjPFM&tbnid=0TCorEJMWrdgZM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Ftheveronicas.buzznet.com%2Fphotos%2Fmothersdaygifts%2F%3Fid%3D53154571&ei=_2ByUv6tFqjK2gWcyICQBQ&bvm=bv.55819444,d.cWc&psig=AFQjCNFB45XfG8zDyIs9ZhEwDoAU02fRjQ&ust=1383313894580703


“Who you are makes no different in life, it’s what you do that makes you a special person!”


Celeste had to open the large windows and take out the screens to push the bubbles outside. All evening and into the early morning she worked on wiping down the walls and floors.  When she finished she went into the kitchen and made a pot of coffee.  Quietly, she went into Jack’s room to see how he was doing.  He was sound to sleep and in a serious snoring mood.  She smiled softly and closed his door, then headed back to the kitchen for her cup of Joe.

She sat by the fire and put another log into the blaze.  As she looked around the cozy home her eyes stopped on her cedar chest. It had been ages since she last looked inside the contents of the large chest.  All her childhood memories were locked up inside the chest.  It was also the same chest she had found money in when her grandfather passed away a very long time ago.

Slowly she got up carrying her cup of coffee over to the beautiful crafted box.  Her hand slid over the gorgeous wood carving of two doves flying in the air with ribbons.  She opened the heavy lid and looked at her meager belongings.  “Someone was in this box, I am sure it was my husband. Why would he snoop into something that does not belong to him?”   She saw the picture of her grandfather and grandmother on her mother’s side.  Touching Henry’s face with her finger she whispered, “I miss you papa!  My life is getting too crazy and I don’t understand what is happening to me.  Wish you were here to help me out.  I think I have made a mess out of my life papa.  I abandon my marriage, I left my children behind, I am taking a wounded soldier home, and now I can’t sleep and have energy like there is no tomorrow.  My hair is white and black and I have this power inside me that I really don’t understand.”

Celeste covered her face with her hands, then spoke out lightly.  “Who am I?  Please someone tell me who I am?” For a few minutes she sat by the chest pondering on her life with tears in her eyes. She heard Wolf scratch on the back door.  She got up and went to let him inside the house. “Holy crud, it’s snowing!”  Wolf shook his wet body and quickly went to lay down by the toasty fire.

Celeste watched the massive down pour of snow drop to the ground.  “Oh shit, we have to leave, or we might be stuck here for another night.  We can’t stay here.  If that cops comes around again, I know without a shadow of doubt I am doomed.  Snap, there must be about a foot of snow already.” She closed the door and went back in the living room.  Wolf looked up at Celeste and wagged his tail.  Celeste sat on the floor with Wolf looking into the fire.  “Help me?  What should I do?”

An hour passed by Celeste while sitting in front of the fire for an answer.

“Child of the light, have no worries, the snow has stopped.  You must leave soon because your husband searches for you and the truck. Look inside the cedar chest and you will know what to do.  You must stay hidden for a month with Jack, then you have one more journey before you come home to Mother Earth.  Do you understand Hialeah?  Also, check your passport and driving license.  We are sure this will lesson your fears.”  Celeste nodded her head yes silently.

She got up off the floor and went to the chest.  Slowly she took out some of her belongings, when she saw a letter at the bottom of the chest, she smiled with glee.  She had forgotten the money she had stashed away in California before she met her husband.  She opened the letter and life couldn’t be any better for Celeste.  She had stored over $50,000.00 dollars in stocks and bonds for over 30 years. “I had forgotten about this money.  Why didn’t I think about it after all these years?” Celeste began to cry softly.  She quickly got into her suitcase and found her ID and passport.  When she saw the picture on the ID and passport she was static with happiness. “How is that possible? You are amazing Mother spirit for helping me!” Celeste giggled.  “Thank you heavens for protecting me.  I am so bless and do not deserve this!  I swear I am so stupid at times!” A soft voice spoke out.

“You are not stupid Hialeah, you are deserving for all the unconditional love you have given to people, earth and family.  You do not abuse the process of life child.  You are humble with a beautiful giving soul.  You are different than most people, never forget that!  Who you are makes no different in life, it’s what you do that makes you a special person!”

Before she was going to place all her belongings back into the cedar chest, she kissed the picture of her grandparents and quickly put all the stuff back into the box with her arrows Jack made her.  She picked up the letter planning to make a telephone call to the bank when they opened. Celeste had a new spring in her step, she was a happy camper as she went into the lovely kitchen and began to make them a huge breakfast.

picture by;  https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=Q9RiMmieoubqnM&tbnid=QiX5WTbwf5zzEM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Freallifespirituality.com%2Fwho-am-i-ego-higher-self%2F&ei=WCNxUuKaN6iv2QXXroGgBg&bvm=bv.55617003,d.b2I&psig=AFQjCNF5lb2LdMyA-k2NUy5NpM9k0UMBPA&ust=1383232645186895

“Kiss, Kiss my old wise one, may you always be bless by the grace of God!”


