“What the FUDGE…JACK come back! Don’t you go chicken shit on me dude!” Celeste yelled out into the wilderness.


“Are you crazy woman!  I can not return home!”  Jack belted out to her.  “Oh get a life dude, and quit being paranoid.  You leaving over 50 years, I believe the government thinks you are missing in action.  Besides, you have a family Jack, don’t you want to see them?  If you really think about it Jack, who would ever know?  You could easily get lost out there and no one would be the wiser!  We could change your name?  There is many possibilities that you can work around it.” Celeste lightly offered Jack.

Jack’s mind was wheeling with all her information.  She could see him struggle with the ghost of the pass.  “Jack I have to rest before I pack up for my return home.  How about you go sleep with your kit’s in the tent and I will nap out here by the fire.  I do believe snow is coming soon and I have to return home so I can do some research on your family.”

Jack gave Celeste a deep fearful look.  “STOP IT JACK! I feel your eyes burning into me with fear! I won’t open the can of worms until I know its safe for you.  Please trust me!  I will return for you, but I have to put things in motion in order to make sure you’re safe!” Jack nodded in agreement.  “I can’t sleep girl, I am on pins and needles with your information.”  Celeste smiled at him and got up from the log and entered her tent to tidy up for Jack to sleep in.  She looked at the sleeping family of raccoon’s and smiled with love. What I am going to do and how am I going to tell my husband what I got myself into when I return home? This trip was for me, but now it’s no longer about me, it’s about helping another out!  Mother Earth help me and guide me into the right path.  I don’t want nothing to happen to Jack, please show me the right way to deal with this.  I think I am way over my head! 

When she finished mumbling out her words of reason, she left the tent only to see Jack was no longer at the campsite.  “What the FUDGE…JACK come back!  Don’t you go chicken shit on me dude!”  Celeste yelled out into the wilderness.  She scanned the area, but could not see nothing of the old man.  “Shit damn, shit damn!”  Celeste stomped the earth.  “Freakin’ wounded soldier shit! Damn coward!”  She bellowed out.

Unable to sleep, because of Jack’s sudden disappearance.  She started to clean up her campsite and began to pack up her belongings.  When she had finished the morning sun was beginning to peak over the mountain top.  She had loaded all her things on top of her stallion, except for the tent. She didn’t want to disturb the sleeping coon family, beside it would prove to Jack she will be back.

“Well my boy, it’s time to leave.  I know it’s going to be a different kind of return home than you and I are use to, but we will make due my love…”  Celeste patted her painted stallion with respect.  He nuzzled her softly and nodded his head in agreement.  She looked around the volcanic mountains and called out to Wolf.  When no reply came back from Wolf, she mounted her steed and began the journey home.

Right when she was about to enter the heavy dense forest she heard Jack yell.  “Nujalik, please wait!”  Stopping her horse she looked at the direction she heard him.  Jack came out limping and trying desperately to reach her before she left.  She turned her horse around and walked up to Jack.  “Old man, I thought you deserted me because you suddenly got chicken crapped out!”  Jack was out of breath.  She now knew it took all his energy to make it back at his hut and then come back in time before she left the woods.

Jack didn’t say anything until he reached into his backpack and handed her a picture. “This is my Akna, I thought a picture would help you out.”  Celeste reached for the picture while sitting on top of her horse’s back. “She is beautiful Aklaq, worthy of your love!”   Jack smiled and watched her put the picture away into her backpack.

They both stood staring at each other.  Words to hard to form upon their lips.  “I trust you Nujalik, god will lead you in the right place!”  Celeste gave him a nod then spoke softly.  “Just stay alive Jack until I get back!  No matter how long it takes me, just stay alive I will return, I promise!  And please if you see Wolf, keep him close to you until I return and don’t trap anymore animals!”

Jack looked into her face, she watched his good eye water up and then tears began to fall upon his face.  “You stop your ball guttin’ dude!  I will be back!”  Jack smiled his toothless grin at her then stepped away from horse and rider.

In one quick moment he watched the spitfire dig her heels into the side of her stallion and took off at a fast run entering the dense woods.  “Until I see you again my huntress!” Jack whispered out.  He turned on his heels to entered Celeste’s tent and smiled at his friend. “I am going home my little ones, soon!”  He laid down beside his friend and fell into a deep sleep.

Picture by: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=HA0VZThKzXX9VM&tbnid=4NQXkYkBf88AiM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fabstract.desktopnexus.com%2Fwallpaper%2F1087552%2F&ei=-tJSUq3nEYbU9gTVpYCQCA&bvm=bv.53537100,d.aWc&psig=AFQjCNF6tTBRP6bzjCtgTbLQ5CQH2aSiYQ&ust=1381245992608974


8 thoughts on ““What the FUDGE…JACK come back! Don’t you go chicken shit on me dude!” Celeste yelled out into the wilderness.

  1. This was great! Have to tell you it was the title “Excerpt” that pulled me in. Great frigging line~ We very much like the idea that you post information about your characters & story from the book without spoiling the book itself. Brilliant & an excellent way to branch out on the characters and really get to know them.

    1. You tickle me fancy with your kind words Inion…You have found me out! I wanted to do a different kind of blog as a new Author, while improving on my writing skills. It behooves me when someone creates a book, and wants to sell it sometimes knowing the characters will help the book out! While going to many wonderful Author’s blogs, I noticed that I can be different on this level. Especially when my friends who bought Slingshot wanted more of Celeste’s adventures and they adored her strength as a middle age woman. Synopsis for a book is all groovy until you begin to read the story and then find its not what it was cracked up to be. As you know writing a book cost the Author so much money for each word if you choose to go with a publisher. That the author minimizes the contents in order to pay for process, then of course its the marketing that kicks in. Slingshot is my VERY first short novel and that is one reason I made it into a short story instead of a lengthy reader, and I have LEARNED so much! Now I know I can publish a book on Amazon for free! When I started blogging I had NO idea what to do and how to be different to give Celeste a chance to grow on the public. I think I have found my muse…hahaha THANK YOU SO MUCH INION!!! I adore your AWESOME statement! YAHOO BUCKAROO’… 🙂

  2. I agree with Inion. The title made me chuckle I had to see what was next in what you were writing! Great write up and it definitely made my day. Keep up the great work!!

    1. Hey there Java Gal!!! I am so pleased to have you read about my Wild Cowgirl Celeste’s adventures. Feel free to catch up on the older posts at your leisure, I am sure you will chuckle some more. I thank you too for agreeing with Inion! It is the only way I know how to be different than all the other Author’s out there! Besides, I believe Celeste is truly a powerful woman and needs more adventures than the Published Slingshot story! Kiss Kiss and I look forward to stopping by your blog again and again! 🙂

      1. Yes, will def check it out…your older posts. Celeste is hilarious and the way you bring her to life, I already have in my head how she talks. Great writing! Hope you don’t mind me posting your blog link on my twitter site! I’ll share your blog page to my followers. 🙂

        1. Oh My Darlin’ you are MORE than welcome to share! Good loving from all is a blessing and a treat to have you follow my story! I do think Celeste is hilarious too, she brings a hard core stance to the story, instead of being a damsel in distress and with her wicked and unconditional thinking everything is possible! 🙂

  3. I agree with Inion Slingshot. Your opening titles are fabulous. I like the character Celeste half breed you have created. I only hope to see more of the Cowgirl’s adventures after reading Slingshot, and here you are giving it to me on a blog. Keeping going girl 😉 I love the story!

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