“Holy fudge…I swear my hair is housing a bloody ass tumbleweed!”


Celeste was not laughing because of the stupid thing she did, she laughed cause if she didn’t, she would cry.  Between the pain from her ankle and hitting the rock with her back, it was almost her undoing.  She was so tired, from lack of sleep and strength, she just laid on the dirt and smelt the leaves that had fallen.  “I have to be more careful when doing shit.  I am not a strapping young gal anymore!  When am I ever going to learn, and what was I thinkin’?  ROARRRRR….” she yelled out like a cougar.  Quad quickly scanned the area when she let out her roar.  Celeste giggled and tried to get herself to sit up on the ground.  A few more moments she let pass when she got up and gathered her belongings.

“Okay, dude, let’s try this again and get the hell off this steep hill before I end up breaking my neck.  Then I won’t be good to Jack or myself if I don’t!”  As she slowly approached her horse, Quad went wild eyed and backed away from her.  “What?  Get back over here, what the hell you side stepping on me for dude?”  She wiped her rear from the debris, then took her hand and wiped the sweat from her brow.

The foul odor of bear shit invaded her nostrils.  “Oh…Son of Bitch!!!” she screamed out. She had forgotten that she landed in a pile of Bear poop.  Right there and then she knew why Quad wanted to get away from her and fast.  She smelt like bear dukie…. “This frigging day just seems to get better and better with the passing time!  Son of Bitch!”   She roared out to the heavens.

She quickly stripped out of her buckskin attire and rolled around in the dirt.  Since there was no water to clean her dirty rump, she used the dirt to get the scent off her.  Quad watched the crazy woman rub herself raw with leaves and dirt and became satisfied to walk up to her again.  When finished she stood up and gathered her belongings again. Quad stepped away from her again.  “What the HELL…they are only my clothes buck that stink.  I can’t leave them here!”

The horse took another step backwards when she approached him.  “No, no no…don’t do that to me now, Quad!”  The beast shook his sexy head no then turned his back on her. “Well I be dipped in CACA!” she bellowed out to the horse.  When she spoke her caca word which means shit, she again busted out in laughter.  “Okay, you win.” she said when she got herself under control.

She hung her childhood buckskin outfit she had made from a deer into an Aspen tree with sorrow. “There you happy now!”  She exploded out while standing nude with her hands on her hips.   Quad approached her shaking his head.

As she got into her backpack she pulled out a pair of leggings and her tee shirt.  The day had warmed up enough to wear the light clothing.  In a matter of moments horse and rider left the steep hill traveling most of the day away until they entered into a meadow with water.  Celeste decided they would camp here for the evening.

It didn’t take her too long to make camp.  Thankful she had left most of her stuff with Jack, she made the decision to pack a few horses up to Jack’s to bring him and his belongings down off the forgotten valley.  Quad was in heaven with the last of the delicious grass.  Celeste in need of a bath, quickly found herself soaking the day’s stress away in the cool stream.  And if that didn’t beat all…she finally brushed her hand down her wet hair, realizing what a mass of blob it must look like, she ripped out loud.

“Holy fudge…I swear my hair is housing a bloody ass tumbleweed!”  With care, she sat on a rock and took the long rode picking the debris out of her hair.  She began to shiver with cold so she headed back to her camp and made a nice warm fire.  The half-breed did her chores nude, than sat by the fire and used her comb to clear her hair of knots.  It took her about two hours to clean up her hair.  Feeling the evening chilly air she clothed herself and ate more sheep meat to appease her hunger.

Celeste sat in a trance thinking about her hunting trip for over an hour.  Her head began to bash with pain of thinking to much.  Slowly she stood up, and stretched her muscles to loosen them up.  Deep striking pain between her shoulder blades permeated throughout her body. “Ouch, ouch…Shit damn…Mother F*&^%^!” the words flew out of her mouth like poetry.  She had no one to tell her what her back looked like, but she knew she did something to it when she fell.

She was fine when sitting, but the minute she got up everyone of her muscle screamed with pain.  The only thing she had in her backpack to take away the achy pain was her whiskey.  Quickly producing her flask of the warm liquid, she drank until it no longer burned her throat.  Feeling the quick relief from the spirit liquid, she threw a few large logs into the fire and hunkered down for her evening rest.

Picture by:  https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=nd0tSOxUgc_cDM&tbnid=Dwg6xYMG5fpSMM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.susyflory.com%2F2010%2Fchemo-chronicles%2F&ei=zX5VUre5AePs2gWe-4G4DA&bvm=bv.53760139,d.b2I&psig=AFQjCNHRugmL6N2I0wqPyX7cO-nKWxnRUg&ust=1381421076586332


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