Celeste was on her second glass of wine sitting next to the fireplace when the new and improved Jack stepped into the living room.  “Well I be dude, you clean up real good!” Celeste smiled at Jack in a devilish way.  “Nujalik, these are good cloths.  I like these pants, they are warm and good for winter.” Jack picked his butt, pulling the colored underwear from riding up his ass.  Celeste chuckled and said, “So how do you like your underwear?  I know its been a long time since you wore a pair.”  Jack smiled then offered, “They are colored girl.  I have never seen whitey tighty’s like this.” Celeste roared with laughter.  “Well Jack I had to get you some sexy draws, never know you might meet an Eskimo lady when you return home.” Jack blushed.

“Here Jack have a seat, I have a few things for you.  Would you like a glass of wine?” Jack agreed and sat down on the soft sofa.  She returned quickly and handed him the glass.  He took a sip and smiled.  “Good wine, been forever since I had a drink of this stuff.” She watched him slowly take another sip, relishing in the after taste of the drink.

Celeste sat across from Jack by the fireplace and smiled with love.  She started to become emotional as she tried to find the right words.  “Since you are returning home my friend, a guy has to look his best even through all kinds of weather.  There is so much I want to say Jack, but I can’t.  All I know is I adore you and your crazy ways. You have given me the best wildest hunting journey I have ever been on, and let me say that was my last hunting expedition.  Now we are almost home, and I know our time together is almost up.” Celeste wiped away a tear from her cheek.  “Awe…Nujalik, don’t cry.  I too have many things to say, but don’t know how to say them.  I am thankful God brought you to me.”  Celeste took sip of her wine and opened the first bag.

Jack’s eye opened wide and gawked at the gorgeous mink fur coat.  “You will need warm clothing Jack.  I want your old clothes so I can burn them.  You have lived all your life with just the bare essentials.  So today I thought to spoil you and set you up for your new life!  I hope you like it? Here stand up and let’s try it on.” Jack looked at Celeste dumbfounded.  No words could come to his lips.  She gently put his arms into the sleeves of the plush jacket.  The coat fit Jack perfectly.  A tear rolled down his face.  He quickly wiped it away.  “Nujalik why are you doing this for me? This must have cost you a fortune.  I can not accept this beautiful gift.”

Celeste had so many emotions bombing her all at once all she could do is go with the flow. Jack turned around and looked at Celeste.  “I simply love you my grandfather.  Never forget that, okay!”  Jack didn’t know what to say.  They both stood staring at each other unsure what to do. Celeste quickly grabbed the other bags and pulled out the working boots.  Jack loved them on the spot.  “These will be good in the coldest winter, they will keep you feet warm.  Here try them on to make sure they fit.” She handed him the boots and he happily put them on.  Smiling from ear to ear, Jack was in heaven.  “They are the perfect fit Nujalik.  WOW…I have not had a new pair of boots like this in a long time.  They feel good girl.”  Jack walked around the large living room with his new boots on.  “Well I also bought these and wasn’t sure if they would be better use in the harsh climate.”  She pulled out the otter furry boots.

Jack’s jaw about dropped to the floor. Celeste made Jack take off his boots and tried the furry critters on.  Absolutely glee was written on Jack’s face.  “Wonderful, so soft and perfect for the cold.  Nujalik you shouldn’t have!” She smiled and took another drink of her wine.  “I think your ready to return home now, don’t you?” She lightly spoke out.

“Home?  How am I going to handle this Nujalik!  Where am I going to begin?” Celeste answered Jack,  “Well my man you better think about what you plan to do.  I have a bathroom I must clean up.”  She smiled and got up from the chair and let Jack to his thoughts alone.  She had to get that bathroom cleaned up and fast, because they will be leaving in the morning to get the heck out of Reno.

As she got up to go clean the bathroom, Jack softly said.  “Stay there for a minute girl, I too have something for you.”  Celeste’s eyes raised and said, “Really? Jack there is nothing I need or want but seeing you happy.  So I think you can’t top what I did here, so just tell me you love me and then we will call it even Steven!”  Jack gave her a scowl and barked out.  “Woman you don’t do well in receiving.  You give and give, but never ask for nothing in return.  You are a good yet odd woman Nujalik.  I have never met a woman like you who is Guardian of the Forest, Huntress of wild life, child of the light, and spirit woman to Henry the Great!”  Celeste’s eyes were tearing up with all the praise Jack bestowed upon her.  She watched him turn around on his furry heels and head to his bedroom.

He came back out carrying his backpack.  The large black bear fur was new to Celeste.  She smiled knowing it was from the bear him and her killed.   He sat down gently on the couch and dug into his pack.  “Nujalik, I know it broke your heart seeing the most precious thing you lost on a day that neither one of us suspected to happen.  I know they can’t be replace, but its a good start!” Celeste became confused until she opened her mouth wide in shock.

Jack pulled out the best looking arrows she has ever seen.  Twelve arrows perfectly crafted from the bone of the bear. The points were broadheads of sharp pointed steel, giving the arrows a mechanical type stream line entry upon impact of a kill.   The end of the arrows were adored with Golden Eagle feathers.  Celeste didn’t know what to say.  She looked at Jack with grace an undying love.  He quietly handed her the gift.

Light weight and straight, she scanned the quality arrows from inch to inch.  “Jack, I…I don’t…” Jack cut her off and stood beside her.  “You are worth it Nujalik for all that you have given me.  It was the least I can do to thank you.”  Celeste hugged the arrows to her breast and freely cried. She stood up after a few moments and hugged the heck out the old man.

