Celeste didn’t smile, she knew it was going to take all her might not to spill the beans.


Celeste felt so bad leaving Jack, but he had to come to terms with the information on his own.  When her and Quad finally reached her campsite, she was happy to see everything untouched.  As she went into her tent, she realized she have forgotten to close it.  Inside her tent was a mess. All her things were everywhere.  “Damn it! What the hey?”  When she started to tidy the mess up, curled up upon her orange sweater was a furry ball of an animal.  She smiled with glee, it was Jack’s raccoon. “Oh, how darling!” she cooed.   Apparently, the coon had just given birth upon Celeste’s sweater.  She knew it was ruined, but didn’t care.  The mother looked at Celeste, “Well look how amazing you are little one.  You have brought into this world two beautiful kits. I will look for some food for you little one, hang on.”  

Celeste left her tent heading towards the hanging sheep, and cut a piece of meat off it’s body.  “Well I be dipped in shit!”  She was amazed how the meat was tender, and not cooked.  “How did Jack do that?”  Not giving much thought to the curing of her meat, she returned inside the tent and gave the coon the meat and poured her a little water in a cup to drink.  “There you be mother coon, eat and I will check on you in a few.”  The coon quickly ate and drank then settled back down to nurse her cubs.

Celeste came out of her tent smiling…”What a wonderful world I live in, thank you Mother Earth.”  She began to start a fire to warm her bones, putting a pot on the fire for a cup of tea, she went and cut another piece of the meat and put it to cook.  She did not want to stay at Jack’s to eat; because, he had lots to think about.  Besides the evening ride on Quad was awesome, and she feared that animals would eat her meat. 

As she sat quietly thinking about Jack, loneliness crept inside her heart.  “I have never felt this lonely in a long time, what the heck?”  She looked up into the evening sky at the perfect time, and watched a few shooting stars stream across the sky. 

“I guess I will begin my journey home in the morning.  Wolf will find me when he is ready, but I have to get that meat home and soon!”  She spoke out to no one but herself.  She began to think what to do about Jack’s situation.  “He has a son! OMG…that dork doesn’t even know it! Haha…boy when he puts two and two together, I reckon he would not want to live here anymore.  I wonder if he remembers her?  But I think she died with his parents.  I thought he said there was only 3 people plus him in his family?  I swear I saw fourth person?  Mother Earth show me please!”  Celeste looked deeper into the small fire and saw her answer.  “She lives!  It was his brother’s wife, who is the sister of Jack’s first fling and love of his life, who died. Oh God, in heaven what a blessing!”

“What’s a blessing Nujalik?”  Jack stepped out of the darkness.  Celeste was shocked to see him here. “What the heck you doing here Jack, did you miss me already?”  Celeste quickly stood up.  Jack limped over to the warm fire and sat down and stared at her.  She felt his intense gaze upon her.  Clearing her mind so he would not invade it to learn about what she knew.  She stared back at him.  Both sat for about twenty minutes saying nothing to each other.  

Jack finally broke the silence and asked, “May I have some tea please, Nujalik?”  Celeste didn’t say anything, she got up and entered her tent to get her extra cup.  She smiled at the sleeping family upon her sweater.  Then left to return back to Jack, bent down and poured him a steamy cup of tea.  “I could not get what you said to me out of my mind woman.  Will you please tell me what was a blessing?”  Celeste smiled and told him to go inside her tent and see.  

Jack put his cup down and limped to the tent. “Well, I be seal blubber, will you look at that!” Celeste couldn’t help smiling with his choice of words.  “It is a blessing, k-no Jack?” Celeste lightly spoke out.  “I was wondering if I was feeding that animal too much.  I should have realized that she was pregnant.  She must have thought I was still here with you.  Sorry about her spoiling your sweater, girl.”  

“Well, Jack, that does happen when males and females come together.”  Celeste offered another piece of information to Jack.  “Yea, I guess so, but I would not know that.”  Celeste wanted to bust out with laughter, but held her tongue.  Jack felt something odd about Celeste.  He limped back to the log by the fire and picked up his tea to drink.  She poured herself another cup.  The meat she cooked was completed, she took a piece of meat out of the hot pan with her knife and let it cool.  Blowing upon the hot meat, she gave Jack a devilish look.

“There is something I must ask you girl.  Will you tell me?”  She didn’t say anything but nodded her head.  “What did you mean that I am not alone?”  Celeste didn’t smile she knew it was going to take all her might not to spill the beans.  Boy, is this going to be a long night, she thought.


Pictured by: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=ujOVPrKC_l5i0M&tbnid=HZNb75I24A41RM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.sodahead.com%2Fliving%2Fdo-you-make-money-on-line-or-have-you-ever-made-money-on-line-or-are-you-still-making-money-on%2Fquestion-1097007%2F&ei=IP9KUuzaKYzi8gT86oHABA&bvm=bv.53371865,d.aWc&psig=AFQjCNF2XigNrSV2wemXtCrvASNTplcMog&ust=1380733004514469




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