“Oh SNAP A DOODLE…freaking Bear shit!” She yelled out.


Celeste and Quad took off through the woods, she allowed him to pole bend between the trees with perfection.  They traveled throughout the day, Celeste was sleepy with lack of sleep, she kept bobbing her head in rest while her stallion was sure footed.  In fact, this whole adventure was a kick ass out of control hunt.

While sitting on top of her stallion weaving in and out of the gorgeous changing of the Aspen trees, Celeste thought about how to attack Jack’s dilemma.  When they reached a meadow with a small water flow spring, she stopped Quad to let him graze and rest. The evening was coming upon them, and knew better not to go any further.  She quickly made a fire and kept her well cured sheep meat near her.

Since she did not grab everything for cooking, she sliced a piece of meat off the sheep with her Bowie knife and let the fire do it’s magic.  Celeste leaned her body against a tree to support her aching back.  She looked at her aged Bow laying on the ground by the fire…with no arrows.  “I hope to god I don’t get into any trouble without any arrows, I could be asking for trouble.  If Wolf was here I would not worry so much, but since he is not I guess I will use my Slingshot.”  She got into her backpack and pulled her last weapon out.

“Hello girlfriend, it’s been a while since I used ya’.  Did you miss me?”  Celeste lovingly stated to the Slingshot. She hadn’t use the weapon after her return from Haiti.  She placed a rock into the leather strip and let the rock fly.  Smiling she added another and decided to hit a knot in an Aspen tree.  With skill the rock flew right where she aimed, hitting the tree with a loud thump.  “Yep, I still got it!”

Putting down the slingshot upon the ground, Celeste picked up her cooked meat and ate it speared on her knife.  She began to remember the time at the Haitian Airport with her Bowie knife.  Chuckling to herself she couldn’t stop smiling from ear to ear.  She leaned her head against the tree again and let the memories of the airport scene tickle her senses.  She could still to this day, feel Valis’s body slam her against the wall.

“I can feel you Cheri!”  Valis invaded her thoughts.  “You devil man, what do I owe the honor of your words?”  Celeste sat quietly while responding to Valis in her mind. “I want to make sure you are doing okay my spitfire.  Are you returning home?”  For over twenty minutes the soul mates chatted.  Celeste said her goodbyes when her mind became like jello.  Tired to the bone, it was using all her energy not to break the connection.

She put several logs on the fire, to help keep the critters away.  Then with exhaustion, she curled herself up into the hide of the Bighorn Sheep and fell fast to sleep.  At four in the morning she woke to a cold fire.  Not waiting to warm up, she loaded Quad back up and headed down the mountain covered in her sheep hide.  She was thankful for having the moon give her light.  Her ankle began to throb in the cold air.  “I think Quad I might get arthritis in this ankle.  But there is nothing I can do about it.  I am just grateful to keep my foot.”  Quad nickered to his friend while she lovingly stroked his neck.  For a few hours they trotted off and on, until Celeste felt the need to pee.

When she got off her horse every part of her body was sore.  Unloading her back with her backpack and bow, she slowly hobble to a tree, taking note the terrain was steep and rocking.  With care she held on to the tree while making pee pee.  “Oh man that feels good to release.”  Celeste lightly said.  After her business was completed she pulled up her buckskin pants, while tying the material together she leaned backwards and lost her footing.

Celeste knew she made a mistake releasing the tree, when your body rolled down the steep mountain like a rollie pollie insect.  Unable to finish tying her pants, she desperately tried to grab a hold of any thing her hands could attach themselves too.  No such luck the spitfire rolled with speed towards some sharp and jagged rocks.

With great force she stopped when her body slammed into a boulder.  She laid for a second quietly trying to get her barrings, and breath. Thank heavens she didn’t lose her pants in the ordeal or she would have weeds up her rear. When she smelt something foul , she felt wet on her ass.  Every move she made was painful, but she was able to touch her bottom with her hand which meant no broken bones.  “Oh SNAP A DOODLE…freaking Bear shit!”  She yelled out. Fuming she had landed in a pile of Bear dukie, she slowly pulled her self up.  She cried out in pain from her ankle, but sucked it up and began to head up the steep hill back to Quad.

When she reached the top she tried to get the weeds out of her hair.  “Damn it, I lost my hat!”  She barked out.  Celeste looked down the hill and didn’t see her hat.  She was not dumb enough to head back down the steep hill.  Instead she sat slowly on the ground and laid down on her side.  Quad nuzzled her body encouraging her to get up. “Yes, son just give me a few more moments to get myself together.”  Quad left her side and nibbled on some tree bark while she closed her eyes and started to laugh uncontrollably.


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