Unable to say a word, Celeste released Jack from her bear hug and took a few steps away from him.   Jack watched the spitfire stop and blow him a kiss.  “Kiss, Kiss my old wise one, may you always be bless by the grace of God!” She slowly turned around to begin the task of cleaning up the bubbly bathroom, leaving Jack speechless and emotional.

picture by:https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=YXqcc-DW7YbxWM&tbnid=Q6Ko58gVBmUkNM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fafirmin.com%2F2013%2F03%2F13%2Fyou-can-be-one-step-closer-to-achieving-any-of-your-dreams%2Fgirl-blowing-kiss-sun-glare%2F&ei=6NBvUvKxJYP-2gWm54GIDw&bvm=bv.55123115,d.b2I&psig=AFQjCNE5aXJHPE5dA7xk8tsslkQx3JA85g&ust=1383146033339803

“JACK I can’t see you? Where are you?” Jack giggled like a little kid.


Celeste walked into the men’s clothing store and felt out of place.  Her thoughts were still on the officer.  “Why didn’t he ask me further to see my license?  That was odd, because any good cop would be giving me a ticket for not having one?”  A thought quickly ran through her mind.  “He could run a check on my truck’s registration especially after I gave him my birthday.  I gotta get the hell out of here!  Oh, nuts I just hope to God my husband did not put a missing person on me and my truck.”   Celeste was approached by a young man asking if she needed assistance.

Telling the young man quickly what she needed he helped her pick out a beautiful mink fur man’s coat.  Several pairs of bib overalls lined with flannel, two turtle necks, eight pairs of thick socks and underwear.  When it came time to check out the boot department, she quickly grabbed a pair of costly furry otter snow boots and a pair of working boots.

Celeste took the garments to the counter and didn’t blink an eye of the cost.  She had the cash to spend so why not blow it!   He quickly rang up her purchases he was shock to see her pay cash and not use a credit card.  Celeste could feel the young mans nerves when she paid cash.  She quickly smiled at the man and said she struck it rich at the local casino.  The man smile and congratulated her.

She thanked the man again and quickly left the store.  While driving down the town’s road nervous as all hell; she made sure not to listen to loud music and did the posted speed.  When she pulled into the safety of her driveway she took a deep breath of relief.   Thankful for not seeing the officer out on the street, thoughts invaded her mind to leave the cozy home and get out of Reno quickly!

Arms loaded with her purchases she entered the warm home to Jack’s laughter.  His laughter made her smile instantly.  She put down the bags on the couch, and yelled out.  “Jack I am back, are you okay in there?”  “Come Nujalik, the tub has bubbles shooting out!” Jack answered out to Celeste.

As she got into the bags and cut the tags off of Jack’s new duds, again she heard his laughter. Celeste chuckled after his contagious laugh, she knew he must have found the button to start the Jacuzzi tub. She knocked on the bathroom door softly.  “Jack I got you some clothes can I come in and leave them on the counter so you can try them on?” Jack didn’t answer her but said, “Nujalik this incredible!  You must see this!”  Celeste looked down on the floor and saw bubbles trying to escape under the bathroom door.

She slowly opened the door to the medium size bathroom.  Her eyes opened wide with glee…. “JACK I can’t see you?  Where are you?” Jack giggled like a little kid.  “Right here see!” The bathroom was totally covered in bubbles to the height of Celeste’s shoulders. All she could see is nothing but bubbles.  She looked up to the ceiling, thankful they didn’t go up that high.  “Jack how much of my bubble bath liquid did you use?” Jack cackled back…”All of it woman!”  Celeste laughed so hard but then sobered up and thought of how she was going to clean it up.  “Well Jack I thought you didn’t want to take a bath? I gave you a bar of soap, not my bubble bath juice, dude!  Where is Wolf Jack?”

Wolf immediately cut a path through the thick heavy bubbles and walked up to Celeste.  She couldn’t hold on any longer.  She busted out with laughter looking at the bubbles that covered wolf.  Wolf quickly left the bathroom.   “Jack what the hell, you having a party in here and I wasn’t invited?” “Nujalik my body feels wonderful and this tub makes great bubbles.”

Celeste found a path through the bubbles and shut the jetted tub off.  “Play time is over I have to figure out how the hell I am going to get all these bubbles out of the room Jack.  Where are you old man?”  Jack stood up nude and reached his arm towards her.  “I am here…”  Celeste giggle some more.  “Okay buck I am  leaving your clothes outside, don’t slip on the floor and here is a towel.  I will be outside.”

Celeste left the bathroom door open and headed for the kitchen.  She remember seeing a bottle of red wine, and at this point it will be well deserved.  She had a long evening ahead of her with Jack being back in the real world.  She popped the cork on the wine and poured her a healthy doze of the substance.  Wolf came into the kitchen still covered with bubbles.  She left him outside in the gated backyard and watch him roll into the dirt.  She began to laugh uncontrollable of the silliness of Jack and Wolf in a mass of bubbles.

picture by: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=s_jw1gLUZpMmaM&tbnid=SZnT037iOTfcnM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.dogonews.com%2F2010%2F3%2F27%2Fwill-giant-bubble-baths-help-stop-global-warming&ei=YJZuUvy6A4XB2QWOuYGABQ&bvm=bv.55123115,d.b2I&psig=AFQjCNGYpnyZ-sYZGxarv7vOx9ALlIAs7A&ust=1383065558795184

“Man I swear you got the funk and need to wash your junk! When was the last time you had a soapy bath, Jack?”


