“Do I have a son, Nujalik?”


Celeste thought about what to say to Jack.  “Jack, that was not the only thing I said to you, dude!”  Jack stayed quiet looking into the fire while drinking his hot tea.  He then looked up to her and said, “I am sorry, I do not remember the rest of what you said to me.  Could you please repeat it?” Celeste smiled hearing Jack say please to her several times.

“You know Jack, it’s amazing when you say please, you expect to get answers faster.  So since you are in your eighties, I will lay pardon on you this one time. Sometimes, we only listen to things we want to hear.”

Jack knew what she said was right. He stayed quiet and thought about what she had said at his campsite.  She watched him try to piece together what she said earlier, in his head. Both sat quietly until Celeste could wait no longer to hold her tongue.  “I would like to ask you a few questions first?”  she offered.  Jack nodded yes, “How do you know that USA military truck was for you when you returned home after your spree of revenge?”  Jack thought about her words then spoke with a wicked look at her.  “Woman, I am a deserter of war?  They were bound to come and get me!”   Celeste agreed but kept her cool together.  “You know Jack, they could have went to your home to let your parents know you were missing in action? Did anyone see you leave the battle grounds?”

Jack began to say yes, but then couldn’t remember, because his mind suddenly snapped while slicing an incident man’s head off with his knife.  “You know, I don’t remember?”  Jack said in a puzzled voice.  Celeste knew that some people can crack under the heat of battle.  War can be very traumatizing to ones soul and being.  To her the government could care less about their soldiers mental ability once they return home from war.  “I never thought about it like that, Nujalik?”  Celeste could see the wheels spinning in his mind with the new knowledge she spoke to him about.

“I know this because, I have seen many aged Vietnam War Vets sitting on the corner of our streets begging for aid,   because our government has forsaken them after their duty to their country.  Also, let me say they too are not right in the head till this day.”  Jack looked at Celeste in confusion.  “We had another war?”  Jack asked.  “Indeed we did Jack!  And let me say that war wasn’t pretty either! ”  Jack sat quietly by the fire separating her words.  Celeste reached for his cup and filled it with more tea.

Minutes ticked pass when Jack looked at Celeste.  “Please tell me what you said at my camp?”  Celeste couldn’t torture him any longer.  She watch Jack stared at the warm fire’s embers in misery, so she let it rip.   “He searches for you, but does not know you!  This is what Mother Earth showed me in your camp fire.”  Jack began to deliberate her words in silence.  “You see Jack, I know you did not tell me all your story truthfully.  You left out the woman you loved.  She was your first poke before you left for war!”  Celeste watch Jack snap his head up at her.

“Say it Jack!”  Celeste demanded from him with a smile.   Jack was dumbfounded, then Celeste watched his eye brow raise with recognition.  “Do I have a son, Nujalik?”

Picture by:  https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=ej2GP2PV69p1DM&tbnid=3iVpqfIkNw1zpM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.chicagonow.com%2Fsecond-to-none%2F&ei=ZT5MUsiCDYjo9gScrYDQAQ&bvm=bv.53371865,d.cGE&psig=AFQjCNGdlKQPFQEpPjH0AlI8KCgLkgYiZQ&ust=1380814604652068


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