Officer Willis sat in his squad car thinking about the old man, young woman and wolf.  He had to admit that the gal was very interesting.  Between her strange dialect, captivating eyes, white hair with a streak of black; and her intoxicating personality, he was unsure what to think of her. Especially when she had complete control of a very large Gray Wolf. The old man was really different too?  One eye, long gray hair tied into a long braid, and his animal mountain man clothing.  Sergeant Willis shook his detective thoughts out of his mind and started his engine.  He decided he would return to the beach tomorrow.

“Okay, I can stand it no more!” Celeste gave Jack a sour look then hammered out her discuss.  “I have driven with you for many hours and now sitting with you at this table I can’t stand it anymore!  I think it’s time you take a bath!” She held her nose and scrunched her lips up.  “Man I swear you got the funk and need to wash your junk!  When was the last time you had a soapy bath, Jack?”

Jack thought about it and looked at Wolf who was passed out on the floor with a full belly.  “A bath?  I think I am okay the way I am Nujalik.” Jack said in a nonchalant tone.  “Oh hell no dude, I will draw you a bath and then I expect you to get your self clean.  I am going into town to buy you some normal clothing Jack.  I can’t have you walking around like a mountain man. I think I have a good eye with your size, but I need to measure your feet so I can buy you new boots.”

Jack thought about what she said, he suddenly became stubborn.  In the end Celeste drew the bath water and put a bar of sage soap, and a razor next to the deep Jacuzzi tub.  She warned Jack she would put him in the tub herself when she returned, if he didn’t do it himself.  He promised her he would listen and do as she asked.

She left the rental in good spirits and headed for her truck.  Bringing the engine to life, she put it into gear and headed into town.  Popping in her MP3 player she turned the volume up to listen to her music loud.  She was in the moment of listening to one of her crazy tunes.  Hush, “Fired up” was ripping it, making the truck rumble with the bass beat of the music.

She cranked it even higher and started to sing along with the tune.  Acting all getto she sang and moved to the beat behind the wheel.  She was not speeding but just enjoying her loud music when she looked into her rear-view mirror and saw the police car’s emergency lights.

She lowered her tunes and moved her truck over on the right side of the road, the cop followed her. “That’s funny I was speeding?” she thought out loud.  She waited for the officer to approach her before she moved.  When the cop got out of his car, she recognized the man immediately.

She rolled down the window and waited for him.  “License and registration please!”  Sergeant Willis asked with his eyes cast down.  As he quickly looked up he saw who was behind the wheel.  “Hi again.” Celeste smiled.  “Hi.” he softly said.  “I don’t think I was speeding, so why did you pull me over?” She inquired.  “Ah, your music is too loud Miss.  We have old people here who don’t listen to rap crap.” he smiled at Celeste with amusement.

“Since I am new in town and only will be here one more day, I will remember to keep my music down.  Sorry for the disturbance.”  Sergeant Willis smiled and watched her eyes look deeply into his.  He was becoming tongue tied when he asked her again for the license and registration.  “I am sorry what did you say?” Celeste wanted to smile, but she was so nervous to hand him her license.  She did not look like the old Celeste, so if she showed him her ID she was doomed. Instead she reached in the glove box and got her registration out and handed it to the officer.

He laid quiet for a few moments, remembering her information.  “New Mexico is a long way, what brings you here in these parts Celeste?”  Sweat beads began to form at her brow, unsure what to do about her license she faked being a blonde.  “Well I am taking my uncle back to Alaska.  He will be staying at my aunt’s house, since I will be moving out of the United States.  I can’t take care of him forever you know…beside Alzheimer is rough stuff, and his mountain man ways are driving me crazy.” She babbled to occupy his mind.  She was happy he returned her registration, but then he asked for her license and birthday.

She picked up her wallet and opened it up, her ID was not there.  “Snap, where did I put it? That dang Henry took my ID again…I am sorry, I am sure its back at the house with Henry.  I am kind of in a hurry to go buy the old man some clothing, I really shouldn’t leave him alone for too long. I should have looked inside my wallet, again I am sorry.  This makes the second time we have met and it looks like I actually might get that ticket now!”

Sergeant Willis smiled, and let her off the hook again. “If you follow me I can take you to a clothing shop for men.  Then I want you to promise me to go quietly home and find your ID.  You should always make sure you drive with your license.” Luck knock on Celeste’s door she quickly agreed and followed the officer.

She followed behind the cop car when he pulled into the parking lot.  Celeste beeped her horn and waved good bye to the officer of law.  Breathing a sign of relief for getting out of this pickle, she opened the clothing store door and did some shopping.

Sergeant Willis ran a check on her name and truck.  He was happy there was no warrants out for her arrest, but he did find it odd that she did not look like she was suppose to be 52 years old.  As he thought about her, he remember that most women now and days will get plastic surgery done before admitting her age.  He smiled and headed back to the office, not thinking about the woman any longer.  She was too old for him anyways!

“What the hell is the matter with you old man? You can’t bring your knife to a brawl with the law!”


Jack was happy just sitting by the clear crisp lake of Tahoe.  Wolf laid by his side in silence, while he unraveled the fishing string with patience.  When he finished he attached the string to a sturdy stick, adding an insect on the hook.  It has been years since he fished, smiling happily he threw the line in the water.

In twenty minutes Jack had his first good bite.  Struggling to handle the man made poll before it broke, he quickly grabbed the transparent string and began to pull in his catch. Wolf became animated when he watch Jack get excited. “Wolf I got one!” Jack yelled out.  When Jack’s catch was close to the shore line he couldn’t believe his eyes.  A gorgeous 25 inch Sockeye Salmon was trapped on the hook.  Wolf was ready to pounce on his wiggling fish. “Stay back my brother I will share!” Right when he said that to Wolf the darn line snapped, causing him to lose his balance.  He flew backwards and landed on his rear on the sand.  “DAMN IT!” he bellowed out.  Wolf didn’t hesitate he jumped into the cold water and tried to catch the salmon.

Wolf got the salmon and gently laid the fish down on the ground by Jack, then shook his wet body fur in front of Jack.  “Good boy Wolf!  You sure are handy to have around!”  Jack clunked the salmon on the head with the handle of his knife and took to skinning it.  The lupus waited patently until Jack gave him some of the fresh fish. When Jack was about to put a fresh raw piece of the salmon in his mouth, wolf became alert and growled.

Jack looked into the direction Wolf was growling and took note a man in a police uniform was approaching him.  “Go get Nujalik Wolf, now!”  Wolf knew what he said, quickly he headed to the cozy cabin Celeste was in.

Celeste was dancing with excitement after her phone call.  She didn’t leak any information about Jack, but now she had a somewhat idea where his family lived, and what put the icing on the cake…Jack’s first love was still alive.

Bringing her down from the high, an overwhelming ugly feeling invaded her soul.  “Something is wrong?”  She stopped dancing and silently felt out the situation.  Her eyes flew open wide when she saw Wolf outside the window running towards her.  She took off like lightening outside and ran to the beach with Wolf by her side.

“Jack!” Celeste kept yelling out as she ran with all her might.  When she reached the lake’s shore she saw a large uniform man wrestle with Jack.  The man was trying to put hand cuffs on Jack, while Jack had his sharp blade waving it around and trying to strike the man if he got any closer to him.  “Jack you stop that!  Put that knife away right now!” She yelled out to him while catching the attention of the officer.  They both stopped and looked at Celeste who was quickly approaching.

“Don’t touch him sir, please!  I will deal with this matter!” The officer was stunned that she would tell him not to touch Jack. When in fact that was just what he was about to do.  Jack scowled at the young man then swung the Bowie blade through the air spitting out.  “You touch me youngster and I will cut your ass and make you two new assholes.”

“Shame on you Henry, you put that down right now!” Celeste barked out.  Jack raised his eyebrows at Celeste while keeping an eye out on the officer of the law.  Celeste caught the surprise look on the officer when he saw her, she smiled meekly to him.   When she approached the two men in confrontation she cooed to the police officer sweetly.

“Oh thank you sir for finding my uncle.  I seemed to have lost him but you have found him for me!”  The officer couldn’t say a word.  He was mesmerized by Celeste’s rare beauty.  She quickly began to scold Jack.  “How many times do I need to tell you that you can’t just wonder around Uncle.  You know your not right in the head these days!” Jack was shocked.  He stood with his mouth open.  The officer could only smile when Celeste walked up to Jack.

“What the hell woman are you talking about.  I am NOT crazy in the head?” Jack spit out.  Celeste quickly decided to pretend she was tripping.  She knocked into Jack hard causing him to go backwards, the officer quickly grabbed her arm saving her from a fall.

“Thank you sir, how clumsy I am.” She gathered herself and looked deeply into the officer’s sweet face.  “What seems to be the problem here?” The man was going to tell her but got interrupted by Jack’s venom.  “That young snapper told me I can’t fish here without a licenses. He was going to take my fish away, Nujalik!”  She smiled at Jack and gave him a wink.  “Uncle has a little of Alzheimer’s sir, I am sure he didn’t mean any harm.” Jack pulled up his pants and was going to dive into the conversation when Wolf stood by his side stopping him.

The officer did not see the huge animal because he was too busy taking in the beauty of Celeste. His eyes opened in fear as he looked into the yellow eyes of the wolf.  He slowly put his hand on his holster, when Celeste took a step up to him lightly touching his hand.  “Please, we mean no harm, I am sure we look like a odd group.  I agree we do, but this is my family sir don’t hurt them.” The officer relaxed as he watched her gorgeous green eyes rock him in a trance.

She could hear Jack lightly say, “Oh boy!” She quickly turned her eyes away from the handsome officer and gave Jack a dirty look.  “I have to give him a ticket Miss, he broke the law, but when I tried to give him one an asked him for his ID, he flew off the handle and started to fight me with that knife!” the officer said in a good tone.  Celeste quickly came to Jack’s defense.  “I will pay the fine sir if you need to give us a ticket.  I understand you have a job to do.  I should have been more careful with my Uncle’s illness.  I won’t make that mistake again.”

Jack was becoming mad when wolf bumped into him.  He looked at the Canine for a few moments and realized what she was doing. The officer looked at all three of them and said, “I will let it go this time since he is an Alzheimer.   Just know you can’t fish without a license!” Celeste glowed with delight and gracefully bowed.

With speed she thanked the man again and quickly grabbed Jack’s arm.  “I will make sure this doesn’t happen again sir, I thank you for laying pardon on us.” Celeste winked at the man and turned on her heels with Jack in tow. Whispering out to Jack as they walked away, “What the hell is the matter with you old man?  You can’t bring your knife to a brawl with the law!”  Jack chuckled with relief, as they got close to his fish he picked it up and smiled.  “Look Nujalik we got dinner!” Celeste quickly turned her head to see the retreating officer, she smiled and turned around.  “Okay you two let’s have a good dinner!  Boy, Jack that’s a nice size Sockeye Salmon you caught.  How did you do it?” Celeste stated.

As the group walked away from the shore Jack became loud and excited with his story.  She couldn’t shut him up for over an hour.  They all sat comfortably at the table for the first time eating their fish for dinner, laughing and joking.

picture by: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=fyrTL3Ly2-gEHM&tbnid=QgDj9P6fyviUkM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fblogs.sfweekly.com%2Fthesnitch%2F2011%2F12%2Fbroken_heart_leads_to_knife_fi.php&ei=x5NqUrzUEpGlkQed6IF4&bvm=bv.55123115,d.b2I&psig=AFQjCNHiRYCs6fNfzNG36uWi29XCCvHE6Q&ust=1382802745625421

He can live in peace with his family for the rest of his days, never worrying about looking over his shoulder.


Jack watched Celeste look at herself with awe.  “Nujalik, I think something is going on with you that I have not figured out? Your spirit has changed into something you can not control.  Have you sold your soul to the devil woman?” Celeste smiled at Jack and said, “You know Jack, I really don’t know what’s happening here! But I think I like the change and will do what is needed. Besides long hair, short hair, don’t make no difference once the head’s blown off!” She didn’t tell him the truth, nor will she.  It was between her and the higher power of Earth.

Jack burst out in laughter.  “I use to be able to know what you were thinking, but Nujalik you are blocking me.  I think you have gotten stronger in power, but I just can’t put my finger on it yet! You have not slept girl, and there is something really weird about you with changing your appearance an energy level.” 

Celeste looked again at herself in the mirror.  She loved how her eyes were almond shape and the emerald green was smashing and vibrant!  Unsure about the hair, she would just get by with it till the time came to change it back.  To her, no one would recognize her now.  “Jack, you think too much.  How about we get a room with a bed for you to sleep on.  I have to use the internet to do some research about your family.  I didn’t have the time to do this when I got home, but I need to see what is happening with you in the government.  I want to see if you are missing in action?  We are almost in Reno and I know a lovely lake that we can rent a home.  It will give me some time to look into this matter before we open a can of worms.  You getting nervous?” 

“I am, and to tell you the truth I don’t know how to act or what to think.” Jack opened the truck’s door and slid down. “Hey…what you doing old man?” Celeste questioned him.  “Woman, I am going to take a pee!  Is that okay?”   She smiled and let Wolf out to do the same.

It took them about an hour to find a home to rent along side of the lovely crystal lake of Tahoe. Jack wondered on the shore deep in thought with Wolf walking beside him.  He was amazed to see a thing they called a computer and the amenities in the cozy attractive cottage she rented. Celeste kicked the both them out so she could begin her research in peace.  While Wolf and him were walking on the shore, he found some fishing string and a small hook.  He sat and unraveled the bunched up string and decided to go fishing.

For several hours Celeste was deep in research when she finally stumbled upon the information. “YAHOO!” She fired out.  “Right on!  Jack is missing in action!  Thank you God for giving me a little hope.  Now Jack can go back and not worry about being found.  He can live in peace with his family for the rest of his days, never worrying about looking over his shoulder.” She quickly changed the research and entered a Eskimo tribal site.  

Remembering the details of Jack’s pass and heritage, she couldn’t be anymore happier when she found by pure dumb ass luck his tribe located along the shores of Siberia.  She picked up the phone and called the number.


picture by: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=EswgiqAT9AFnVM&tbnid=3U_35zdqz3rTuM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.shorelinesnowboards.com%2Fsnowboard-blog%2F2012%2F07%2F11%2Fvacation-lodging-and-rental-homes-in-lake-tahoe%2F&ei=HkBpUrjRM4e7kQex2oBA&bvm=bv.55123115,d.b2I&psig=AFQjCNGjSMqVvB2YFeRie337JDaRNMHVkg&ust=1382715726094117

“Look in the mirror, Nujalik? You are many different people.” Jack softly said.


Celeste listened to Jack’s mumbling and talking in sleep while she drove the truck heading to Reno Nevada.  What she heard was shocking to say the least.  Her heart broke when she listened to him relive the day that tore his mind to pieces.  At one point she almost wanted to stop the truck and wake him up.  Instead, she kept going and visualized the war scene out while keeping her truck on the road.  Her eyes flew open when she played the scene out of Jack decapitating his enemy.  She quickly became alert in the early morning light when her truck went off the edge of the road hitting the rubble strips.

The loud noise and shaking of the truck gave tongue to his battle cry.  Jack quickly woke up in a soldier formation withdrawing his blade ready to cut his enemy up.  His wild eyes scared the shit out of Celeste.  Wolf woke up quickly and began to growl at Jack.  “JACK…JACK…wake the hell up dude!” Celeste barked out as she quickly pulled the truck off the road coming to a screeching halt.  Jack went forward and hit is head on the dashboard.  She yelled out again when she saw his eyes were awake but still had a wild look about him.  “Jack, it’s Nujalik…wake up!”

Jack snapped awake and noticed he held his sharp blade.  He looked at Celeste in a daze. “Jack give me your knife hombre…it’s me!” Wolf growled at him, Jack quickly raised his eyebrows when he looked in the back seat at the lupus. For several long moments Celeste didn’t say a word.  She let him try to gather the situation on his own time.

“Who are you woman?” Jack softly spoke out.  “What do you mean who am I?” she inquired.  “Where is Nujalik?  You are like her, but not really?” Celeste was getting confused.  “Listen buck, I don’t know what you are talking about?  I am your Nujalik!”  Jack began to look deeply into her eyes not saying a word.  Fear began to creep up into Celeste she slowly reached for her Bowie knife ready to use it if need be.  When she saw Jack confirm that she was Celeste in his mind, her tension eased when he put his knife on his lap.

“Look in the mirror, Nujalik.  You are many different people.” Jack softly said.  She pulled down the visor an opened the mirror. Stunned and wordless, she looked at herself with amazement as minutes ticked by.  “Well I be dipped in cow shit….DUDE, this is frigging awesome!” She giggled with glee at her new appearance while taking her hair out of her pony tail.  Her hair was longer pass her breast now and was completely snow white.   The only color in her hair was a large black streak of hair framing her widow’s peak line.  Her almond shape eyes were green as green can be and she looked younger. “Is that you Nujalik?” Jack spoke out.

She touched her face and lips slowly.  “I guess it is, Jack?”

picture by: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=HhtgNvcQXIDUvM&tbnid=f-2rfD8N85QZCM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fkaufmann-mercantile.com%2Fmirror-mirror-2%2F&ei=__1nUoLFOYfxkQeEy4DABA&bvm=bv.55123115,d.b2I&psig=AFQjCNGIMCLIVp1NAQl0O3rAC6W1fAi2OA&ust=1382633327075013

“I’m cuckoo for CoCo Puffs! Don’t eat the damn shit, or you might end up like me!”


Celeste got out behind the wheel of her truck and went over to Jack by the passenger door.  “Jack I will go easy on you.  I am sorry for not realizing it’s been ages since you been back in the real world.  Please we have to get out here so don’t be a puss!  If I have to old man, I will pick you up and throw you in the truck myself, so let’s move it!”  He gave Celeste a dirty look when she told him she was going to put him in the truck.  Slowly he put his foot onto the step up bar.  Celeste couldn’t wait she pushed him into the front seat of the truck.

“Damn you woman! Your too pushy, what is the hurry?”  She didn’t give him an answer.  Quickly she slammed the door on him and ran around the truck to get into the driver’s seat.  Wolf was in the back seat laying down.  “Jack, let me get us out of these mountains then I will tell you what has happened.  Put that seat belt on please!” He grabbed the strap but became confused how to work it.  With love and care she gently helped him.  Then put the truck into gear and began their decent down the mountain.

Celeste tried not to laugh at Jack, she could feel his fear when she straddled the dangerous rock formations. He finally closed his eyes after yelling at her several times to be careful. She was thankful too, because she needed her wits about her while attacking the dangerous terrain.

After a few hours of some off road work they made it back to the main highway.  Celeste took the truck out of 4-wheel drive and began their journey to Alaska.  Jack’s eyes were wide with new found experience.  Celeste smiled and new it must be a shock for him to be out of the woods and traveling onto a paved road.

She stayed quiet for about an hour when Jack finally spoke out.  “Nujalik, there is something different about you.  What happen to your hair? The one side of your head is white?” For several hours the two discussed what happened after she left him in the forest, and when she returned home.  She did not however, tell him she left her husband.  Jack stayed quiet for several moments after learning about her plight.  “I am sorry girl, I think I screwed your life up!”

Celeste smiled at Jack and said, “My life is always screwed up dude, have no worries my man. There is a reason why we met Jack, so there is no sorry’s allowed in this truck. What I would like to know Jack, is how you knew where I was going to pick you up?  I never told you when I was going to come back and get you?”   Celeste beeped her horn when they passed the border line into Nevada.  Jack replied, “You know I was visited by your grandfather again Nujalik.  He told me to hurry and leave everything.  He was my guide in the forest!”  Celeste let a tear fall, Jack watched her face change into a thoughtful mode. For over an hour they drove in silence.

Feeling hungry, she pulled the truck over into a rest area and got into her brown paper bag, and produced three burritos.  She left wolf out of the truck to do his business.  Jack slowly slid out of his seat.  Thankful to walk on the dirt again, he stretched his sore body while moving along the man made sidewalk.  Celeste had to stop Jack from whipping out his manhood and peeing in public.  “Jack your in public now, you can’t just whip it out and do your business anywhere.  See that little building over there, that’s where you must use the restroom.” Jack smiled weakly to Celeste and walked up to the building entering the men’s room. Celeste chuckled to herself and walked around until Jack returned then she too needed to use the John.

When she was finished and while she was washing her hands, she looked at herself in the mirror.  “Holy shit my hair!” Celeste’s hair on one side was now completely white. The other side was her natural blonde color.  “No wonder Jack asked me what the hell happened to me! I didn’t realize I turned this color on one side so quickly.   Whoa Joe!  My eyes are no longer two colors, they are green!” Celeste was stunned as she viewed her new self in the mirror.  She began to laugh uncontrollable as she looked at herself.  She quickly stopped when a lady entered the restroom giving Celeste an odd look and then stared at her hair.

Celeste didn’t like the feeling the young gal was projecting. With her sharp tongue she snapped out and acted like she was crazy in the head. “I’m cuckoo for CoCo Puffs!  Don’t eat the damn shit, or you might end up like me!”  The young lady took a step back and turned around and walked out quickly. Celeste bellowed out with laughter.  She splashed her face with clean water and looked one more time in the mirror when she heard her spirit speak to her.  “We are changing your appearance Hialeah, he looks for you.” She stopped looking at herself and got the hell out of the restroom.

She ran to the truck and was happy to see Jack and Wolf waiting.  “Get in now, we must go!” Celeste barked out at her companions.  She brought the engine to life again when she turned the key to start.  Jack watched her wondering what was going through her mind and why she was in a hurry.  He left it alone, knowing she had her reasons.

After they were on the road for a few, Celeste gave a burrito to Jack and Wolf.  She took a couple of bites relishing in the flavor of food.   It was the first time since she left home to eat.   She smiled when Jack cracked out.  “What are these?  It’s spicy with that green stuff and there is bacon in it.  I like it!  Oh my god that is HOT!” Jack spit out when he took another big bite of the burrito.  She giggled and gave him a bottle water.

“Boy Jack, you are like a kid in a candy shop.  Life is so new to you right now, so take it slow and we both can get through this with ease.” Jack didn’t say anything else he finished his food and feel asleep.  Celeste drove the night away with her new found energy.  She loved the fact that she has had no sleep to hinder her leaving.  If she kept this up they would make it to Alaska in two more days.

picture by: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=4ipnE0rSqaZnTM&tbnid=8yEdw7J4ImJ_-M:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fgoodandbaked.com%2Frecipes%2Fcannabis-cocoa-puff-cereal-cupcakes%2F&ei=k5NmUtjTEeSG2gWa_IGAAg&bvm=bv.55123115,d.b2I&psig=AFQjCNFEZw_kQLzs2nDswE_8TAf7KaEHIg&ust=1382540438840733

“Girl I swear you got a wild hare up your ass! What the hell has gotten into you?”


“I feel SO ALIVE!”  Celeste yelled out to the wilderness.  She was amazed to have this new kind of energy surge throughout her body.  No longer sore, tired or feeling old, Celeste was relishing in this experience.  As she trucked through the woods with ease her eye sight became strong an acute.  Aware of all her surroundings and sounds, she was able to pick up Wolf’s scent.

Celeste was one with the forest, nothing in her wildest imagination could give her this much joy in her life.  “I thank you Mother Earth and God for all these blessings you are bestowing upon me.  I am so honored!”  She howled out at the forest, Wolf returned her call.  “Their very close!”  Smiling with happiness she began to run like a little kid. Giggling with each step she took, her smile lit up the forest floor making her steps upon the earth surefooted for over a half an hour.

She stopped when she knew they were close.  Howling out again to Wolf, she watched Wolf fly through the forest with ease.  Wolf ran up to her, “Good boy Wolf! Where is our friend?”  “I am here Nujalik!”  Jack was out of breath and carrying a heavy load.  “Jack my man, long time no see!”  She bellowed out like a spunky little girl, while quickly running up to her friend giving him a warm heart felt hug.

“Woman what the hell has gotten into you?”  Jack took a step back and viewed his friend’s energy. “No time to tell you my buddy, give me your pack and I will carry it.  We have to get out of here and fast.”  Jack didn’t have a say in the matter.  Before he knew it Celeste stripped him of all his belongings except his backpack.  They both began their track back to the hidden truck.  “Slow the shit down girl, what the hell has gotten into you?”  Jack spit out.  “Jack I think I should wash your mouth out with soap.  You picked up a bad habit from me!  Cursing doesn’t become you old man!”  Jack chuckled and didn’t say a word he was simply happy to see her again.

It took them three hours to reach the truck.  Celeste was not tired, she quickly threw everything in the bed of the truck and unlocked the doors.  Jack watched his friend explode with glee.  “Girl I swear you got a wild hare up your ass!  What the hell has gotten into you?”  When Celeste took off her rabbit fur Elmer Fudd hat, Jack was shocked and stood staring at her.  “Dude, don’t stare it’s unbecoming of you!”  Celeste giggle and opened the door to the truck.  “Get in old man and make sure you wear your safety belt, because I am going to give you a ride of a life time!”

Jack approached the big truck, unsure what to do.  “Jack what the hell?  Get in!”  Celeste got in behind the wheel and started the engine.  It took her a few moments to feel his energy of fear. Then it came to her that Jack hasn’t been in an auto for many years.

picture by: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=ZuZX1Na9ROqiZM&tbnid=1z5tSaFOM4cpvM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.seancamden.com%2Ftag%2Fmaptools%2F&ei=dTplUuP0EMGj2QWe5oDAAQ&bvm=bv.54934254,d.b2I&psig=AFQjCNF6_2S_pZ55Ddwm–S6hM3K9eK5yg&ust=1382452018022203